Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer Review • (2024 Update)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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The following is a comprehensive Bawell Platinum water ionizer review, aka, Bawell Platinum model 2195.

If you’re in the market for a cutting-edge product that won’t break the bank, the Bawell Platinum is a feature-packed ionizer that is surely in the conversation for the best water ionizers on the market today.

By the end of our review, you’ll have a deep understanding of the pros & cons of buying the Bawell Platinum for your home.

Important questions to consider before purchasing a water ionizer are:

Is the machine an under-sink unit or a countertop-only unit?

What are people saying about the flavor of alkaline water?

Are current users having problems with the machine or filters wearing out too quickly?

The last problem you want to face is a faulty unit that requires around-the-clock maintenance.


The Bawell 2195 is essentially a premium water ionizer without the big price tag to go along with it since ionizers can cost over four thousand bucks.

The Bawell comes wrapped in a beautiful case that won’t make your guests think a spaceship just landed in your home. Below, I go over each key feature in a brief list, so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through any unnecessary jargon.

  • Perhaps the most savory feature of the Bawell platinum alkaline water is the 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee with a Forever Lifetime Warranty. A lot of budget units on the market do not offer this peace of mind and loyalty to you the customer.
  • The Bawell 2195 sports an attractive LCD control panel that makes using the unit a breeze.
  • The Platinum model goes the extra mile with 7 Solid Medical-Grade Titanium Platinum Coated Plates that total 144 square inches of electrode surface area.
  • The unit features a state-of-the-art dual internal filtration system with the option to expand the unit to 3-stage filtration.
  • The ionizer’s universal faucet adaptor fits mostly all “pull-out” and “sprayer” style sink fixtures, which means it can be installed almost anywhere in your home, including the bathroom.
  • Plastic components of the water machine are both BPA-free and FDA-Approved
  • The unit has an automatic cleaning system built right in that clicks on when it starts up and shuts down
  • There is an option for voice alerts. However, if the Bawell Platinum becomes too talkative for you, simply turn down the volume or turn it off completely.
  • 35 different water presets, ranging from “Ultra Strong Alkaline” all the way down to “Strong Acidic”
  • Countertop Only
  • Flow Rate: 2 GPM
  • ORP Range: +600.00 mV to -800.00 mV
  • pH Range: 3.0 to 11.5 (option to increase to 2.0 to 12.0)
  • Dimensions: 11.8″ Length x 6.2″ Width x 15.2″ Height


Installation of the Bawell is easy-peasy for most.

It’s important to remember that since the 2195 is a countertop alkaline water machine, you should ensure you have enough space for it on your counter.

The Bawell can be connected to the faucet head or directly to your home’s water line.

If you would rather let the experts do the job, Amazon offers an expert installation package that includes:

  • Hooking the unit up to your home’s existing plumbing
  • Testing the unit to make sure everything is running smoothly
  • Cleaning up all debris and waste once the job is done

The video below shows you exactly how to install the Bawell Platinum in your home:

Replacement Filters

The two filters only need to be replaced annually.

The 1st-stage filter lasts between 11 to 14.5 months, and the second filter lasts 13 to 17 months.
1st Stage Filter 2nd Stage Filter
Avg. life at 3 gallons a day 17 months 14.5 months
Avg. life at 4 gallons a day 13 months 11 months
Filtration Media Pre-Activated Carbon Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

There’s also an option to use the Bawell 3-Stage External Alkaline Water Ionizer Pre-Filtration System.

What to expect?

We found some common themes in the current Bawell 2195 info. Here are some important points to consider:

  • The Bawell machine is a worthy and more affordable alternative to Kangen water machines
  • The seller is quick to respond and help everyone who has questions about installing the machine.
  • Limited counter space might be a dealbreaker, so be sure to consider the footprint before you buy
  • The onboard pH and ORP meters are accurate
  • Fruits and vegetables are more delicious after soaking them in alkaline water from the machine
  • The machine produces consistently delicious ionized water
  • A charming voice comes from the machine
  • Sturdy construction and careful packaging
  • Easy installation process
  • The machine is made in China, not South Korea or Japan

Bottom Line

The Bawell Platinum 2195 is the smart choice for people who want a premium water ionizer for a lower cost. Again, units on the market can cost four thousand dollars or more. The Bawell Platinum costs less than half of that and comes backed by a lifetime warranty.

There are no additional costs besides the annual filter replacement. Overall, this machine is a winner, though, we prefer Air Water Life models when entering the budget realm of the water ionizer spectrum.