The Best Alkaline Drops for Drinking Water (2024 Review Guide)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Good evening fellow alkaline water enthusiasts, I’m your host, Pete. In today’s article, I review alkaline water drops that are used to raise the pH of drinking water. There are several pros and cons to using these drops to make your body more alkaline naturally.

I will explain how these drops can be useful and share with you the best alkaline water drops you can buy online.

What are alkaline water drops?

First, let’s see what’s actually in these drops that raise the pH of our drinking water. After all, we want to make sure we know what we’re putting into our bodies here.

Are these drops safe for us to consume?

The following brand uses trace minerals and fruit extracts in its product:

The company uses a watermelon lime flavor with minerals including potassium and magnesium to safely raise the pH of your favorite beverages.

These drops are great for coffee or tea, which can be acidic.

One positive review noted that the flavor of the drops is unnoticeable in coffee. That’s good news for coffee drinkers.

Another popular brand is Alkalife pH Booster Drops.

The company claims to be the original pH booster drops and uses a patented formula.

Each bottle of Alkalife makes approximately 360 glasses of water, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Similar to pH10 Max, Alkalife also uses minerals including potassium to boost the pH of water.

Next up are Alkazone alkaline booster drops with antioxidants. These drops also have great feedback and use a similar formula to the two brands above.

The fourth brand with positive feedback is produced by the company HealthyWiser.

These four brands are the best alkaline water drops currently available online.

Pros and Cons of pH Booster Drops

Now, let’s go over the pros and cons of using these drops to make your body more alkaline at home.

I think of these drops as more of a supplement to my alkaline regime than the main ingredient.

Check out the chart below to get some ideas of how you can use these drops:

  • Raise the pH of acidic beverages like coffee
  • Leave a bottle at work
  • Perfect for travel
  • Easy to store in your gym bag to use after or during your workout
  • The leakproof bottle can be stored in a purse
  • Helps cover your daily mineral needs
  • Great for heartburn sufferers
  • Cost-efficient
  • Better hydration
  • Antioxidant boost
  • Natural detoxification
  • Should not be consumed throughout the day, unlike normal alkaline ion water
  • Some people may notice the flavor
  • Not as healthy as ionized water from an alkaline water machine
  • Putting drops in every glass of water can become tedious
  • It may require some testing to get the pH right

My Two Cents

While I do think these drops are great for a quick alkaline boost, I prefer to drink alkaline ionized water throughout the day without the use of these drops.

I don’t want to overdo my mineral intake. In my opinion, it’s better to drink alkaline ion water throughout the day to make my body alkaline naturally.

Alkaline Drops Benefits and Side Effects

The greatest benefit is the low cost of the drops. These are a great way for people who are just starting out with the alkaline lifestyle to get their feet wet.

Many current users have successfully boosted their acidic tap water and Brita filtered water with just a few of these drops.

The drops are safe to use, although overuse could lead to side effects due to the high mineral content. It’s best to use them in moderation as instructed on the label to avoid any adverse side effects.

As always, you should check with your doctor if you have any questions or worries about adding these drops to your diet.

Several heartburn sufferers have noted a positive effect on their heartburn after using these drops.

Active people can also use these drops to boost their energy before going to the gym. If you don’t have an alkaline water machine, you can boost the pH in your water bottle to drink alkaline water while working out. This way, you will recover faster after a hard workout and avoid muscle soreness.

The drops also make a great addition to your daily detox regimen. The natural minerals in the drops gently aid your body’s natural detoxification processes, which means you feel better throughout the day.

More Options

There is currently a three-pack of Alkazone drops available at Amazon #ad:

If you’re a fan of Swanson products, here are the Swanson pH booster drops at Amazon #ad:

You may also want to pick up a set of pH tester strips #ad. This way you can figure out exactly how many drops to use per glass of water:

Bottom Line

Since you are serious about living the alkaline lifestyle and removing harmful acidity in your body that can lead to all types of nasty ailments, these drops should be in your arsenal.

The critical thing to remember is not to overdo these drops. They are made to be portable and used outside your home or in a pinch. They don’t replace an alkaline water machine or the best bottled alkaline water.

Don’t forget to check out loads of additional methods to make your body alkaline naturally throughout my entire site. I’ve spent countless hours compiling the best and healthiest alkaline water solutions for you and your family. There are options for every budget and every situation.