Up-to-Date List of Alkaline Water Brands to Avoid in 2024

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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When shopping for water, it’s just as important to have a list of alkaline water brands to avoid as it is to have a list of ones worth buying. Since I know most of you don’t have the spare time to research every brand out there, I’ve done it for you.

Over the past year, I’ve researched alkaline water and its benefits extensively. I’ve also guzzled alkaline ionized water every day for over a year. Through my research and own experience, I’ve concluded which alkaline water brands are the worst and which are the best.

In my guide below, you’ll learn which alkaline water brands to avoid and why you should avoid them. I also share better alternatives because almost nothing is more important than the quality of your drinking water. After all, most of your body is water.

Whether you want to know which alkaline water filter pitchers are good, alkaline water machines & ionizers, bottled water brands or other alkaline filters, I’ve got you covered.

Since you’re here to know which ones to avoid, let’s start with that.

The Complete List of Alkaline Water Brands to Avoid

Do you drink bottled alkaline water? Let’s kick off the list with expensive bottled water brands that aren’t actually alkaline.

Bottled Water Brands to Avoid

Here are several borderline brands that didn’t make my list of best bottled water brands:

High pH Brands

There are several alkaline water brands that have a pH of 10. Water with this high pH should only be consumed in moderation since there are no additional benefits.

The highest pH within the ideal pH range for alkaline drinking water is 9.5.

The bottom line is these brands are okay to drink, but there’s no reason to go that high on the pH chart.

There’s an alkaline misconception that the higher the pH the more health benefits. This thought process is 100% false.

Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers to Avoid

Alkaline water filter pitchers should be one of your last choices when shopping for alkaline water products.

Why? Because a lot of them add minerals that you don’t need to boost the pH of your water.

Here is the type of alkaline water filter pitcher you should avoid unless it’s your only choice:

This type of pitcher uses filter bags full of mineral balls that don’t thoroughly filter your water. It relies on a reaction between the mineral balls and your water to “filter” your water.

Fluoride removal requires special filters. There’s no way these balls remove a sufficient amount of fluoride or every water company on the planet would sell these balls to save money on operating costs.

Alkaline Water Bottles to Avoid

Another one of your last resorts should be alkaline water bottles that are similar to the pitcher above. These water bottles also rely on mineral balls to “filter” your water.

Many moons ago before I started drinking alkaline water, I bought one of these. It was a total piece of junk and did nothing to filter my water. It may raise the pH of your water, but it certainly won’t do an adequate job of filtering your water.

You’re left with the chlorine taste and smell of your tap water and an added mineral ball flavor.

Here’s an example below:

The only way this type of alkaline water filter works decently is if you filter your water first with a quality filter before adding it to the bottle. You can’t rely on this type of filter to remove impurities.

You’re also left guessing your pH.

While I do love the idea of storing alkaline ionized water in a stainless steel bottle, you can do better.

Electric Alkaline Water Bottles

Here’s another gimmick product you should avoid #ad:

There’s no technology currently available to the public that allows you to make true alkaline ionized water this way.

It also claims to increase molecular hydrogen in your water, yet the level it claims to raise it to won’t give you the full range of molecular hydrogen benefits.

Check out my portable hydrogen water buyer’s guide for better options.

The main problem with portable hydrogen water bottles is the technology is not quite there yet.

High Mineral Content

One of my main gripes with all of the filters above is they add minerals to your water.

If you live in an area with hard water, you can easily end up with water that has too high of a TDS (total dissolved solids). Since we get most of our minerals from food, there’s no reason to have a large number of minerals in your water.

We do want some minerals in our water, but not too many. All things in moderation, my friend.

Water Ionizers to Avoid

Since I specialize in alkaline water machines and water ionizers, I feel most qualified to tell you which ones to avoid.

Here’s a list of which ionizers to avoid and why:

  • Kangen Water Machines – Enagic Kangen makes one of the finest water ionizers in the world with a ridiculously high price tag, short warranty period, and weak filters. The company also allows dubious dealers to flood the internet with sales pitches and far-fetched health benefit claims. Be extra careful when shopping for a Kangen Water machine.
  • Ionizers made in China – Most water ionizer experts recommend avoiding water ionizers made in China altogether. While I do agree, I think there are a handful of ionizers made in China that are of decent quality. Make sure to research the company and check the warranty terms to ensure you don’t get stuck with a lemon.
  • Companies without ISO certificationsISO is the leader in international quality control standards. Be sure to only buy ionizers that are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities.
  • Filters made outside the US – I recommend checking where a company manufactures its filters. Filters made in the US under US quality guidelines are best.
  • Beware of miraculous health claims and pseudoscience – Companies that sell you life-changing health benefits and extraordinary health claims instead of water quality reports and real scientific research should be avoided. For example, Dr. Mercola’s “structured water” claim, look out for stuff like that.
  • Companies without water quality reports for their filters – The best water ionizer brands provide water quality test reports by EPA-certified or similar labs. Always look for a water quality report when shopping for an ionizer.

