WaterChef C7000 Review 2024 • All Your Questions Answered

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our comprehensive WaterChef C7000 Review. The WaterChef C7000 Premium Countertop Water Filtration System is the countertop version of the under-sink WaterChef U9000 system that we reviewed earlier this week. Is the C7000 system as impressive as the U9000? That’s one of several important questions we answer in our review below.

Why choose a countertop water filtration system over other systems? The number one reason is convenience. Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner who wants to avoid making any alterations to your existing plumbing, a countertop system is an excellent choice.

The biggest drawback is that it lives on your counter. The greatest advantage is that it’s easy for anyone to install and maintain.

A countertop system is also a lot more convenient than a water filter pitcher. There’s no need to worry about waiting for your water to filter or constantly changing filters.

Let’s start by exploring the core features of the C7000.

WaterChef C7000 Countertop Water Filter Overview

Model Features & Highlights
WaterChef C7000

waterchef c7000 premium countertop

WaterChef CR70 Countertop Filter Replacement Cartridge (for C7000 Filtration Systems)

  •  Removes over 98% of Chlorine, Lead, and Chloramines!  (Lab Test Results)
  • Filter Life: 1,000 gallons or 1-year maximum
  • Filter Media: WaterChef Big Block™ Filtration (Activated Coconut Carbon Block + Special Proprietary Blend)
  • Flow Rate: 0.75 GPM @ 60 psi
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty and 60-Day No-Risk Guarantee
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ Width x 6.75″ Depth x 10″ Height
  • Highlights: LED Filter Life Indicator | NSF/ANSI and WQA Certified | Made in USA | BPA-Free | Stainless Steel and High-Impact ABS Plastic Parts | Affordable Replacement Filter | Okay to use with disinfected well water Does not strip essential minerals
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What to expect?

To give you a better idea of what to expect from this system before you buy, we analyzed current WaterChef C7000 info to identify positive and negative trends. Here are the pros and cons of owning the C7000:

  • The same as we discovered during our WaterChef U9000 Review, the C7000 will stand the test of time. WaterChef undoubtedly uses high-quality materials in its water filtration systems. Plus, the systems are manufactured in the USA.
  • WaterChef customer service is eager to help.
  • One disadvantage of this system is calcium buildup at the diverter. Depending on how hard your water is, this may or may not be a problem for you.
  • Installation is easy.
  • The footprint of the unit doesn’t eat up too much counter space.
  • Activated carbon filtration does an excellent job of removing contaminants while leaving essential minerals intact. One drawback to systems that demineralize water, such as a reverse osmosis system, is the water tends to be on the acidic side with a less refreshing taste. The C7000 doesn’t have that problem.
  • The C7000 completely removes chlorine odor and taste.
  • We recommend positioning the unit with the spout aiming into your sink in case you encounter any temporary drips.
  • The convenience of the top-loading filter design
  • The battery-powered LED filter indicator works well.

Our WaterChef C7000 Review

Now it’s time for our review. After investigating the current WaterChef C7000 info and analyzing the guts of this system, we’re confident that our review will lead you to a final decision.

Is the WaterChef C7000 worth it or are there better options awaiting you?


  • The calcium buildup at the diverter problem and drip issue. Are they a dealbreaker? Not necessarily, but they’re worth keeping in mind. If you have hard water with a lot of calcium in it, then you may find the buildup problem to be more bothersome than someone with softer water or basic chlorinated municipal water. As for the temporary drip problem after switching the diverter, that’s not a big deal as long as the unit points into your sink.
  • We would like to know what’s in WaterChef’s Big Block™ Filtration blend besides activated carbon. As we mentioned in our U9000 review, if WaterChef water filtration systems weren’t NSF/ANSI and WQA certified, we would be less trusting of their systems.
  • We’re not huge fans of countertop water filtration systems in general since they eat up counter space. We feel the U9000 is the better unit. However, if you’re a renter, the C7000 is clearly the better choice.
  • The WaterChef C7000 does not remove fluoride. We recommend our list of best water filters for fluoride removal for superior options.


  • The impressively long life of the CR70 filter is one of the greatest advantages of this system. The C7000 is the clear winner when matched against a water filter pitcher. The price for a replacement filter is also right.
  • The LED filter indicator is a convenience feature that we like a lot, especially since it works. Oftentimes, water filter life indicators malfunction or don’t give accurate readings. According to C7000 owners, the LED indicator functions properly.
  • Authentic NSF/ANSI and WQA certifications – The C7000 meets NSF/ANSI Standards 42 for chlorine reduction and 53 for lead and mercury removal. On top of that, it meets NSF Standard 401 for pharmaceuticals removal and other common water contaminants. This is the ultimate badge of trust when shopping for a water filtration system. Most other systems provide “third-party” or “independent” lab results that aren’t always trustworthy. There are even a lot of companies that provide no water analysis reports to back up their claims.
  • Made in the USA with BPA-Free materials that’ll stand the test of time
  • The filter is a lot more powerful than standard water filter pitchers and competing countertop systems. The unit is certified to remove 75 known water contaminants.
  • Overall, we’re impressed by the quality of the WaterChef C7000 Premium Countertop Water Filtration System and recommend it with confidence.

Final Score: 8/10

Bottom Line

After investigating the current WaterChef C7000 info and completing our own thorough analysis of this countertop water filtration system, we’re confident that it’s a top-notch system. We highly recommend it for people who want to remove chlorine and chloramines from municipal water.

It’s also a superb option for people who are living in areas with possible lead contamination. The CR70 filter removes 99.6% of lead at water pH 6.5 and 98.9% at pH 8.5. That’s an impressive reduction rate. It also has the power to reduce mercury by more than 96%.

Overall, we prefer the C7000 over a water filter pitcher because of the power of the filter and the convenience of around-the-clock filtered water on tap without having to wait for it to drip through a filter.

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