Top 10 Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers • (2024 Reviews)

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Choosing the best alkaline water pitcher is no easy task. Over the past year, a lot of new models have popped up, and they continue to pop up. Which brand(s) should you trust?

After researching all the top alkaline water pitcher brands, I decided to put together a detailed buying guide at the end of my reviews. The guide will help you understand how to choose the right pitcher for your home.

For over a year now, I’ve studied, researched, and reviewed alkaline water products and the health benefits of ionized water. Let me tell you, there’s a ton of information to digest.

Instead of loading you up with a bunch of reviews that’ll take forever to read, I condensed this guide into the true top 10 best alkaline water pitchers in 2024. As you’ll soon find out, a lot of pitchers are similar since pitcher filtration follows one basic concept.

Let’s get started.

Alkaline Water Pitcher Comparison

NamePhotopH RangePriceCapacity (Liters)
Seychelle pH2O
#1 Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 2023
8.5 - 9.5$$$$2
Hskyhan8 - 10$3.5
Best Alkaline Water Pitcher of 2019
8 - 10$$$3.5
Best Budget Alkaline Water Pitcher
8.5 - 10$2.5
Invigorated Water pH Restore/Refresh
Longest Filter Life
7.5 - 9$$$3.5
Naples Naturals8 - 9$$$2.5
DRAGONN pH Restore8.5 - 9.5$$3.5
Higher Negative ORP (More Antioxidants)
8.5 - 10$$$3.5
Best Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher
8 - 10$$$$$2
Wamery8 - 9$$2

Top 10 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews

Now, let’s analyze each of the top 10 pitchers starting with #1. We’ll go over the replacement filters, type of filtration, materials, and the pros and cons of each pitcher.

#1 Seychelle pH2O

Seychelle is my favorite brand of water pitcher mainly because of the company behind the product. When you purchase the Seychelle pH2O pitcher, you know you’re buying an alkaline water filter that works. Why? Because Seychelle provides a water quality report on its website, which is something most other (less transparent) brands often skip.

Aside from company transparency, Seychelle filters do an excellent job of removing water contaminants, especially for a pitcher filter. The Seychelle filter removes fluoride, chlorine, VOCs, heavy metals, chromium 6, chloramine, pesticides, and other contaminants. The resulting water is pure and delicious.

I recommend the 64 oz. double-filter Seychelle pitcher over the 32 oz. model since the 32 oz. version is too small for most families.

Another plus is Seychelle products – including their filters – are made in America in accordance with ISO standards. Most companies import filters from China. I prefer to stick with filters that are made in America and tested by domestic certified labs. You get that extra peace of mind when you invest in a Seychelle pH20 pitcher.

  • Made in the USA
  • 200-gallon filter life
  • Superior filtration
  • Boost pH up to 9.5
  • Easy to fit in the fridge
  • BPA-free and FDA-approved
  • The filter removes up to 99.99% of Chlorine
  • Fluoride removal
  • 1st set of dual filters included
  • Too small for large families
  • No filter life indicator
  • Higher price than other brands

Want to know more about the Seychelle pH2O pitcher? Read my full Seychelle water filter review.

#2 Hskyhan Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Hskyhan 3.5L pitcher is one of my personal favorites, and it fits into all budgets. What I like most about the Hskyhan is you pay about the same as for a Brita pitcher, yet you get superior drinking water. One of the highlights of the Hskyhan pitcher is it comes with 2 filters instead of 1. You won’t find many other companies that include the first 2 filters.

The 7-stage filter does a great job of removing water impurities before adding alkaline minerals to boost pH. The Hskyhan filter raises the pH of your tap water from .5 to 2 points.

Later in the guide, I’ll show you the best way to test the pH of your alkaline water to ensure your pitcher is doing its job. Often times, inferior pitchers don’t raise the pH high enough to experience alkaline water benefits, such as heartburn relief, which requires a pH of at least 8.5.

I really like the design of this pitcher. The handle is comfortable to grip, and the lid stays in place. Plus, you get the digital filter life indicator on the top of the pitcher. The materials are food-grade and BPA-free. The addition of coconut shell in the filter is a nice touch to ensure you get superior-tasting refreshing water.

  • Powerful 7-stage filter with activated carbon
  • Raises pH up to 10
  • Comfortable handle
  • BPA-free
  • Filter life indicator
  • First 2 filters included
  • Removes Fluoride
  • 18-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 phone support
  • 40-gallon filter life

Want to know more about the Hskyhan pitcher? Read my full Hskyhan alkaline water pitcher review.

