Kangen Water Machine Review 2024: A Look Behind the Curtain

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Have you noticed how difficult it is to find an unbiased Kangen Water machine review? Oftentimes, these “reviewers” blast you with a long list of health benefits that link to zero scientific evidence.

Guess what?

These “reviewers” have no clue what they’re talking about. They’ve put in little to no work to learn what alkaline ionized water is or what alkaline water machines do.

Kangen Water Machine Review The TRUTH Nobody Is Telling You...

In comes AWMS, your #1 resource for honest alkaline water machine reviews. I’m a Clemson grad and have spent much of the past year researching the benefits of alkaline water and water ionizers. I like to think that the many, many hours I’ve put into learning my craft has granted me more knowledge than you’ll find most elsewhere.

Today, I’m going to share with you my 100% unbiased Kangen Water machine review. I promise it’s the only Kangen Water review you’ll ever need.

We’ll go over who Enagic Kangen is, what makes their ionizers special, the price of their ionizers compared to others on the market, the key features of their ionizers, and several other key points I think you should know about before you purchase a Kangen ionizer or any other ionizer.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s start with Enagic’s background and company profile.

Who is Enagic Kangen?

Enagic is the manufacturer of the Kangen alkaline water machine. The company started in Japan over 40 years ago and now has worldwide offices.

Enagic is one of the few companies in the world that produces alkaline water machines as certified medical devices under the Japanese Ministry of Health. They also have a long list of quality certifications including ISO certs.

Only South Korea and Japan have organizations that certify water ionizers as medical devices. It’s one of the reasons water ionizer experts recommend buying machines manufactured in these two countries.

Japan is essentially the father of alkaline ionized water. When I lived in Asia and bought bottled alkaline ionized water at the store, it often said “made with Japanese technology” on the label.

Conclusion: Enagic is a legit company, and its Kangen Water® machine is a legit ionizer – one of the best in the world. However, as we go deeper into my Kangen Water machine review, you’ll learn why every great company has its drawbacks.

Is Kangen Water special?

Here’s one of the greatest misconceptions regarding “Kangen Water.”

Enagic’s ionizers make alkaline ionized water. It’s the same stuff that other ionizers make. There’s no special process used by Enagic’s ionizers that make “Kangen Water” superior.

It’s actually somewhat humorous/clever that Enagic trademarked the term “Kangen Water®.” Enagic is the only water ionizer company I’ve come across that has a trademarked term for its ionized water.

What does make Enagic’s ionizers special is the high-grade titanium and platinum the company uses to make its electrode plates. Other top-rated water ionizer companies such as AlkaViva import their plates from Japan.

Conclusion: “Kangen Water” is just alkaline ionized water. It’s the same type of water that all quality alkaline water machines make. There’s nothing special about this “Kangen Water” that makes it a miracle healer or superior to other alkaline ionized water. Enagic’s dealers are great at convincing you that it’s special, but it’s not.

Beware of Enagic Dealers

One of my biggest gripes with Enagic Kangen is the salesy dealers who promote “Kangen Water” and Enagic’s machines all over the internet.

These people are irresponsible and manipulative. You must understand that they’re given a sales pitch, and they use it ruthlessly to make a buck.

I understand that Enagic Kangen wants to maximize its profits just like any other company, but the way they do it is suspect. These dubious Enagic dealers throw around health claims without a deep understanding of what they’re selling.

Their irresponsible actions feed alkaline water critics and give alkaline water a bad rap.

I often see the term “pyramid scheme” and Kangen in the same sentence because that’s the way they operate. Anyone can become a dealer, read over the sales pitch, and then reiterate it as if they understand alkaline water benefits and machines.

Considering the time I’ve put into learning about alkaline water and machines, I can see right through Enagic’s dealers’ sales pitch. I can see that they haven’t researched the product or its benefits. They take what they read in the pamphlet and regurgitate it in hopes they’ll make a commission.

In today’s world, this type of marketing is outdated. Yes, everyone wants to make money, but sellers need to gain buyers’ trust with accurate information. Dealers need to put in adequate time to research the product they’re selling. This simply is not happening with Enagic dealers.

