WaterChef U9000 Review 2024 • Everything You Need to Know

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our comprehensive WaterChef U9000 Review. In this article, we’ll explore the U9000 filter, installation, and decide whether this under sink water filtration system is the right choice for your home. We’ve reviewed hundreds of water filtration products, and I’ll tell you now that the U9000 is one of the more unique systems we’ve come across.

The U9000 is not a reverse osmosis system, and the filter has a rather odd appearance. Does that mean it’s no good? Not necessarily, and that’s just one of several key questions we answer in our review below.

Let’s start with a brief overview. We want to highlight the features that matter most since there’s a long list of features associated with this system.

WaterChef U9000 Overview

Model Features & Highlights
WaterChef U9000

waterchef u9000

WaterChef UR90 Under-Sink Filter Replacement Cartridge

  •  NSF/ANSI Certified to Standards 42, 53, 401  (Lab Test Results)
  • Filter Life: 1,000 gallons or up to 1 year
  • Filter Media: Coconut Activated Carbon Block + Undisclosed Proprietary Blend (Big Block™)
  • Flow Rate: 0.75 gal/min @ 60 psi
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty and 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Dimensions: 9.25″ Height x 6″ Width x 8″ Depth (Filter Housing), 11.25″ Height x 2.75″ Width x 6.25″ Depth (Faucet)
  • Highlights: Filter housing built with surgical stainless steel | Premium Designer Faucet with LED Filter Life Indicator | Made in the USA  (imported parts) | BPA-Free | Removes lead, chlorine, mercury, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, and more | Eliminates sulfur odor in water (hydrogen sulfide) | Compatible with disinfected well water
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What to expect?

As an integral part of our analysis for each product we review, we investigate current info to identify the pros and cons of owning the product. We then pass along our findings to you to help save you time and give you a better idea of what to expect.

Here’s what we gathered:

  • The coconut carbon block filter leaves essential minerals intact (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.) while filtering out all common water contaminants at an impressive rate. This is a recipe for deliciously refreshing water.
  • We do want to point out one troublesome leak. The leak occurred after cutting water to the system to perform maintenance.
  • We recommend ensuring that the tubing is fully inserted into the connectors for a watertight seal and a leak-free experience.
  • You’ll most likely be impressed by the quality of the materials used to build the filter housing and faucet. The attractive faucet looks great in any kitchen.
  • WaterChef customer service has high marks and appears eager to solve any issues.
  • One highlight is the advertised filter life is the actual filter life. Oftentimes, filters don’t survive the advertised lifespan. This filter indeed lasts up to a year.
  • Installation is easy for most. The hardest part is drilling a hole in your sink if you don’t already have a soap dispenser hole or alternate hole to pass the faucet through. We’ll take a closer look at how to install the unit in the installation section below.
  • WaterChef U9000 vs Aquasana? You may be happy to make the switch
  • Lastly, we want to point out that this system stands the test of time.

WaterChef U9000 Filter Information

The first thing we look at when we review a water filtration product is the filter media. We want to know what’s in it. WaterChef doesn’t publicly state exactly what’s in the filter. What we do know is that it contains an activated carbon block (coconut-derived).

WaterChef states that its filter also contains a “proprietary blend of additional filter media.” We have a lot of experience reviewing and examining the guts of a water filter.

We believe that there must be some type of bacteriostatic element such as KDF-55 to inhibit bacterial growth inside the filter considering the long life of the filter. However, this is only an assumption.

The good news is WaterChef is NSF/ANSI and WQA Gold Seal certified. Most water filters on the market are independently or third-party tested. We’re confident that the WaterChef filter is top-notch because subpar filters are not NSF/ANSI and WQA certified.

We also feel the WaterChef UR90 Under-Sink Filter Replacement Cartridge is more than fairly valued considering the quality of the filter and long filter life:

WaterChef UR90 Under-Sink Filter Replacement Cartridge

In case you’re wondering, the outer layer is a 3-ply, pleated pre-filter that removes any sediment from your tap water before it reaches the carbon block.

What does it remove?