#3 EHM ULTRA Premium

The EHM Premium alkaline water pitcher ionizer was one of the best-selling pitchers of 2019, and it continues to shine in 2023. Why did I choose it after the Hskyhan pitcher? I chose Hskyhan first because the EHM pitcher is essentially the same, and it costs about $10 more. Also, it has a 6-stage filter compared to the 7-stage filter in the Hskyhan pitcher.

One of the interesting claims that EHM makes is that it pitcher lowers the ORP value of your drinking water to between -100 and -200 mV. Negative ORP indicates the antioxidant potential of your water or oxidation-reduction. ORP is a key measure of the quality and strength of your ionized water. The best water ionizers produce the highest negative ORP.

Negative ORP is one of the main qualities I like about the EHM Ultra pitcher. However, keep in mind, all pitchers on this list make negative ORP water through alkaline mineralization. One of the things I don’t like about EHM is the sales jargon. They use words such as “micro-clustering” which is pseudoscience.

Overall, I think the EHM pitcher is a great choice in 2023, but the Hskyhan is a better price for essentially the same pitcher. Unfortunately, the micro-clustering sales jargon gets sprinkled throughout the advertising for all pitchers. Does it make it a bad product? No. It’s just a sensationalized sales pitch.

  • 60-day filter life with countdown timer
  • Healthy alkaline mineral profile including calcium, magnesium, and potassium
  • Raises water pH up to 10
  • BPA-free
  • Large capacity
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Higher price than Hskyhan
  • 1 filter included instead of 2
  • The lid can slip off
  • No warranty

Want to know more about the EHM pitcher? Read my detailed EHM Premium alkaline water pitcher ionizer review.

#4 OXA Smart – Best Budget Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The OXA Smart alkaline water pitcher is a solid budget option for people who want to replace their Brita water pitchers. Similar to the Hskyhan pitcher, the OXA Smart comes with the first two filters. Each OXA 7-stage filter has a filter life of 60 days, and the replacements are easy to pick up online at Amazon. There’s a filter reminder on the top of the pitcher.

I’m a big fan of the OXA design, and I think it’s best for singles and couples since the reservoir is smaller than other pitchers. The lid design is stable. It won’t slip off easily when you pour. The pitcher fits in most refrigerator doors to save space on your main shelves.

A unique characteristic of the OXA pitcher is the filter media. The filter includes ion exchange resin, tourmaline, and mineral balls to boost the pH of your water. Last but not least, you get a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, which I think is generous for a company to offer at this price point.

  • 60-day filter life
  • Fits in your fridge door
  • BPA-free
  • First 2 filters included
  • Ergonomic design with a lid that won’t slip off
  • Wide range of alkaline minerals and tourmaline
  • Reduces lime scale
  • Recyclable filters and pitcher
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Less powerful water filtration
  • Too small for large families

#5 pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher – Longest Filter Life

The pH Restore alkaline water pitcher by Invigorated Living is another reliable choice. Be aware that Invigorated Living sells the same pitcher under the name “pH Refresh” instead of “pH Restore.” The first feature that stands out to me is the long filter life. Each filter (PH001 model) filters up to 96 gallons of water. That tells me that Invigorated Living didn’t skimp when it came time to choose filter media.

The second advantage of the pH Restore pitcher is the addition of selenium in the remineralization filter. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system.

I really like the easy-fill lid design and the digital filter indicator on the lid. For the price, the pH Restore packs in a lot of useful and unique features that set it apart from inferior pitchers.

The 7-stage filter removes fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, arsenic, and other water contaminants. You get the added benefit of zeolite, tourmaline, coconut-activated carbon, and far-infrared balls in the filter. Overall, the pH Restore filter is one of the more powerful and efficient models currently on the market.

  • Long filter life – 96 gallons per filter (PH001)
  • Wide range of alkaline minerals including zinc, selenium, and calcium
  • Produces more antioxidant power than other filters
  • BPA-free
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Removes fluoride
  • Upgrade to the PH002 Filter for 264-gallon filter life
  • Digital filter life indicator
  • Some people may not like the addition of lithium, iron, and iodine trace minerals
  • Replacement filters cost more than other pitchers

#6 Naples Naturals

The Naples Naturals alkaline water pitcher is one of the prettier models on the list. Of all the plastic pitchers in my top 10, I like the appearance of the Naples Natural pitcher the most. There are several similar models available such as the Reshape Water pitcher and Enviro pitcher. I chose the Naples Naturals pitcher over those two simply because it’s better.

