25 Science-Backed Alkaline Water Benefits for a Happier You

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Over the past few years, people have become more curious about alkaline water benefits. Are they real? There’s a ton of buzz around the healing effects it may or may not have on serious illnesses.

Since serious illnesses affect families around the world, people often reach for products or technology that can help them prevent or reverse disease naturally.

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There’s also a lot of talk in the fitness world about alkaline water and weight loss.

We all love the thought of burning stubborn fat without stepping foot in the gym. Not all of us have time to spend countless hours in the gym when we have families who come first.

Below, I put together an inspiring list of the most promising health benefits of alkaline water with scientific evidence sprinkled in to give you a clear picture of what you should expect when you buy a water ionizer to protect you and your family’s health.

Be sure to read them all to discover how you and your loved ones can benefit. People all over the world are reporting amazing healing stories that aren’t going unnoticed.

First, let’s start with a quote by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg:

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the list:

1. Save Your Hard-Earned Money

Are you paying for water filters that barely get the job done – if at all? I know I’ve used cheap water pitcher filters (I don’t want to name names), and the water always tasted like junk.

Then, there is the problem of buying filtered water in plastic bottles. Modern research has proven that drinking out of plastic containers can harm our health.

Do you want to spend money on expensive bottled water that is stored in a plastic container for an unknown length of time?

The bottle could have been cooking in the heat of a shipping truck or in the hot sun, which can lead to unwanted chemicals in your water.

There is also evidence that the plastic used to manufacture commercial water bottles could increase cancer risk.

In conclusion, it’s best to avoid paying for cheap filters and plastic bottles that can increase the risk of serious illnesses.

Instead, purchase a borosilicate glass bottle that is reusable and will never put chemicals into your precious drinking water. You can go a step further by making sure the cap is non-toxic, BPA-free, and BPS-free.

A borosilicate glass bottle and water ionizer is the ultimate health goal we all want to achieve.

2. Reap the Benefits of Antioxidants in Every Glass

Us health-savvy individuals know how critical antioxidants are for slowing the aging process and boosting our overall well-being.

Antioxidants go to work in our bodies to make sure harmful oxidizing agents don’t damage our organs. For example, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that we must all get from food to survive.

Well, good news, ionized water provides your body with antioxidants in every glass you drink. When you stay committed to drinking it, your body will pay you back in spades.

It’s simple, more antioxidants equals less aging.

3. Round the Clock Immune Boost

If we go back to the quote at the beginning of the article by Dr. Otto Warburg, who won The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1931, he stated that no disease “can exist in an alkaline environment.”

A person doesn’t need a Nobel Prize to figure out that drinking more ionized water helps us create the “alkaline environment” we need to prevent disease.

When your immune system gets a boost, your energy levels skyrocket. Imagine a huge weight being lifted off the shoulders of your immune system.

Less gravity equals a more efficient immune system and a happier you. Less sick days during the year is only one of the many benefits of drinking alkaline water.

4. Cancer Prevention and Treatment

One of the more controversial benefits is ionized water’s potential ability to prevent or reverse cancer.

There is currently not enough scientific evidence to prove this theory, but would producers of the most profitable medications in the world want people to heal from drinking water alone? The short answer is no.

Wealthy pharmaceutical companies have no plans to fund a comprehensive study of alkaline water to conclude whether it has a positive effect on cancer or can completely reverse it.

Furthermore, these companies with a lot of pull can easily plant info on the internet to discredit ionized water at every turn.

People want to know: Can cancer cells survive in an alkaline environment?

There is anecdotal evidence. It’s up to you whether you want to believe the people who have stepped forward to tell their stories of how ionized water helped to save their lives.

5. Reverse Harmful Acidity in the Body

clear up acid reflux with alkaline water

While this is an obvious benefit, it’s no less important than the rest of the points on my list. No one wants to deal with acidity on a daily basis. It can lead to pain, low energy, and the dreaded acid reflux that can derail our lives for days on end if we don’t get ahead of it.

Believe me, I fought acid reflux caused by medication before I discovered the healing power of high pH ionized water.

Raising the pH of your blood also makes life easier for your kidneys. When your kidneys are able to easily filter out the toxins in your body, you experience increased energy, focus, and a more positive outlook.

Have you ever felt sick or tired and not known why? This was me for years and years until I found balance.

