Evamor Water Reviews • Is It Really Alkaline? Fluoride Free?

Last updated Apr 8, 2020

Is Evamor Water really alkaline and fluoride-free? It’s been a busy week here at Alkaline Water Machine Source as far as bottled alkaline water goes. By the time all is said and done, I think I’ll be the leading online authority for bottled alkaline water reviews.

In today’s article, I share my Evamor Naturally Artesian Alkaline Water review. You’ll learn everything you need to know about Evamor before you buy it, or if you’ve already bought some and are curious to know more, that’s good too.

We’ll go over its pH, TDS, where to buy it in bulk for the best price, see if it’s fluoride-free, where it’s bottled, and even check out if Evamor is a legit company you can trust.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Feel free to jump to any section you like by clicking the links in the table of contents below.

Where to Buy Evamor Water

The best place to buy cases of Evamor Water in bulk is online through Amazon.

There are currently two large case sizes available:

Cases ship free for regular Amazon customers, and it’s also eligible for Prime two-day shipping.

Now that you know where to buy it, let’s see what makes this bottled alkaline water so special.

Is it really alkaline?

Evamor Water advertises a pH range of 8.8 to 9.1 on the label.

Let’s see if they’re delivering on their promise in the pH test below.

He’s certainly a scientist in the making. Notice how he used pH tester drops and not pH tester strips?

Tester drops are better for measuring the pH of liquids, especially water. In fact, I recommended tester drops in my recent article How to Test Your pH Level without Strips.

By the looks of it, Evamor did have a pH value around 9, which means they’re indeed delivering on their promise.

I also like that he tested the TDS level. Often times, our water can have too many minerals in it. This is one of my gripes with several types of alkaline water filters that simply add minerals to boost pH. If you have hard water to start with, adding more minerals is no good.

Does Evamor Water have fluoride?

I noticed that some people are concerned about the fluoride level in Evamor Water.

I did some digging and found the company’s water report.

According to Evamor’s 2018 water report, the water contains .17 mg/l of fluoride.

While this is well below the upper maximum limit in Louisiana of 4 mg/l, it may be of concern to you if you’re looking for water that’s 100% fluoride-free or has undetectable levels of fluoride.

I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding fluoride in water since some people don’t mind it while others consider it poisonous. Since this article is a review for Evamor Water, I won’t go too deep into that subject.

Personally, I’m not turned off by the low level of fluoride in their water since it wasn’t artificially added.


You may be wondering what are the Evamor Water ingredients? According to Evamor, their water is 100% natural and unaltered.

However, they do have a unique process.

Evamor Water comes from an artesian aquifer located one-half mile underground in Louisiana.

According to Evamor, they use a “sealed system” to collect the water as its flowing upward.

They then:

  1. Filter it 6 times to remove sediment
  2. Filter it through a UV light
  3. Ozonate it
  4. Bottle it in BPA-free PET1 bottles

What is ozonation?

Ozonation treatment is a common practice used by water suppliers to disinfect water. Evamor is the first bottled alkaline water brand I’ve come across that treats its artesian water with ozone.

By the time you open a bottle of Evamor, you’re the first person to come in contact with it.

Since Evamor Water comes straight from the Earth, it contains a small number of healthy minerals. Most likely alkaline minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium naturally boost the pH of Evamor before its bottled.

The boy who used the TDS meter in the pH test video above found that Evamor did have a TDS reading above 100. This is due to the natural minerals and nothing to worry about.

What are current drinkers saying?

I always like to see what people are saying about a product before I review it myself. After going through the Evamor Water reviews, I picked out a few written by people who are experiencing the health benefits of alkaline water:

  • One gentleman reversed a nasty case of acid reflux by drinking Evamor Water after he couldn’t find relief with meds. His reflux was so bad that he had to go to the ER. Now, he always has Evamor Water on hand. He noted that he tried Essentia Water before Evamor and prefers Evamor. I find this review interesting because I too reversed a nasty case of acid reflux with alkaline water. In fact, my previous article explains how to clear up acid reflux with alkaline water.
  • Another gentleman reported that he and his teenage child suffer from silent reflux, and they’ve found relief by drinking Evamor Water.
  • One woman also reported silent reflux relief. She said the author of the books The Chronic Cough Enigma and Dropping Acid, Dr. Jamie Koufman, recommends Evamor to reflux sufferers.
  • I found numerous reviews written by people who love the taste. One person said it’s much better than Evian and Fiji.

At the time of this writing, Evamor has over 600 total reviews on Amazon with a 75% 5-star rating. Not too shabby at all.

My Evamor Water Review

I always like to read everything there is to know about a bottled water company before I offer my two cents.

I’ll break my review into two parts: my likes and my dislikes.

My Likes

  • Overall, I think Evamor is a trustworthy company that delivers the pH they slap on their label. It’s important to know you’re drinking truly alkaline water when you pay a premium price.
  • I like that they use BPA-free plastic bottles. I prefer not to drink out of plastic altogether, but if I have to, I want it to be BPA-free.
  • It’s cool to know this water comes from deep below the surface of the Earth in Louisiana. I never would have thought that there’s artesian water in Louisiana before coming across Evamor.
  • The high pH level impresses me since the water hasn’t been ionized or treated to raise the pH.
  • The low TDS reading is also nice to see. I prefer water with some minerals, but not so many that I get too many daily minerals from my water alone. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of alkaline water filters out there that add minerals to boost pH, and you end up drinking water with too high of a TDS reading.

My Dislikes

  • The more I review water companies that are collecting their water from natural sources in the United States the more I start to wonder how this affects the environment? Yeah, it’s all good and well that people are drinking healthier water, but what are the ramifications to the environment in that area and domestic water supply? I need to look deeper into this subject in the future.
  • Evamor is the first bottled alkaline water company I’ve come across that uses ozonation. Ozonation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the way they market ozonation seems a bit suspect to me. Ozonation is a common practice used by bottled water companies to treat and disinfect drinking water. Evamor advertises ozonation as “blasting with pure oxygen.”
  • Personally, I love (non-bottled) alkaline ionized water, even though it doesn’t come from an artesian aquifer. My growing problem with bottled water is that it’s bottled. The thought of all the plastic we add to the environment each year that finds its way into the ocean is starting to summon my inner hippy more and more each day. While this isn’t solely an Evamor problem, I do think it’s important for everyone to consider.

Final Thoughts

Now you know where to buy Evamor Water, its pH level, fluoride level, ingredients, where it comes from, and everything else there is to know about this bottled water brand.

After spending a good chunk of my time investigating this company, I can say with confidence that they’re delivering what they advertise on their label.

What impresses me the most about this artesian water brand is its naturally high pH. If you’re someone who’s suffering from reflux disease and heartburn, this water is a good choice. It has the most positive reviews written by reflux sufferers of any bottled water brand I’ve come across.

I’m still unsure about bottled water as a whole, and if this is your first visit to my site, you don’t know that I recommend a water ionizer first.

In my humble opinion, the best way to experience alkaline water benefits is to invest in a quality water ionizer and stainless steel double wall water bottle.

You save money in the long run and have an unlimited supply of alkaline ionized water on tap in your home. Plus, you stop adding more plastic waste to the world. It’s a win-win-win.

Other than that, I do think Evamor Water is a much better choice than conventional bottled water. I’ve seen enough conventional bottled water pH tests to know they’re slightly acidic. Brita water tends to have the same results as well.

What did you think of my Evamor Water review? I’d love to hear in the comments section below.

Cheers and best of luck on your alkaline water journey! Come back and see me some time.

And in case you want to see how Evamor bottles its water:

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