What I like most about this pitcher is the screw-in filter design. In the past, I had pitchers with drop-in filters begin to leak or fail to create a complete seal around the filter. You won’t encounter that problem with Naples’ screw-in filter design. The digital filter life indicator on the top panel is a useful feature, and the flip-top is better than you’ll find on other pitchers.

The filter life for this pitcher is 70 gallons or every 45-60 days, whichever comes first. The materials are BPA-free, and the pitcher currently comes in three colors: blue, green, and black.

  • Long filter life – 70 gallons per filter
  • Better-tasting water than other pitchers
  • Produces more antioxidant power than other filters
  • BPA-free
  • Screw-in filters
  • More attractive design for people who often host guests
  • Cheap replacement filters
  • Bigger upfront cost
  • Filters slower than other pitchers
  • Too large to fit in some fridge doors

#7 DRAGONN alkaline water pitcher

The DRAGONN model is very similar to the Invigorated Living pH Restore pitcher. Its filter also contains tourmaline and alkaline mineral balls. One difference I noticed is the addition of ion exchange resin in DRAGONN’s filter. The DRAGONN filter also costs less, however, the filter life is shorter at 60 days per filter.

One key feature I like a lot in the DRAGONN pitcher is the micro-screen inside the filter. This screen blocks the activated carbon particles from getting into your filtered water. Have you seen those black specs that are often in Brita filtered water? That’s the activated carbon leaking out of the filter. With the micro-screen in the DRAGONN, you don’t have to worry about that problem.

I’m a fan of DRAGONN’s design, especially the handle and larger reservoir. You also get BPA-free plastic throughout to ensure you’re not drinking any nasty plastic chemicals. You won’t find one pitcher in my top 10 that’s not BPA-free.

The ion exchange resin in the filter does an excellent job of boosting antioxidants and negative ORP without electricity. Overall, the DRAGONN pitcher is a top alkaline water filter option that’s sold for a very reasonable price.

  • 60-day filter life
  • Affordable pitcher and replacement filters
  • Ion exchange resin to boost antioxidants
  • More secure lid than other brands
  • Countdown filter indicator
  • Reliable pH boost
  • Not the most attractive design of the bunch
  • Does not remove fluoride

Want to know more about the DRAGONN pitcher? Read my complete DRAGONN pH Restore review.

#8 Wellblue Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – More Antioxidants

Wellblue is one of my favorite models because the company had alkaline water enthusiasts in mind when it designed its pitcher. What jumps out at me immediately is the Wellblue filter. It contains a powerful combination of ion exchange resin, alkaline mineral balls, and far-infrared ceramic balls that raise the pH higher than most other models.

Keep in mind, a pH level above 9 or 9.5 maximum is unnecessary for most people. The best pH level for drinking water is a topic I’ll go over in more detail later in the buying guide below. Outside of pH, the filter media combination does produce a higher negative ORP, which means more anti-aging antioxidants in every glass of water you drink from the Wellblue pitcher.

The problem with drinking normal tap water is it has a positive ORP. Positive ORP causes oxidation inside the body. Oxidation is what causes the inside of an apple to turn brown after it’s been cut.

I like that the Wellblue filter has gauze to prevent the filter media from entering your reservoir. There’s no need to worry about black particles in your water with this pitcher. Each Wellblue filter lasts 6-8 weeks or 300 liters depending on the quality of your tap water.

  • More antioxidants than other pitchers
  • Higher pH and negative ORP up to -200 mV
  • Money-back guarantee
  • BPA-free
  • Digital filter life indicator
  • Superior-tasting water
  • Average filter life: 6-8 weeks
  • Too large for smaller fridge door shelves
  • Doesn’t remove fluoride

#9 Dafi – Best Glass Alkaline Water Pitcher

This list wouldn’t be complete without a glass pitcher option. I love the idea of BPA-free plastic, but I love drinking fresh water from a cold glass a lot more. What I like most about the Dafi glass pitcher is that it actually filters your water.

There are other glass alkaline pitchers on the market that rely on a reaction between your tap water and mineral bags to “filter” tap water. This type of filtration does a poor job because your tap water needs to go through the filter for adequate contaminant removal.

The Dafi pitcher is made of scratch-free borosilicate glass. It features an LED filter replacement indicator, an anti-slip base, an ergonomic handle, and a closed spout to block dust and debris from entering the pitcher. It’s also the most attractive of all the pitchers on this list. Your guests will be impressed when you pour them a glass of water from the Dafi glass pitcher.

