Does the Berkey Water Filter System Make Water Alkaline?

Last updated Feb 7, 2022

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The Big Berkey water filter is one of the most popular filtration systems in the world because of its versatility and amazing features, but does it make water alkaline? In today’s article, I’ll answer that question and more because the answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no.

The video below shows why the Berkey is so popular: the filters in the Berkey can turn almost any water source into clean potable water.

Ever since the recent influx of natural disasters, people have begun playing it safer than ever by investing in a Big Berkey water filter #ad or something similar.

Here at Alkaline Water Machine Source, we believe that the healthiest water in the world is alkaline ionized water.

It’s helped me immensely in my battle against chronic fatigue and a nasty case of acid reflux that retreated completely once I began drinking alkaline water.

Is Berkey Water Alkaline?

I read over all the details listed on the Berkey site and saw nothing mentioned about the pH of their water.

They’re not in the business of selling alkaline water. Instead, they focus on selling the most powerful water filter in the world that can purify almost any water source.

Berkey systems are used by campers, survivalists, fishermen, hunters, travelers, and families everywhere.

The systems are meant to be portable.

Since I couldn’t find any information about the pH of the filtered water, I dug through current Berkey water filter info.

pH Test Results

Most of the results available show results between 7.5 and 9 pH. The end result depends on the pH of your tap water.

Keep in mind, neutral pH is 7, and most municipal water tests at near this level.

My Thoughts on Berkey pH

After reading through the current info, I concluded that the Berkey filter does slightly raise the pH of tap water, but it does not produce consistent results.

For this reason, I recommend the Big Berkey to people who aren’t concerned about raising the pH of their drinking water above 8.

In another article, I explain the best pH level for drinking water in more detail. big berkey water filter system review

What I love about the Berkey are its customer service marks, versatility, large tank, and filtered water test results.

The Big Berkey is the real deal when it comes to producing safe clean water for you and your family.

I read in one article that Berkey uses military-grade filters to remove bacteria, parasites, and other harmful organisms that could be lurking in your source water.

Personally, I prefer drinking vibrant alkaline ion water for the many health benefits I experience, and the Berkey does not ionize water.

I’m also a firm believer in the importance of removing fluoride from our drinking water. The Berkey does a great job of removing fluoride.

Berkey pH Solutions

Yes, the Berkey does raise the pH of your water, but you may want to give your water an extra boost with alkaline minerals.

The beauty of the Berkey is its large tank. You can easily pour water from the Berkey into an alkaline water pitcher or alkaline water bottle to raise the pH. The former allows you to store the water in your refrigerator while the latter gives you clean alkaline water on the go.

Last week, I reviewed two alkaline water filter pitchers. Read my full Seychelle water filter review for more info.

Berkey also offers their own line of alkaline water pitchers, click here #ad to check them out.

As for the alkaline water bottle, there are products available that use mineral cartridges to charge your water with alkaline trace minerals, e.g., calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

I love getting more of these minerals in my body because they help me recover faster after a hard workout or a busy day.

However, I only recommend using one of these with Berkey filtered water, reverse osmosis water, or distilled water because tap water already has enough minerals in it.

I prefer to drink from a glass or a stainless steel bottle, even if a plastic option is BPA-free. The insulation in the bottle above will keep your water cool while you’re on the go.

Bottom Line

The answer to the question does Berkey make water alkaline? Yes. However, there is no guarantee it will be.

You also can’t count on experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of alkaline ionized water or getting loads of anti-aging antioxidants in every glass of water you drink.

I started this site as an alkaline water machine review site, and it’s already grown into so much more. In my opinion, the Big Berkey is a great choice for someone with very poor tap water or someone who wants to filter water while enjoying the great outdoors.

The best combination will always be an alkaline water ionizer machine and a YETI cup. These two products will stand the test of time.

To read more about the Big Berkey and see all of Berkey’s products, click here #ad.