Where to Buy Essentia Water in Bulk (24 Pack) • 2024 Update

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Wondering where to buy Essentia Water in bulk to get the most bang for your buck? Good afternoon, I’m your host, Pete. Today, I’ll share with you everything you need to know about buying Essentia water for the best price on autopilot.

After all, you want to enjoy your alkaline water every day without having to remember to order it every time you run out.

There are two case sizes available to buy Essentia Water in bulk at Amazon:

Where to Buy Essentia Water in Bulk

The best place to buy it in bulk is at Amazon. You’ll most likely get a better price than your local supermarkets offer.

Plus, there’s the option to sign up for a subscription service to avoid the hassle of having to remember to order a new case each time you run out.

You also choose your delivery date to make sure it comes exactly when you want it #ad.

There are several sellers currently at Amazon. The link I shared with you above is the seller I trust.

Essentia Water pH Test

Essentia Water advertises a pH of 9.5 or higher.

Since most people don’t have the spare time or the supplies to test water pH at home, I decided to share this section with you.

Considering the Essentia Water price, it’s a good idea to confirm that they’re actually delivering on what they’re advertising.

Here’s a video of a guy testing Evian, Essentia, Eternal, and his tap water side-by-side:

By looking at his test, it’s easy to tell that Essentia Water had the highest pH. To me, it definitely looks like 9.5 or higher, which confirms that the company is indeed supplying the pH level it advertises.

Some people complained that he used the same fork to stir the glasses. I’ve run a ton of pH tests in my life, and the tiny bit of water on the fork wouldn’t change the results enough to make a difference, especially to the eye.

Is Essentia water good? If one thing is for sure, it’s definitely alkaline with a pH of 9.5 or higher.

If you’re buying it for the high pH, then it’s delivering on its promise.

Essentia Water Ingredients

Now that we’ve confirmed the pH is legit, let’s check out the ingredients in Essentia Water.

Before we do, I want to say that the reason I included Essentia on my list of Top 10 Best Bottled Alkaline Water Brands is that it’s ionized water.

Ionized water is more important to me than alkaline water alone. In fact, most of the alkaline water benefits you’ve probably read or heard about exist because alkaline water is ionized water.

Essentia Water Ingredients:

  1. Reverse osmosis water that’s passed through ultraviolet (UV) light for super purification
  2. Electrolytes
  3. BPA-free plastic bottles

Once the water finishes the purification process, Essentia ionizes the water to remove bitter-tasting acidic ions while maintaining alkaline ions. This is the reason alkaline ionized water tastes so good.

This process is also how they raise the pH to 9.5 before they bottle it, and how the water maintains its pH after they bottle it.

What I like about Essentia is they use BPA-free plastic and raise the pH of their water naturally through ionization or electrolysis.

I’ve seen other brands that simply add minerals to their water to raise the pH, and this isn’t what you want when you invest in a high pH bottled water brand.

It’s important to look for brands that are ionized, and Essentia is one of the few brands on the market producing alkaline ionized water.

Who should drink Alkaline Water?

Everyone can benefit from drinking Essentia Water.

Here are the people who benefit the most:

  • People suffering from acidic conditions including acid reflux, gout, and arthritis
  • Athletes who sweat a lot
  • Active people who require better hydration for improved focus
  • People who live in areas with acidic tap water
  • People with high blood pressure
  • Anyone who wants water that hydrates the human body better than normal water
Important Tip: Young children and babies should not drink Essentia Water because the pH is too high for them. The upper pH limit for normal water is 8.5. Babies who are under 6-months-old shouldn’t drink any water at all.

Here are several additional alkaline water tips you may not have known about:

  • It’s best to avoid drinking alkaline water while eating because it can interfere with digestive stomach acids
  • Avoid drinking it 1/2 hour before and after meals
  • Avoid taking medications with alkaline water because it can make you absorb them faster than normal water
  • It’s best to store alkaline water in a cool, dark place to maintain pH longer

Final Thoughts

The best place to buy Essentia water in bulk is through Amazon.

Click Here #ad to view the current price for a 24 pack of 20 oz. bottles and a 12 pack of 1-liter bottles.

One cool fact you might not have known about Essentia Water is a lot of professional basketball players are drinking it.

The 76ers stock Essentia Water in their practice facility and team plane, and the players love it.

A lot of other players around the league are drinking alkaline water too.

NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard said in an interview with GQ, “I drink a lot of water during the day, but I stay away from certain waters because their pH levels are low. Stick to alkaline waters with a higher pH. Trust me.”

What’s cool is he didn’t name a brand, which tells me he sincerely believes alkaline water is good for people.

The bottom line is alkaline ionized water is healthy, and Essentia Water is one of the few brands selling legit ionized alkaline water.

Buying it in bulk will save you money in the long run and keep you well-hydrated around the clock. It’s a win-win.