6. Hydrate Faster

There are two main reasons why alkaline water hydrates your body quicker. One, the size of the water molecules are smaller, making them easier for your body to absorb.

And two, alkaline water contains minerals that help your body do its job and improve circulation.

Better circulation is exactly what most of us need to continue completing the same tasks we were able to do during our more youthful days.

Ionized water can help you get back in the gym and keep your body in great shape deeper into your life, which improves your well-being on countless levels.

7. Treat Diabetes

A lot of diabetes sufferers want to know: is alkaline water good for diabetes? Unfortunately, there’s not currently enough research to give a definitive answer.

However, there’s anecdotal evidence to back up the benefits for diabetes sufferers. Doctors in Asian countries – including Japan – are currently using ionized water to help diabetes sufferers.

Let’s go back to number five on my list, remember, alkaline water can help your kidneys function better.

There’s a post on diabetes.co.uk written by a person who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and later discovered alkaline water therapy in Japan.

8. Clear Common Skin Conditions Including Psoriasis

Psoriasis and eczema affect millions of people around the world. According to Neosporin.com, approximately 35 million people suffer from eczema in the U.S. alone!

I personally used to suffer from psoriasis and finding relief is tricky. Well, psoriasis and pH balance could be linked. The pH of psoriatic skin is often acidic, and many people believe that excess acidity in the body can aggravate psoriasis and even cause leaky gut syndrome.

Medications only work temporarily but never get to the root of the problem. Since adding more alkaline water and natural, organic foods to my diet, I have been able to avoid another bout of psoriasis for quite some time.

Even my long-time dandruff problem that seemed impossible to fix has been kept to a minimum. I’ve actually stopped using shampoo altogether and begun using chamomile and sulfur soap.

A quick search for “alkaline water and psoriasis” lists several reports written by people who effectively treated stubborn psoriasis.

I know from experience that some foods trigger psoriasis flare-ups, despite medical articles claiming that there is no exact reason for a psoriasis flare-up.

Remember, prevention is more profitable than cure.

9. Enhance Your Weight Loss Program

alkaline water benefits weight loss

We all love to burn fat by any means possible. The best part about a healthy weight loss plan is that it attacks stubborn, hard-to-burn fat from every angle.

One easy way to use water to burn fat is to drink more cold water. Our bodies use calories to warm the water, and what’s better than burning calories while relaxing?

This study tested the effects of alkaline water on four obese people, and they all reported weight loss.

What’s better for the health community than scientific evidence to discredit the masses who work to bury ionized water benefits?

10. Add a Mighty Weapon to Your Daily Detox

In the toxic world that we live in today, you need all the weapons you can get to detox the harmful chemicals that enter your body every day.

Let’s face it, the world’s population is only getting bigger, and we must work together to make sure that harmful emissions don’t destroy the entire planet. We already know that alkaline water has antioxidants that seek and destroy the free radicals that damage our bodies.

Imagine drinking as many cups of antioxidant-rich green tea as you’d like without having to ingest all the caffeine. With ionized water, you can drink it all day and give your body around the clock nourishment to cleanse your major organs without the caffeine.

In the end, your liver and kidneys will thank you for helping them do their jobs.

11. Enjoy the Best Tasting Water Right in Your Home

Aside from the health benefits, how lovely is it to enjoy a delicious glass of ice-cold water out of a non-toxic glass? The image in my head right now is heavenly.

It’s your right to spoil yourself and your family with the best-tasting water. In Asia, people are already catching onto the fact that alkaline water tastes better.

I’ve lived in Taiwan, and every 7-Eleven stocks water with pH 9 and other alkaline water brands. My favorite brand won an award for best taste. I drank it the whole time I lived in Taiwan.

12. Save Precious Time and Energy

Instead of lugging large plastic water bottles back home from the grocery store or having to constantly buy a new water filter, you can extend the life of your filter with an alkaline water machine.

One of the ionizers I reviewed uses a single carbon filter, and it filters over 1,050 gallons before it needs to be changed! That’s clean water for over a year with only one filter. Does your current water filter do that?

When you install a water ionizer inside your home, you only need to change the filter once a year. What’s better than that? Everyone agrees that water is the most critical ingredient in our lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be here right now.

Save your precious time and energy by living the alkaline water lifestyle. It may seem minuscule at first, but after years of use, you will save hours upon hours of your and your family’s valuable time.

