Is Core Hydration Water Alkaline? The Proof You Need to See

Last updated Nov 29, 2021

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Is CORE Hydration alkaline water? Are you ready to find out the answer and a whole lot more about this water brand? My CORE Hydration water review answers all of your questions.

Good evening fellow water enthusiast, I’m your host here at AWMS, Pete. It’s been a busy couple of months here at AWMS. I’ve added a ton of helpful alkaline water brand reviews just for you.

AWMS now features all alkaline water products including ionizers, pitchers, countertop systems, and bottled water brands.

In this article, I share with you my complete CORE Hydration water review, a pH test video, the cheapest place to buy it, the complete list of CORE Hydration water ingredients, and of course, my thoughts.

Since you most likely want to know the pH of CORE, let’s start with the pH test.

CORE Hydration Water pH Test

CORE claims to have a “perfect” pH of 7.4. Let’s see if CORE delivers on its pH promise in the video below:

It appears that CORE does indeed have a pH of 7.4.

The question remains: Is CORE Hydration alkaline water? Yes, very slightly alkaline since pH 7 is neutral.

Any pH above 7 is alkaline.

However, CORE has the lowest alkaline pH of all the alkaline water brands I’ve reviewed here at AWMS, and I’ve reviewed a long – and growing – list of brands.

Why does CORE call its pH of 7.4 “perfect”?

Do you know why CORE calls pH 7.4 “perfect”?

Here’s the answer. The normal pH of human blood ranges between 7.35 and 7.45.

CORE’s pH of 7.4 is smack dab in the middle of the normal range. Does that make it better than alkaline water brands with a higher pH? In my opinion, no.


Since most of us eat a diet that tips more toward the acidic side of the pH chart, water with a higher pH helps us find balance.

Water with a pH of 9.5 is what helped me finally and emphatically defeat a case of heartburn that had plagued me daily for months.

The good news is that CORE is alkaline because slightly alkaline water is definitely better than acidic water.

The Best Place to Buy CORE Hydration Water in Bulk

If you can’t find CORE locally, a good place to buy it in bulk is online at Amazon.

Use the links below to check the prices for each case size at Amazon:

CORE Water Ingredients

What are the CORE Hydration water ingredients? One thing I’ve noticed after reviewing a ton of alkaline water brands is that every company uses different ingredients.

Some companies add minerals to boost the pH of their water while other companies rely on electrolysis, similar to the process used by water ionizers.

I recommend always checking the label of a water brand before you buy it to see exactly what’s in it.

List of CORE Hydration Water Ingredients:

  • Reverse osmosis water
  • Calcium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Potassium bicarbonate (electrolyte & mineral sources)
The biggest difference between CORE and other alkaline water brands that sticks out to me is CORE’s use of “chloride” minerals.

The mineral chloride levels found in CORE are safe, but I think it’s still important to note the difference.

Calcium, magnesium, and Potassium are all commonly found in alkaline water brands since they’re essential minerals for health that also happen to be alkaline.

These minerals provide electrolytes that are important for the body, especially for athletes who sweat a lot.

Reverse osmosis filtration is also common for alkaline water brands since it strips water of all its minerals and impurities. Reverse osmosis allows companies to work with blank water before adding their unique mineral blends.

Personally, I like to see companies use reverse osmosis because it does an incredible job of purifying water.

My Review

Now for my CORE Hydration water review. I always like to add my two cents at the end to give you an idea of what I think about an alkaline water brand.

I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything there is to know about more alkaline water brands than 99.9% of people on the planet. Yes, it’s been exhausting, however, now you have all this wonderful free information to save you a bunch of time.


  • CORE’s 7-stage filtration is one of the most thorough I’ve seen of any alkaline water brand. They went the extra mile by using reverse osmosis, carbon, ozonation, and ultraviolet filtration to purify their water. You can be sure you’re buying water that’s free of impurities when you purchase CORE.
  • The water is fluoride-free.
  • The bottles are BPA-free and come with a cap that you can use as a cup.
  • The TDS (total dissolved solids) reading of 82 on CORE’s water quality report is within the acceptable range.
  • I always like to see a company provide a water quality report.
  • The electrolyte blend contains magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
  • The shape of the bottles is pretty awesome too.


  • I prefer water with a higher pH than 7.4. This is only my preference, though. You may find that 7.4 is enough for you.
  • CORE boosts the pH of its water with minerals instead of using electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process used by home water ionizers to make alkaline ionized water. I’m partial to ionized water since it’s what I drink every day, and it consistently makes me feel more energized than I’ve felt in years.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I give CORE Hydration water a thumbs up.

I have yet to see another company go to as great of lengths as CORE does to purify its water. I love to see that because the purity of water is even more important than pH.