We highlight the most common water contaminants with verified reduction rates in the table below:

Chlorine 98.4% @ 2 mg/L
Chloramines 98.4% @ 3 mg/L
Mercury 96.1% (pH 6.5)
Lead 99.6% (pH 6.5)
In total, the system is certified to remove 75 water contaminants.

Does the WaterChef U9000 remove fluoride?

No. The U9000 is not designed or rated to remove fluoride from your tap water.

We recommend our list of best fluoride water filters or fluoride water filter pitchers for better options.

WaterChef U9000 Installation

As we mentioned already, the most technical part is drilling a 5/8″ hole through your sink and/or countertop to pass the faucet through.

For porcelain/ceramic sinks, it’s best to use a 5/8″ carbide masonry drill bit until you reach the metal. Then finish the job with a 5/8″ high-speed drill bit to cut through the stainless steel.

For stainless steel sinks, the process is easier. Simply drill a 1/8″ pilot hole followed up by a 5/8″ hole where you want your faucet to sit.

 Note: Do not cut the included water tubing. 

The video below demonstrates how to install an under sink water filtration system:

We also recommend Amazon’s expert installation service. Click Here #ad to check the current price of the U9000 w/ expert installation.

Click Here to view the complete WaterChef U9000 manual.

Our WaterChef U9000 Review

Now it’s time for our two cents. After analyzing this system and investigating the current info, we’re confident that our final assessment is accurate and honest. I broke our review into two parts: our likes and our dislikes.


  • While we do love the effectiveness of the filter in this unit, it’s not as thorough as a reverse osmosis system. If you desire fluoride removal and a wider range of contaminant reduction, there are RO systems that are more affordable and powerful.
  • We would like to know what exactly is inside the filter outside of a carbon block. This would allow us to get a better idea of how the WaterChef UR90 Under-Sink Filter works. If this system weren’t NSF/ANSI and WQA certified, this dislike would carry a lot more weight.
  • The upfront cost does not fit into everyone’s budget, and a good chunk of the cost is most likely attributed to the filter housing that no one is really going to see anyway.


  • Taste is a priority when buying a filter, and we like that the U9000 leaves essential minerals intact. This makes for better-tasting, pH-balanced water. The drawback to demineralizing water with an RO system or distiller is the resulting acidic water pH and less palatable flavor.
  • The long life of the filter is an excellent selling point. We don’t like the idea of tracking filter life and changing filters every few months unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • The single-filter U9000 requires less maintenance than an RO system that contains several filters with varying lifespans.
  • The convenience of the battery-powered LED filter life indicator at the faucet
  • U9000 annual replacement filter cost is less than water filter pitcher replacements with similar filtration capacity.
  • Authentic NSF/ANSI and WQA certifications – In our opinion, this is the greatest selling point. It’s difficult to find water filtration systems with authentic NSF/ANSI certifications. Most companies have their filters “third-party” or “independently” tested to meet NSF/ANSI Standards. While not all independent tests are bad, it’s undoubtedly advantageous to buy a water filter with authentic NSF/ANSI and WQA certs.
  • The U9000 is tested to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42 for chlorine reduction and 53 for mercury/lead reduction. It’s also in accordance with Standard 401 for pharmaceuticals removal. Overall, the UR90 is one of the best under-sink water filters we’ve come across that’s currently on the market. It removes the contaminants we want to target the most at impressively high rates.
  • The surgical-grade stainless steel filter housing will certainly stand the test of time, and the faucet is made with high-quality metals.
  • Made in the USA

Final Score: 8.5/10waterchef u9000

Bottom Line

To be honest, we weren’t expecting much going into our WaterChef U9000 review and ended up being pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of this system. From top to bottom, this is a quality under sink water filtration system that’s a bit under the radar compared to more popular brands on the market.

We can tell that WaterChef customer service takes pride in its products and is eager to help owners solve any issues. The company itself is transparent – a quality we always look for when buying from a water filtration company – with the NSF/ANSI and WQA certifications to back up their products.

After reading through the current WaterChef U9000 info and conducting our own analysis, we’re confident that this system is a good buy and premium choice for any home.

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