Next, I share my bottled alkaline water checklist.

Bottled Alkaline Water Buyer’s Guide

In this section, I show you what to look for when buying bottled alkaline water. With all the new brands popping up, it’s difficult to determine which brands are the best.

Use the checklist below when shopping for bottled alkaline water:

  • Is it fluoride-free?
  • Are the bottles BPA-free?
  • Look for water with a pH between 8 and 9.5
  • Does the company provide a water quality report on its website?
  • Is the water actually ionized? Or did the company just add minerals to reverse osmosis water?
  • Do they reveal their water source?
  • Is the water from an artesian aquifer?
  • Does the price seem ridiculous?
  • Do they outline how they filter their water and the entire filtration process?

Which brands do I recommend that check all the boxes?

Here’s a shortlist of the brands I recommend:

  • Essentia – Essentia is one of the only alkaline water brands that’s true ionized water. The company is also very transparent.
  • Icelandic Glacial – This naturally alkaline spring water and the company behind it are impressive on every level. I have yet to find an alkaline water brand that’s more well-rounded.

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Alkaline Water Filter Buying Guide

Since true water ionization requires electricity and a water ionizer, there’s only so far you can go with a basic alkaline water filter.

Here’s something I want you to know that most people don’t. The pH of alkaline ionized water is only a small part of what makes it healthy.

When water undergoes electrolysis in a water ionizer, it creates a higher negative ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). That’s why all water ionizer companies list ORP values in their key features lists.

What is ORP?

ORP measures the level of antioxidant power in your water. The higher the negative number the more potential to reap the anti-aging health benefits of alkaline water.

Most people only consider the pH level when they look for the best alkaline water brands. As I mentioned, there’s a lot more to ionized water than pH.

What’s the problem with non-electric alkaline water filters?

These water filters can only raise the negative ORP by so much since the water doesn’t undergo electrolysis.

Water needs to undergo electrolysis to raise the negative ORP to a higher level.

Here’s a checklist of what to look for:

  • Look for filters that remove as many impurities from your water as possible (you already know that mineral ball filters don’t sufficiently remove water contaminants)
  • BPA-free and BPS-free plastic materials
  • Filtering time that doesn’t take ages
  • Reasonably-priced replacement filters
  • Water quality reports
  • Filters made in the USA
  • Alkaline mineral infusion with calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  • TDS level in the ideal range for drinking water

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Reliable Alkaline Water Machine Brands

I’ve reviewed a long and growing list of water ionizer brands. The brands I trust the most are:


  • These two brands make the most powerful water filters. Always remember that water purity is more important than any other water quality. If your water is impure, it doesn’t matter if it’s alkaline or ionized.
  • They have competitive prices.
  • They manufacture their machines in South Korea, and AlkaViva uses Japanese electrode plates. South Korea and Japan are where the best ionizers in the world are manufactured.
  • Exceptional warranties
  • Molecular hydrogen infusion
  • Long company history
  • They both have A+ BBB ratings
  • Positive and real customer reviews
  • Reliable customer support

Other brands:

Keep in mind, I only recommend the brands above after AlkaViva and Tyent. Use more caution if you decide to buy an ionizer from the companies above.

The Best Alkaline Water Solutions

I devote this final section to a list of the best alkaline water solutions for your home and while on the go.

Here goes:

  • A reverse osmosis water filtration system with remineralization is another solid choice. Reverse osmosis filtration does an incredible job of removing water contaminants.
  • A quality alkaline water machine #ad and stainless steel insulated cup to hold your water – The best way to preserve the life of your ionized water is to store it in a dark, airtight container. You also reduce plastic waste by taking this route. The ocean doesn’t need any more plastic waste.

Final Thoughts

Are you sure which alkaline water brands to avoid now? I think you have all the information you need to buy the best alkaline water products.


  • Avoid the bottled alkaline water brands I mentioned above and refer to the checklist in the buyer’s guide when choosing which brand is best for you
  • Avoid filters that use mineral balls only
  • Countertop systems, pitchers, and bottles should be your last choices
  • If you prefer a reverse osmosis filtration system be sure to use a remineralization cartridge since RO water is usually acidic