  • It’s more refreshing to drink from a cold glass
  • Most attractive design to impress your guests
  • Superior-tasting water
  • It comes with a free 24 oz. matching sports bottle
  • 7 color options
  • More powerful filter than other glass alkaline pitchers
  • BPA-free and BPS-free
  • LED filter life indicator
  • Includes first 2 filters
  • More antioxidants (higher negative ORP)
  • Small capacity
  • Short filter life of 30-35 days
  • Most expensive pitcher in my top 10
  • Heavier and more fragile

#10 Wamery Alkaline Water Pitcher

The Wamery pitcher made the last spot in my top 10, and I only recommend it if the other models are unavailable. The greatest advantage of owning the Wamery pitcher is the option to use a wide range of replacement filters including Brita brand. If you happen to run out of juice in your Wamery filter before ordering a replacement set, you can always pick up a different brand locally until your Wamery replacement filters arrive.

Wamery offers both alkaline and standard water filters. Expect alkaline water with a pH between 8.5 and 9 as well as a negative ORP up to -200 mV. The filter follows NSF/ANSI standards and has an estimated life of 42 gallons. Wamery recommends replacing the filter monthly if you fill the pitcher 3 times a day and once every 2 months if you fill it 2 times per day.

I do wish that Wamery listed its filter media types instead of stating that it uses a “special electrolyte formula.” As I hinted at in the introduction, all alkaline water filters rely on remineralization to boost water pH. I prefer the company to list the minerals it uses to boost pH.

Overall, the Wamery pitcher is a good choice at number 10, yet it’s #10 for a reason since there are better options available.

  • Interchangeable filter design
  • Filter meets NSF/ANSI standards
  • Filter life indicator
  • Unique easy-fill lid design
  • Optimum pH between 8.5 and 9
  • Negative ORP water
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Short filter life – 42 gallons or 1-2 months
  • Does not remove fluoride

Final Word

Beyond these pitchers, you won’t find anything special or different that you haven’t seen here. The 10 pitchers I included in my top 10 give you the widest selection of the best alkaline water filter pitchers currently available.

Detailed 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Since alkaline water is a relatively new drinking water choice in the US, a lot of companies are hustling to profit from the alkaline water wave before it breaks. Once that happens, only legitimate companies will be left standing.

Let’s start with the question: Do alkaline water pitchers work? I know you might be wondering why buy an alkaline water pitcher instead of a Brita pitcher? In this guide, I show you what happens when you use an alkaline pitcher and why they’re indeed better than Brita.

Do Alkaline Water Pitchers Work?

The answer to this question includes multiple parts. First, if you’re wondering whether alkaline water pitchers raise the pH of your drinking water, yes, they do.

The drawback is you can’t control how much they raise the pH or the resulting pH. One of the advantages of owning a water ionizer over a pitcher is pH control.

Water ionizers give you the option to select the pH of your drinking water. For example, if you prefer water with a pH of 8.5, then you can choose 8.5. With a pitcher, you can’t choose 8.5. The resulting pH from your pitcher depends on your tap water pH.

Second, do alkaline water pitchers provide the same health benefits as alkaline water from a water ionizer? No, they don’t.

What’s the difference between an alkaline water pitcher and a water ionizer?

Water ionizers use electricity to perform electrolysis. The electrolysis process safely transforms your tap water into alkaline ionized water. During the electrolysis process, no minerals are added to your tap water. The ionizer uses the minerals that are already in your tap water to make ionized water.

Once your tap water finishes the ionization process (electrolysis), alkaline ionized water flows from one spout, and acidic ionized water flows from another.

How do alkaline water pitchers make alkaline water? An alkaline pitcher filter adds minerals to your water to boost the pH.

A water ionizer doesn’t add minerals while an alkaline water pitcher relies on adding minerals to boost the pH of your drinking water.

One reason I’m hesitant to recommend alkaline water pitchers as a first choice – while I do think they’re better than Brita or PUR – is some models add minerals without filtering your water first. The models in my top 10 list don’t have this problem. I recommend reading alkaline water brands to avoid to get a better idea.

There’s also a good chance you already have enough minerals in your tap water. Especially if you have hard water since hard water is high in calcium and magnesium. Did you notice that alkaline water pitcher filters rely on calcium and magnesium to boost pH?

