Is Penta Water Alkaline? pH Test (Video) and Pro Review

Last updated Nov 29, 2021

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Good evening fellow water enthusiasts, I’m your host, Pete. In today’s article, I answer the question: Is Penta water alkaline? I’ll also share a pH test video and my complete Penta water review.

It’s been a crazy month here at AWMS, and I’ve completed a ton of bottled water reviews. At this point, I know everything there is to know about bottled water brands and what to look for in each company.

Is Penta legit? The company claims that its water is alkaline, but I had trouble believing it after I read how they filter their water.

With all the new bottled water brands popping up lately, it’s important for you to choose the best one, especially considering the price of some brands.

Let’s start with the most important part, the Penta water pH test.

Is Penta water alkaline? pH Test (Video)

The young scientist who conducts the pH test in the video below does a great job. I’ve been following his videos, and I can assure you that his tests are accurate.

Let’s see the results below:

Of all the bottled water pH tests I’ve seen, Penta has the lowest pH by far. This is especially troubling since the company advertises a “naturally occurring” pH between 7 and 8.

Later in my review, I’ll tell you why I was skeptical when I read Penta’s pH claim.

Let’s discuss TDS first. The one promise Penta did deliver on was the low TDS of their water. A TDS of just 1ppm is super low. What does this mean? It means there’s almost nothing at all in this water.

Is that a good thing? Most water experts recommend a higher TDS since we do want to get some minerals and electrolytes from our drinking water.

Conclusion: Is Penta water alkaline? No. Does Penta water have a TDS of 1ppm as advertised? Yes.

Next, let’s check out where to buy Penta water in bulk for the best price.

Where to Buy Penta Water in Bulk for the Best Price

Since you may not be concerned about pH and care more about the purity of your water, I’ll show you where to buy Penta water for the best price.

Before I do, I will say that this water is indeed “ultra-purified” as advertised. However, later in the review, I’ll show you how to make an unlimited supply of your own Penta water.

Where to buy Penta water? A good place to buy it in bulk – if you can’t find it locally for a good price – is online at Amazon.

My Penta Water Review

Okay, I’m kind of excited right now because I feel like somewhat of a sleuth after looking deeper into this bottled water brand.


  • I do think this water is super pure since Penta uses reverse osmosis filtration to remove impurities. You can be sure you’re drinking purified water when you buy Penta.
  • It’s fluoride-free.
  • The bottles are BPA-free.
  • Penta’s water source is an aquifer in California.
  • They provide a water quality report on their website. I do appreciate it when a bottled water company is transparent.
  • They use 100% solar power.


  • The wacky health claims. I have yet to see another bottled water brand with reports like these.
  • Here’s why I feel like a sleuth. On Penta’s product page, the company lists a “naturally occurring” pH of between 7 and 8, which would make their water slightly alkaline. The video above shows that Penta water is acidic. Here’s the most interesting part, though. I checked out Penta’s water quality report, and the pH on the report says 5.9. Where did they get the natural pH of 7 to 8?
  • The TDS is too low for my taste. I do prefer water with a higher pH and lower TDS, but not water with a TDS of 1ppm. Yes, there are no impurities in Penta water and also no essential minerals.
  • They say the water is “infused” with oxygen. I do see that they use ozonation to sterilize their water before its bottled. Ozonation is a common process used by water companies to sterilize water with ozone.
  • I see a third pH claim on their website between 6.10 and 7.12. I’m really confused about what pH they want their water to be.

A Better Alternative

Penta water has a TDS of 1ppm. This means the water is essentially blank water. Who’s to say you can’t make Penta with a reverse osmosis filtration system that gives you the same TDS reading?

How to Make Penta Water

Click here #ad or the image below to check out a reverse osmosis system that makes water with close to 0 ppm:

Reverse osmosis filtration is part of Penta’s filtration process. They also use UV light and ozone sterilization.

Click here #ad or the image below to check out an ultraviolet light water purifier:

And last but not least, click here #ad or the image below for an ozone generator:

Voila! Now you’ve made purified ozonated water with a TDS near 0ppm.

Final Thoughts

Almost everything about Penta water confuses me. Why do they get their water from an aquifer in Calfornia then proceed to strip all the minerals out of the water? Why not just use municipal water?

Then, there’s the pH confusion.

Overall, I don’t like to bash any company, but I have no idea what makes Penta water special.

The best two bottled water brands I’ve come across are Icelandic Glacial for alkaline spring water and Essentia for ionized water.

If you love Penta water, you’re better off making your own reverse osmosis water at home. In my opinion, the ozonation and UV sterilization is overkill since reverse osmosis does such a great job of removing everything from water.