Where to Buy Alkaline Water in Glass Bottles ~ (2024 Guide)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Are you thirsty for natural alkaline water in glass bottles? Prepare to have your thirst quenched by our expert guide. In this article, you’ll discover where to buy alkaline water in glass bottles, why glass bottles are the preferred choice for storing alkaline water, and other bite-sized bits of knowledge that’ll enhance the way you enjoy water daily.

In a world that’s flooded with plastic water bottles, it’s nearly impossible to find a reliable glass-bottled alkaline water source. Luckily, there’s a way to turn normal filtered water and tap water into delicious alkaline water in a glass bottle. Sounds delicious, right?

Let’s start with your best options.

Where to Buy Alkaline Water in Glass Bottles

At the time of this writing, there are no popular alkaline water brands selling alkaline water in glass bottles. However, there are better options. The first option is a double-wall glass alkaline water filter bottle:

ph hydrate glass alkaline water filter bottleI don’t typically recommend alkaline water filter bottles that rely on mineral bags to boost water pH, but this bottle is awesome. It’s an innovation in the alkaline water bottle department and sold by a reputable company.

Here are the highlights and features of the pH Hydrate water bottle by Invigorated Water:

  • Folding Steel-Loop Handle and Bamboo Lid
  • Food-grade double-wall borosilicate glass for a condensation-free drinking experience
  • Easy-Grip Silicone Sleeve
  • pH ON-THE-GO mineral filter bags reduce contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, mercury, copper, arsenic, lead, and other nasties
  • Essential minerals zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, and others boost pH to a healthy alkaline level
  • Food-Grade Stainless Steel Filter Housing
  • Filter Life: 16 gallons or 300 cups
  • Available in 10.5 oz or 14 oz sizes
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

What to expect?

Here’s what I concluded:

  • The larger 14 oz size is the way to go
  • It is possible to break it by dropping it, though, it is durable
  • The water quality is more than satisfying
  • A pH boost to a healthy 8.5 can be expected
  • The silicone sleeve provides a sure grip and extra protection against breaking

Storing Alkaline Water in Glass Bottles

If you’re here because you want to know whether storing alkaline water in glass bottles is a good idea, then you’re in the right place. If you already own a water ionizer or another type of alkaline water filter, you may be wondering the best way to store it.

An airtight glass bottle such as a flip-top mason jar and the pH Hydrate bottle above are excellent options. The key is to minimize air exposure because exposing alkaline ionized water to air can reduce antioxidants.

We recommend filling your glass bottle to the top and storing it inside your fridge. The bkr glass water bottle is a wonderful option for storing ionized or alkaline water:

How to Turn Filtered Water into Alkaline Water

Do you like the bkr water bottle? There’s a way to turn your existing filtered water into alkaline water using the bkr water bottle. The easiest way to raise the pH of your filtered water is with alkaline water drops or alkaline water sticks.

These are examples of drops and sticks:

I did the math, and the alkaline water stick above will fit through the opening in the bkr water bottle.

Glass Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The final option is a glass alkaline water filter pitcher. This type of pitcher is similar to a Brita, except the filter makes delicious alkaline water, and the pitcher is made of glass instead of plastic.

Our current glass pick on our list of top 10 best alkaline water filter pitchers is the Dafi pitcher:

glass alkaline water pitcher

A second option is the pH Replenish pitcher by Invigorated Water (the same company that makes the pH Hydrate bottle):

ph replenish alkaline glass filter pitcher

If I had to choose between the two pitchers above, I would choose the Dafi because the filter is more powerful.

The pH Replenish pitcher relies on the mineral filter bag to remove impurities while the Dafi filter contains activated carbon and ion-exchange resin for more effective removal of water contaminants.

The pH Hydrate bottle is a better product than the pH Replenish pitcher.

Final Thoughts

As of now, these are your best options for buying alkaline water in glass bottles. You may be able to find a local dealer or small distributor who sells bottled alkaline water in glass instead of plastic.

Top alkaline water brands including Essentia and Icelandic Glacial most likely won’t be offering glass bottle options anytime soon. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is to sell bulk bottled water in glass instead of plastic. Shipping alone would be a nightmare.

The good news is that all reputable bottled alkaline water brands use BPA-Free recyclable plastic. The biggest drawback is it’s still plastic, and the Earth has more than enough plastic waste already.

The options in this article give you the ability to make, store, and bring your own alkaline water with you anywhere. They also help to reduce plastic waste and save you money compared to buying alkaline water in bulk.