How to Choose the Best Alkaline Water Stick • (2021 Reviews)

Last updated Jan 12, 2021

Now that most of the world is aware of the health benefits of alkaline water, there are all types of products popping up that claim to turn regular drinking water into alkaline ionized water. One of these new products is the alkaline water stick. In today’s article, I share my expert alkaline water sticks review.

Are these sticks the real deal or a total waste of money?

One important note I must add before we dive into the review is that alkaline water alone is not what gives us all the juicy health benefits of drinking alkaline water. The key to alkaline water is that it’s ionized by alkaline water machines or water ionizers.

The ionization process is what turns normal, slightly-acidic drinking water into an antioxidant, anti-aging powerhouse.

With that quick note out of the way, let’s test the trustworthiness of alkaline water sticks.

What is an alkaline water stick?

An alkaline water stick is a metal stick with mesh openings that houses minerals including tourmaline, water-soluble calcium carbonate, coral fossil, and black stone.

To make your drinking water alkaline, you insert the stick into your water bottle, shake vigorously, then allow the stick to stay submerged several minutes before removing it from the bottle.

The alkaline minerals inside the stick raise the pH of your water to a more alkaline pH. This part I believe to be true.

However, the product page goes the extra mile, claiming that these sticks “micro-cluster” water molecules, increase the negative ORP to boost antioxidant levels and oxygenate the water.

I have trouble believing that all that magic happens in the absence of a premium water ionizer. If that were the case, there would be lab test results showing that these water sticks can do the job of an alkaline water machine.

Do I think they safely raise the pH of your water? Yes, to a degree. Although, you don’t want to overdo your mineral intake either.

An alkaline water machine doesn’t add minerals to your source water. The ionization process strips away acidic minerals while creating antioxidant-rich water. True ionization requires electricity.

Alkaline Water Stick Benefits

  • They are great for travel when you can’t bring your water ionizer with you.
  • The minerals can reduce the chlorine odor found in tap water.
  • Each stick can alkalize roughly 800 liters of water.
  • Customer pH tests prove the sticks do raise water pH.
  • They are quite affordable compared to a water ionizer.

Alkaline Water Stick Cons

  • Inconsistent pH readings
  • Several users reported they didn’t like the taste.
  • Fewer antioxidants than a water ionizer can produce
  • The need to remove the stick from your bottle each time you want to alkalize your water
  • Unclear whether these sticks provide real health benefits

The Best Alkaline Water Stick Brands

Below, are the four most popular brands of alkaline water sticks with the most positive reviews. The EHM alkaline hydrogen portable water ionizer stick is currently the most popular and appears to be the best stick currently available.

HailiCare Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer Stick

Santevia Water Systems Power Water Stick

EHM Alkaline Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick

Nano Energy Stick

The EHM alkaline water stick claims to boost molecular hydrogen, which is a feature available only in the most premium alkaline water machines I’ve researched including Life Ionizers, Tyent, and Kangen Water.

Alkaline Water Stick Reviews

Now let’s take a look at what current users are saying about their water sticks. First, I’ll share the positive reviews:

  • One person prefers using the stick over alkaline water drops or powders.
  • Another reviewer reported a boost in pH after testing the water. The same user called the stick “perfect for travel.”
  • One owner reported a “great taste.”
  • Another stick owner is happy to be saving money by using the stick instead of buying bottled alkaline water.
  • One man has been giving his diabetic cat alkaline water using this stick and has noticed improvements in the cat’s health.
  • It “still works great” after several months of use.
  • One woman reported a pH of 8.8 after using the stick.
  • Another woman uses it while she travels to supplement her Kangen at home, and she gave the stick a 5-star review.

Next, let’s check out the negative reviews:

  • A verified owner said the water tastes “awful,” and the pH strips didn’t show a boost in pH level.
  • One woman reported no benefit in enhancing the taste of her water.
  • A couple of users left the stick submerged in water for 8+ hours and found no difference in pH using pH strips (which aren’t as accurate as digital pH meters).

After reading through the reviews, I’ve concluded the taste is certainly not for everyone.

As for raising the pH, I think it really depends on your tap water pH. It seems that most people reported a boost in pH while a handful of users reported no difference in pH using pH test strips.

I’d like to see a digital pH meter reading before and after to confirm whether the pH shifted.

Overall, I think these alkaline water sticks are decent to use for travel or outside the house, but there are better long-term alkaline water solutions.

Better Alternatives

If you’re looking for a budget alternative to an alkaline water machine, a better option than the water stick is a quality alkaline water filter pitcher.

Read my detailed EHM water pitcher review to get a better idea.

If you currently own a reverse osmosis water filtration system, there are remineralization cartridges available to make reverse osmosis water alkaline since the reverse osmosis filtration process makes drinking water slightly acidic.

Also, check my top 10 list of best alkaline water brands.

And last but not least, my list of best-rated alkaline water machines is very helpful for choosing the best water ionizer and learning all the most important information about alkaline ionized water.

There are also several ways to make homemade alkaline water with lemon, apple cider vinegar or coconut. Stay tuned for my upcoming articles that explain the process for each of the three ingredients!

Bottom Line

In my opinion, alkaline water sticks are good to have in a pinch or for short-term travel, but as I mentioned earlier, they’re not great long-term alkaline water solutions.

Instead, choose a quality alkaline water pitcher or do more research on a water ionizer to see if one is right for you.

You can also test if alkaline ionized water is right for you by ordering a few cases online from trusted brands such as Essentia water.

Cheers to good health!

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