Just imagine all the wonderful projects you will finally get done or extra priceless family time you will share with your loved ones.

13. Wash Fruits and Vegetables with Alkaline Water

wash fruits and veggies with alkaline water

This is one of my favorite alkaline water benefits that not many people think about. High pH water does an amazing job of cleaning off toxic pesticide residues from the fruits and vegetables we eat.

I know, It’s not always possible to buy organic – which is not your fault – but with a water ionizer, you can clean your nutritious fruits and veggies with high-quality water.

I love eating lettuce and dark salad greens after rinsing with alkaline water without worrying about what the tap may have added to my salad.

Not everyone has a salad spinner to remove all the water from their greens. With high pH water, there’s no need to remove the water.

14. Banish That Pesky Case of Acid Reflux

Can drinking alkaline water get rid of acid reflux? A few years ago, for the first time in my life, I began experiencing acid reflux. I traced the cause back to a course of antibiotics that I had taken to clear up a throat infection.

Anyone who has ever experienced a painful bout of acid reflux knows how debilitating it can be. It’s impossible to think when there’s a volcanic eruption flowing from your stomach into your throat.

Common sense tells us that neutralizing the acid with alkaline water is a great way to beat the unpleasant symptoms of acid reflux.

Tums certainly isn’t the healthiest option, and that’s where alkaline water swoops in to save the day. High pH water neutralizes the acid lingering in your throat, and unlike heartburn medications, it can be taken safely throughout the day.

Here’s the science for all the science geeks out there (I’m one of them): human pepsin is a big part of the cause of physical damage due to acid reflux. Pepsin hides in the throat and can survive in a slightly alkaline environment. That’s why tap water won’t due to the trick.

Laboratory tests concluded that water with a pH of 8.8 neutralizes pepsin.

15. Boost Oxygen Levels in the Bloodstream

The health benefits of increased oxygen levels in the blood are almost endless. Every cell in the human body needs oxygen to convert (or metabolize) the food we eat to give us energy.

An increase in oxygen leads to the more effective use of nutrients throughout the body. When our bodies operate more efficiently, our energy levels increase.

How many times have you heard someone you know or a coworker complain about having no energy?

You’re probably wondering right now, does alkaline water have more oxygen?

Let’s look at how alkaline water boosts oxygen levels in the body. The doctor in the video below explains the process.

To summarize, alkaline water aids hemoglobin in the process of transporting oxygen to cells throughout the body. On the other side of the coin, acidity can restrict hemoglobin, and that can lead to sickness.

16. Reduce Brain Fog

Earlier in my article (#6), I explained how alkaline water hydrates the human body faster. In the video above, the doctor explains how alkaline water boosts oxygen levels in the bloodstream by assisting hemoglobin.

When your brain is able to stay hydrated, you experience less brain fog, hence the precise reason why alkaline water can reduce brain fog.

I know when I suffered from symptoms of chronic fatigue – and still do at times – the brain fog was one of the most difficult symptoms to reverse, and it’s debilitating.

When I have a nasty case of brain fog, I feel like I am operating at 50% or less. Ionized water helps keep my engine running smoothly, which has decreased the length and number of brain fog episodes I experience.

17. Soothe an Upset Stomach

Drinking a glass of alkaline water boosts the pH in the stomach, despite what the naysayers believe. There was an argument saying that stomach acids neutralize alkaline water the moment it enters the stomach. This argument was proven wrong by science.

A Japanese study with six volunteers found that high pH water safely raised the pH in each person’s stomach.

In another study, twenty-five volunteers who had digestive problems including chronic diarrhea, constipation, acid indigestion, and other stomach conditions drank pH 9.5 water for two weeks.

In the end, 88% of people reported feeling better. Researchers also tested the subjects’ stools and noted an improvement in stool quality.

18. Reduce Arthritis pain

People all over the world suffer from arthritis, and the condition can be severe enough to be debilitating for some people.

The question we want to focus on: Does alkaline water help with inflammation? Also, does an alkaline diet help arthritis?

The main cause of arthritis is acidosis in the tissues. This means there is harmful acidity in arthritis sufferers’ bodies. If an arthritis sufferer raises the pH in the damaged tissue, they can say goodbye to pain.

Arthritis sufferers can suffer for years on end with painful arthritis symptoms by failing to address the underlying cause, acidosis. It’s not their fault either.