During my research, I’ve come across hundreds of questionable comments around the internet by these dealers. They all claim how Kangen Water is the best, and everyone needs a machine and to buy one from them.

Conclusion: Enagic makes a quality ionizer, but they don’t deploy quality dealers with a deep understanding of water ionizers and alkaline water benefits. These “dealers” fill people’s heads with false hope while littering the internet with lofty claims. Be careful when you come into contact with these dealers.

The Drawbacks to Buying a Kangen Water Machine

In this section, I’ll share a list of key points for you to consider before you buy from Enagic:

  • Kangen Water® machines cost thousands more than other quality ionizers on the market. Competitors’ machines are also certified medical devices with Japanese-made electrode plates.
  • Kangen’s single-filter setup is less powerful than competing machines that use a dual-filter setup. For example, Tyent’s UCE-11 uses the same micron filtration level as kidney dialysis machines. Kangen also recommends changing its filters more often, and they are more expensive.
  • The single filter leads to more calcium buildup in the Kangen Water machine. For this reason, Kangen recommends buying separate citric acid cleansing cartridges to remove the buildup. It’s normal for all machines to require citric acid cleansing after enough time passes, but it seems Kangen requires more cleanings than other machines due to their filters. You’ll definitely need some type of prefilter setup with a Kangen Water machine.
  • The Warranty Period – Enagic offers the shortest warranty period I’ve come across. Enagic’s warranty is just 5 years while competing brands offer lifetime warranties. Considering the price of a Kangen Water machine, I think Enagic should offer a lifetime warranty. It’s no coincidence that they have a trade-in program to upgrade.
  • Other brands offer better under-counter ionizer options than Enagic. The Kangen Water machine isn’t as attractive as other ionizers and eats up a lot of counter space next to your sink.
Conclusion: Outside of its glowing certification list, Enagic Kangen doesn’t offer many advantages over competing brands.

My Final Enagic Kangen Water Machine Review

Let’s go over the pros and cons of owning an Enagic Kangen Water machine first:

  • The long list of quality certifications
  • Made in Japan as a certified medical device
  • The long company history
  • Wide pH range
  • Can’t control the pH level
  • Thousands more than the competition
  • The single-filter setup is more costly and less powerful
  • Only five water levels
  • Not very attractive and eats up counter space
  • Shorter warranty periods
  • The single under-counter model is unattractive

Overall, I think Enagic did a great job of obtaining certifications. They use top-notch platinum and titanium to make their electrode plates. Those are the two greatest advantages of owning a Kangen Water machine.

However, I don’t trust their dealers or the way Enagic lets their dealers operate. It’s a hands-off approach that allows their dealers to make lofty health benefit claims while Enagic doesn’t assume responsibility.

If Enagic cleans up their dealers and deploys salespeople with a deeper understanding of their products, I’ll be a lot more trusting of their company.

Second, they need to bring down their prices to a reasonable and more competitive level. I assure you they’re not the only company in the world that makes a quality water ionizer.

As of now, it appears the pyramid scheme claims are true, and the approach is working quite well for Enagic’s bottom line. Through repetition, their dealers have successfully programmed people to think that Kangen Water is a miracle worker.

Are there better alternatives to Kangen Water machines?

I’ve written several popular comparison articles between competing brands and Kangen.

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I also plan to write Tyent vs Kangen and Chanson vs Kangen articles.

These head-to-head comparisons are the best way for you to decide which ionizer you think is the best for you and your family.

Final Thoughts

The best recommendation I can leave you with is to be careful when communicating with an Enagic Kangen Water machine dealer. I’m not saying that none of them are trustworthy, but I’ve seen enough of the bad ones to know for sure they aren’t all responsible.


  • Enagic Kangen is a legit water ionizer brand that manufactures a high-quality ionizer
  • Their machines are certified medical devices
  • They have a long list of quality certifications
  • The company has a long history
  • Their ionizers cost $1,000s more than competing brands
  • Enagic’s filters are less powerful and more expensive
  • Their machines are less attractive and crowd your counter
  • Enagic dealers and their marketing scheme is questionable

If Enagic decides to cut out the dubious dealers and lower their ionizer prices, I’ll consider adding their machines to my site. Until then, I’d like to see them clean that up because I believe they manufacture a great water ionizer.