Brondell Water Filter Review 2024 Everything You Need to Know

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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The convenience of a countertop water filter is one of the greatest advantages of owning one, but will it get the job done? Better yet, is it worthy of taking up valuable space on your counter? Welcome to our Brondell Water Filter Review. In this review and guide, we’ll help you decide whether the Brondell Cypress H2O+ Countertop Water Filtration System is the perfect fit for your home or if there are better options awaiting you.

Let’s start by exploring the key features and highlights of the Cypress system. After the features, we’ll see what to expect from this system before sharing our review and final score.

We’re confident that by the end of our review, you’ll have already made your decision.

Brondell Cypress Water Filter Overview

Model Features & Highlights
Brondell H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System (H630)

Brondell H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System (H630)

brondell cypress Carbon Block Filter (HF-33)

  •  WQA Certified to Meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 372 
  • Filter Life: Composite Plus Filter (HF-31): 6 months, Nanotrap Filter (HF-32): 12 months, Carbon Block Filter (HF-33): 6 months
  • Filter Media: Activated Carbon Block, Nano Alumina & Cellulose Fibers (USA-Sourced), Composite Pre-Filter
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions: 13.5″ Depth x 3.75″ Width x 10.5″ Height
  • Flow Rate: .5 GPM
  • Highlights: Removes 98% of Chlorine | No wastewater | Continuous flow at the touch of a button | Countertop installation w/ diverter or alternate under-sink connection | Attractive design suits any kitchen | Slim profile won’t eat up much counter space | Super easy to set up and maintain No electricity required | Simple filter replacement Includes 60″ water hose
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What to expect?

Now that you know the specs, let’s hear about the experience. We dug deep into the current Brondell water filter info so you don’t have to.

After investigating both current and past info, here’s what we concluded:

  • You’ll find that installing a countertop water filter doesn’t really get any easier than with the Brondell Cypress system.
  • The Cypress does a great job of removing unpleasant odors, such as chlorine, from tap water.
  • Depending on your water quality, you may find that the filters don’t last quite as long as the advertised lifespan for each stage (a common complaint with most water filtration products).
  • You’ll most likely enjoy the taste of filtered water from the Cypress system, comparable to bottled water.
  • There may be an issue with the on/off button getting stuck in the “on” position, which leads to having to use the sink diverter switch to allow water to flow through the Cypress.
  • You may find that this system is better than a comparable Aquasana countertop system.
  • The aesthetic quality of the system in person lives up to what you see in the photos.
  • The Brondell customer service team appears engaged and ready to solve any issues you may have.
  • If you’re on well water, the Brondell Cypress gets the job done.

Our Brondell Water Filter Review

Now it’s time for our thoughts on the Cypress H2O+ system. We’ve reviewed and rated quite a few countertop systems from alkaline to standard to reverse osmosis, and we have a complete understanding of how each system works.

After reading through the current Cypress info and analyzing this system, we have a handle on the disadvantages and advantages of owning this system.


  • There are enough problems with the on/off button sticking or breaking to identify this issue as a negative trend. On the bright side, most of the problems occurred in the past. Also, Brondell honors its 1-year warranty.
  • This system does not remove lead, chloramines, or fluoride, according to the WQA lab test results. We do believe it removes lead to a degree, but there’s no mention of lead in the water analysis report or in the product description. If you desire lead removal, we recommend our WaterChef C7000 Review.
  • While the upfront cost of the system is low compared to similar systems, you may find that the annual replacement filter cost is too high for your taste.
  • No filter life indicator


  • We love to see that a water filter is WQA certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standards. This is the tag to look for when purchasing a water filter for your home.
  • The visual appeal and slim profile of the system are both great selling points.
  • After digging a little deeper, we updated our review to confirm that the Cypress is BPA-Free.
  • We’re impressed by the taste feedback. Most people love the taste of Cypress filtered water and compare it to bottled water quality. Activated carbon is the filtration media of choice when it comes to improving flavor and removing chlorine odor.
  • The system is incredibly easy to install, and there’s an option to avoid using a faucet diverter by running the water hose below your sink. The latter installation is a bit more complicated since you’ll most likely need to drill a small hole in your counter to pass the hose through.
  • We like that this system leaves essential minerals intact, unlike a reverse osmosis system. There shouldn’t be much, if any, pH fluctuation between your tap water and filtered water.
  • The upfront cost is appealing.
We recommend the Brondell Cypress water filter to people who are seeking an attractive, affordable countertop filtration system for chlorinated municipal water or well water that’s on the softer side.

Final Score: 7/10

Brondell H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System (H630)

Brondell Cypress Water Filter Replacement Cost

Before we wrap up our review, we want to share our thoughts on the annual replacement filter cost for the Cypress system.

The H-32 filter costs more than the H-31 and H-33 filters. It also lasts twice as long.

Below, we ordered the replacement filters from H-31 to H-33. Click the images to check the current prices for each at Amazon #ad:

brondell cypress Composite Plus Filter (HF-31)
brondell cypress Nanotrap Filter (HF-32)
brondell cypress replacement filter

The annual replacement filter cost certainly isn’t the cheapest option out there. However, cheapness doesn’t equal good in the water filter realm.

Considering these filters are WQA certified, we feel as though you get what you pay for in this case.

Cypress H2O+ Installation Video

Lastly, to give you a better idea of how easy this system is to install and the two installation options, the video below demonstrates how to install the Brondell Cypress H2O+ Countertop Water Filtration System:

Bottom Line

Overall, we believe the Brondell Cypress system is worth a look and a quality countertop filtration option. As we recommended in our conclusion above, the Cypress is best for people who want an attractive countertop unit for chlorinated municipal water or well water that’s not too hard.

Do keep in mind the button issue. We recommend reading the most up-to-date info before you buy to see if the button problem is still an issue. At the time of this writing, there are significantly fewer button problems compared to a couple of years ago.