Where to Buy Alkaline Water in Bulk? Surprise!

Last updated Nov 28, 2021

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You may be wondering where to buy alkaline water in bulk? Well if you are, this is the perfect article for you.

By the time you finish reading our article, you’ll know the best possible next move.

First, let’s take a look at the quick answer to this question.

We should answer this question with a question.

Why would we want to buy alkaline water in bulk?

It seems like a good idea if you’re already receiving water deliveries at home, right?

Why not upgrade to receive alkaline water instead?

Well, there are several reasons why you should avoid buying alkaline ionized water in bulk altogether.

However, if you’re new to ionized water and want to try it before investing in a water ionizer, our list of the best alkaline water brands is the right place to get started.

Reasons You Should Avoid Buying Alkaline Water in Bulk

The main reason you should skip buying alkaline ionized water in bulk is that it comes in clear plastic bottles that have been sitting around for who knows how long – perhaps in the blazing sun.

That’s how that gross plastic taste often invades bottled water.

Also, ionized water degrades when it sits in a plastic bottle.

If you must drink your ionized water from a plastic bottle, make sure the plastic is 100% BPA-free.

By the time the water arrives at your home, it’s no longer freshly ionized water.

The whole point of drinking alkaline ionized water is to drink it while it’s fresh.

Understanding Negative ORP

Many of the benefits you experience once you start drinking alkaline ionized water stem from ORP, not from the alkaline pH.

Drinking water with an alkaline pH may help to neutralize acidity, but negative ORP water is what gives ionized water antioxidant potential.

There are scientific studies where people experienced major relief of abdominal and intestinal issues by drinking high alkaline water with a negative ORP.

What is ORP?

The ORP value of water is measured in millivolts or mV.

When your tap water goes through an alkaline water machine or water ionizer, the platinum-coated titanium plates in the machine make an electrical current in the water.

The process is called electrolysis or electrodialysis.

Don’t worry, it’s a weak current.

The water dispensed from a water ionizer has a high negative ORP value.

Good ionizers have a maximum negative ORP rating of -800 mV or lower.

Why do you want to drink negative ORP water?

ORP is a reading of the water’s antioxidant potential.

For example, if you drink water with an ORP of -400 mV, it has less antioxidant potential than water with an ORP of -700 mV.

The Problem with Positive ORP Water

Most of the water we drink from the tap and even from bottled sources has a positive ORP value, which has the opposite effect of negative ORP water.

Water with a positive ORP causes oxidation.

Most tap water has an ORP of +200 mV to +600 mV.

Oxidation is what occurs when metal rusts or a piece of fruit turns brown after it’s been cut and sits in the open air.

Alkaline Water in Asia (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines)

You may be thinking that alkaline water is another health fad, but think about this.

I lived in Taiwan, the Philippines, and other Asian countries.

In each of those countries, alkaline ionized water is sold in the 7-Eleven and just about every convenience store.

Would a First World country allow snake oil to be sold in every convenience store? No way!

Japanese studies have concluded that alkaline water may have real benefits.

Now, in the US, ionized water is being sold in most convenience stores and grocery stores.

ORP Value and Buying Alkaline Water in Bulk

Now that you know what ORP is, let’s talk about what happens when you buy alkaline ionized water in bulk.

Keep in mind, the quicker you drink ionized water once it comes out of the ionizer the better.

So, what happens is the negative ORP diminishes as the water sits on the shelf in a plastic bottle.

When you buy alkaline water in bulk, you don’t get the same negative ORP as when the water was fresh from the ionizer.

The Better Option

Instead of spending big money on alkaline water in bulk, read the alkaline water machine reviews here on our site.

We spent countless hours researching the top water ionizer brands to develop our free guides.

There are good budget options for first-time owners that cost around $500.

Should you buy from a local vendor?

It may seem like a smart choice to buy from a local vendor.

Maybe they will deliver the water in 5-gallon plastic jugs.

The problem is that you will once again have the water sitting around for too long to get the max negative ORP value.

Leading Asian researchers have already concluded that ORP is more important than an alkaline pH.

It’s actually a bad idea to drink water with too high of a pH.

Most ionizer companies recommend starting with a low-alkaline pH between 7 and 8 to allow your body to adjust.

The point is that it’s important to focus on ORP, not just the pH of the water you buy from a vendor or bottled water company.

The Best pH to Start With

When you begin drinking alkaline water, it’s best to start with a pH of 8.0 or 8.5 maximum.

You will slowly work your way up to drinking pH 9.5 water.

The key is to be patient and allow your body to adjust to the new water.

One downside to buying alkaline water in bulk is that you can’t control the pH of your water.

Since you’re being sold a single pH, you might need to jump from brand to brand.

Also, there’s no reason for children to drink high pH water.

When you have an ionizer, you control the pH level to suit everyone in your family.

Additionally, most bottled alkaline water brands list a pH range, so you don’t always know exactly what you’re getting.

If you own an ionizer, you take the guesswork out of measuring and knowing your water’s pH.

The reason bottled water companies list a pH range is that they don’t always know how long the water will sit in the bottle and the distributor’s storage practices.

Other Options

If you’re not quite ready to buy an alkaline water machine, there are other alkaline water solutions that are better than buying in bulk.

Take some time to get acquainted with alkaline water filter pitchers, dispensers, RO systems, and filter bottles featured here on our site.

We already put in the time to review a long list of alkaline water products and filters to lead you in the right direction.

Plus, there are ways to remineralize your water to boost pH if you already have a water filtration system installed in your home.

When filtered water passes through mineral filter cartridges, it absorbs natural alkaline minerals including calcium and magnesium to boost pH.

Lastly, the best way to store ionized water is inside a container that’s both lightproof and airtight.

Our preferred choice for storage is a double-wall vacuum-sealed stainless steel bottle.

Final Thoughts

Next time you ask yourself where to buy alkaline water in bulk, think twice about your decision.

A lot of people who are new to alkaline water focus only on pH without knowing what ORP is.

Now that you know the importance of ORP and the antioxidant potential in ionized water, you have a better understanding of why people drink alkaline ionized water.

Having said that, we drink bottled alkaline water while traveling or on the go for the sake of convenience.

Also, it’s a wise choice for first-time alkaline water drinkers to see what they think before investing in an alkaline water filter or water ionizer.