The key takeaway is you don’t want to add more minerals to your tap water when there are already enough minerals, or you end up with over-mineralized water that has a high TDS. TDS stands for total dissolved solids in your water.

The best alkaline water filter pitchers do two things: remove impurities and safely raise the pH of your drinking water to the ideal pH for drinking water.

As you already know, it’s best not to start with hard water or water with high mineral content since all alkaline pitchers add minerals. A good solution for hard water is a whole house filter or water softener. A whole house filter removes most of the impurities before you run your tap water through the pitcher filter.

How to Choose the Best Alkaline Water Pitcher

Choosing the best alkaline water filter pitcher involves several considerations. The most important consideration is the filter.

Replacement Filter Costs and Life

One of the biggest differences between the pitchers in my top 10 is filter life. Before you decide which pitcher is best for you, check the filter life. The pH Restore pitcher by Invigorated Living has the longest filter life, yet more expensive replacement filters than other brands.

It’s best to calculate the annual replacement filter cost before you buy since the upfront cost for the pitcher is only part of the equation.

Capacity and Dimensions

How many people are going to use the filter pitcher? If you have a large family, it’s best to stick with pitchers that are a 3.5-liter capacity. Jump back to the pitcher comparison table and click the capacity column to sort the table. That way, you’ll see all the pitchers with 3.5-liter capacity in a row.

If you’re single or a couple, capacity isn’t as important. You also want to check the dimensions of the pitcher to make sure it fits in your fridge door to save space on your main shelves.

Filter Life Indicator

In my opinion, the filter life indicator is nice to have but not as important as the quality of the filter. You’ll notice that your filter begins to filter more slowly toward the end of its life. You can also make a note on your phone or use a piece of tape to mark the date that you replaced the filter.


BPA-free plastic is standard, and I only recommend pitchers that are BPA-free. You can go a step further by looking for a pitcher that’s both BPA and BPS-free. The Dafi glass alkaline water pitcher above is BPS-free.

Filter Media

All the best alkaline water pitcher filters contain activated carbon. Avoid pitchers that rely on minerals to “filter” your water. All of the pitchers in my top 10 contain activated carbon in the filter.

Other filter media include ion exchange resin, far infrared ceramic balls, tourmaline, zeolite, and alkaline mineral balls. The activated carbon removes impurities while the mineral media boosts the pH of your drinking water. It also makes negative ORP water, which contains healthy antioxidants.

Last, several pitchers include a micro-screen inside the filter to block the activated carbon from getting into your filtered water. Brita pitchers are notorious for this problem. The DRAGONN pitcher contains a micro-screen to protect against this problem.

Mineral Profile

If there are certain minerals you don’t want in your diet, check the pitcher description to see which minerals the filter adds to boost pH. Remember, all alkaline pitchers boost pH with alkaline minerals. I did my best to list the minerals included in each filter in my top 10 reviews above.

Handle and Lid

One common problem I noticed with alkaline pitchers is the lid. Read deeper into the reviews to see if current owners are having trouble with the lid falling off or an uncomfortable handle. Personally, I like the Seychelle handle the most. Overall, the lid is more important than the handle, although I do prefer a handle with a grip.

pH Value

First, I want you to know that a higher pH doesn’t necessarily make your drinking water healthier. I drink alkaline ionized water every day and prefer a pH between 8 and 9.5. There’s no reason to go above pH 10.

If you want to clear up acid reflux, there’s evidence that water with a pH of 8.8 or higher deactivates human pepsin in the esophagus that can survive in a slightly alkaline environment. Participants in a study found acid reflux relief by drinking pH 8.8 water, and the researchers found that it deactivated the pepsin that had been causing discomfort.

I found heartburn relief over a year ago when I began drinking alkaline water, and it hasn’t returned. Before I began drinking alkaline water, the heartburn had come and gone for months.

The bottom line is pH is only part of what makes alkaline water beneficial to our health. Water with a pH above 10 is unnecessary and won’t provide any additional health benefits. You may find that mildly alkaline water with a pH of 7.5 to 8 is all you need.

Fluoride Removal

I know fluoride removal is a controversial topic since some people don’t mind a bit of fluoride while others want to do away with it altogether. The Seychelle pitcher is your best choice if you’re concerned about fluoride removal because it has the most powerful filter, and it removes the highest percentage of fluoride.

One of the drawbacks of alkaline water pitchers is they generally don’t remove fluoride since fluoride removal is tricky, and the filters in the pitcher are only so powerful.