Watch one man’s testimonial below:

One mistake new water ionizer owners make is to attempt and raise the body’s pH too quickly. It’s important to gradually raise the body’s pH for effective removal of arthritis symptoms.

19. Healthier Teeth and Gums

Acidic beverages are known to damage tooth enamel (the reason why I began drinking all my loose green tea through a Bombilla straw). It only makes sense that rinsing the mouth with alkaline water would reduce harmful acidity in your mouth.

Reducing harmful acidity in your mouth leads to less of a chance of getting cavities. Swishing with alkaline water can also have a positive effect on gum disease.

Use water from your ionizer to brush your teeth instead of the acidic water from your tap. When the pH of your saliva reaches 5.5 or less, you begin to experience erosion of precious enamel that doesn’t grow back.

I began brushing my teeth in Taiwan with pH 9 water from the 7-Eleven and noticed that my teeth appeared whiter. The overall health of my mouth also improved.

20. Take Alkaline Diet Recipes to the Next Level

A lot of people battling chronic illnesses are beginning to experiment with an alkaline diet and finding relief with easy alkaline recipes. Vegan alkaline recipes are also on the rise because of the growing population of vegetarians.

What better way to be sure the dish is alkaline than by using alkaline water to prepare it?

With a water ionizer, you kickstart the alkaline water benefits from your recipes by using your ionizer to prepare your meals.

21. Improve Quality of Sleep

improve sleep quality

One of the amazing health benefits of alkaline water you may not be aware of is the improvement in sleep quality. Alkaline water improves the quality of sleep for several reasons.

The most important reason is its ability to hydrate the body for longer periods. Your body needs water while you sleep to function properly. The human body continues working while we sleep. Better hydration leads to better sleep.

Less pain also equals better sleep. After alkaline water reduces acidity in the body, arthritis sufferers and other people who experience pain before bed due to acidosis will get a better night’s sleep.

A night without acid reflux is a good night.

22. Increase Productivity

When your body’s oxygen level rises after drinking alkaline water, your mind and body are fresher. Imagine a world where every office offered alkaline water to its employees.

People would be able to focus more on their work instead of what’s ailing them. Don’t be surprised if one day this comes true after enough scientific evidence that supports alkaline water benefits comes to light.

23. Fight Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression

During the years when I suffered from CFS, my anxiety and depression symptoms were at an all-time high.

Ever since I began drinking ionized water, exercising more, and eating healthier, my symptoms have almost disappeared completely.

In my opinion, it’s crucial for the body to function at its best or anxiety and depression will set in.

There are still days when I wake up feeling below 100%, but it’s nothing a healthy diet and some exercise can’t fix.

There are more testimonials similar to mine written by people who reported positive effects on depression and anxiety after starting to drink alkaline water daily.

24. Stop an Annoying Headache

alkaline water benefits headache

Another great benefit of drinking alkaline water is its effect on nagging headaches. As I mentioned before, alkaline water hydrates your body better, which can help you avoid the pain of a nasty headache due to dehydration.

It’s no secret, people wake up with terrible hangovers and headaches all the time after a long night of partying.

Staying hydrated with high-quality h20 is the best way to avoid headaches or migraines.

25. Supply Your Body with Minerals without the Need for Additional Supplements

Everyone knows that our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function. Minerals including calcium, potassium, and magnesium are present in alkaline water.

Calcium benefits your bones and teeth while potassium and muscle health go hand in hand. Without adequate potassium, the human heart cannot do its job of pumping blood. All you do is drink alkaline water to reap this benefit.


There is a ton of scientific and anecdotal evidence out there to support the use of alkaline water as a natural way to boost your health and prevent illness.

However, there will always be naysayers. Do you think these naysayers ever tried to drink alkaline water themselves? And what are their motives?

Ionized water is not profitable for pharmaceutical companies. They will never test its effects on people suffering from serious illnesses including cancer, but this doesn’t mean it’s ineffective in treating and preventing serious illnesses.

People found ways to heal naturally throughout human history before modern medicine.

When you and your family start drinking alkaline water on a daily basis, you can decide for yourself what the effects are. I’ve read loads of inspiring stories about how ionized water helped people heal.

One 43-year-old man said he felt ten years younger from drinking alkaline water alone. Even pet parents are using alkaline water to help their dogs live longer with excellent results.

View my list of top 10 best alkaline water machines or use the top menu to start your alkaline water journey today!