Last but not least, it’s important to consider the price. Be sure to look at replacement filter life and costs before you decide which pitcher is best for you. You may find that the pitcher costs less upfront, but the replacement filters cost more in the long run.

Most pitchers have similar prices, within five to ten bucks of each other. The comparison table above allows you to sort the price column to see which pitchers cost the most and which pitchers cost the least. The Dafi and Seychelle pitches cost the most while the Oxa and Hskyhan pitchers cost the least.

Why did I choose Seychelle as my top pick?

The Seychelle pitcher has the most powerful filter of all the alkaline water pitchers currently on the market. Seychelle provides a water quality report to back up its claims. The company manufactures its filters in the US and has the most outstanding company profile of all the alkaline pitcher brands I’ve come across.

In fact, Seychelle has been in business for 20 years. You won’t have to worry about replacement filter availability with the Seychelle filter because they won’t be going out of business anytime soon. A lot of young companies currently selling alkaline water pitchers may not stand the test of time, and you’ll get left with a pitcher with no available replacement filters.

Seychelle also makes one of the best alkaline water filter bottles currently on the market. When I research alkaline water products, I always take a close look at the company before I recommend its products.

Why did I choose the Hskyhan and EHM pitchers as my second and third picks?

Outside of the Seychelle pitcher, most alkaline water filter pitchers are essentially the same. The reason I chose Hskyhan and EHM is that they have the next most powerful filters after the Seychelle pitcher.

Hskyhan uses a 7-stage filter that does a better job of removing impurities than most other pitchers. The EHM pitcher has a long track record of success, and it received the title of “Best Alkaline Water Pitcher 2018.”

Alternatives to Alkaline Water Pitchers

While I wholeheartedly believe alkaline water filter pitchers are an upgrade over drinking acidic water from a Brita, there are better alkaline water options available for your home.

Alkaline pitchers are a great way to get your feet wet if you’re not ready to buy an alkaline water machine, or you want to know if alkaline water truly makes you feel better.

One of the greatest advantages of owning a water ionizer over a pitcher is the molecular hydrogen benefits. Molecular hydrogen is a proven super antioxidant that’s found in the ionized water produced by the best alkaline water machines.

Tyent, AlkaViva, Life Ionizers, and Chanson all manufacture water ionizers that boost molecular hydrogen.

The Tyent ACE-11 and Tyent UCE-11 ionizers both include an optional molecular hydrogen boost function.

The key takeaway is alkaline water from a pitcher doesn’t pack the same anti-aging antioxidant punch as the alkaline ionized water from an alkaline water machine.

As I mentioned, alkaline pitchers are an upgrade over a Brita or PUR pitcher, but they shouldn’t be confused with water ionizers.

A more affordable option than a water ionizer to drink molecular hydrogen-rich water is a portable hydrogen water bottle.

Another superior option is reverse osmosis with remineralization. This type of reverse osmosis system works similarly to a pitcher filter. The main difference is the reverse osmosis system does a better job of removing impurities than activated carbon alone. It also removes fluoride and other hard-to-reach water contaminants.

In fact, reverse osmosis filtration removes both impurities and minerals from your tap water. Reverse osmosis systems with remineralization include inline mineral filter cartridges as the final stage in the system. The mineral cartridge boosts the pH of reverse osmosis water, similar to what a pitcher filter does.

The reason a reverse osmosis alkaline water system is better is that you don’t have to worry about too many minerals in your drinking water.

The final option is to install an alkaline water dispenser. There are several options available to fit any budget.

How to Test Water pH

You may want to test the pH of the filtered water from your new alkaline pitcher. There are two easy ways to do it: with the best pH test strips or a digital pH meter.

A digital pH meter is more accurate than the strips and will last you a lot longer. It’s also less messy to work with a meter than strips.

Be sure to read more about the strips through the link above to avoid buying the wrong strips because most common pH test strips don’t provide accurate results for alkaline water.


Do alkaline water pitchers work? Yes, they do raise the pH of your water.

Do they give you all the same health benefits as a water ionizer? No.

I spent many hours analyzing all the products in this guide, and I believe these are the top 10 best alkaline water pitchers on the market. As I mentioned in the introduction, most pitcher filters use the same type of filtration so they can only be so different from one another.

The Seychelle pH2O pitcher sets itself apart from the rest because it has the most powerful filter, and it’s sold by the most trustworthy company. I prefer buying water filter products from companies that have stood the test of time and provide water quality test reports. Seychelle passes those two tests.

Which pitcher will you choose?

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