Life Ionizer MXL-13 Review 2024 • A Must-Read Before You Buy

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to the sixth and final installment in my Life Ionizer MXL reviews. Today, I share my comprehensive Life Ionizer MXL-13 review. The Next Generation MXL-13 is available in both countertop and under-counter models.

Thus far, I’ve worked my way up from the MXL-5 to the MXL-13. I had previously reviewed the MXL-15 before starting with the MXL-5. I decided to review the entire MXL series because I was so impressed by the MXL-15. At the bottom of today’s review, you’ll find links to detailed reviews for the other models in the MXL lineup.

First, let’s examine the MXL-13 key features.

Key Features

  • 13 extra-large Matrix GRID™ platinum-coated titanium plates (the new Matrix design adds more surface area to each electrode plate which increases the antioxidant potential and the contact time between your plates and water during the ionization process)
  • Automatic molecular hydrogen boost in every glass of alkaline ionized water (In my opinion, this is a must-have function for all ionizers in 2019 and beyond. Molecular hydrogen research has proven that molecular hydrogen is a super antioxidant with a long list of benefits.)
  • Negative ORP: Maximum of -616 mV at pH 9.5
  • pH Range: 1.7 – 12.2
  • Dimensions: 12.5″ Width x 6.25″ Depth x 15″ Height
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on parts and labor
  • Life’s new custom dual filtration system uses your local EPA water report to choose which filters are best for your area
  • XL Power SMPS ensures your ionizer uses the optimum amount of electricity to function which extends the life of your ionizer’s plates and saves you money on your electric bill
  • New Top-Loading One-Click Filters™ makes changing filters easier than previous models
  • Filter life indicators on the digital display tell you exactly how many liters of filtration you have left before needing to replace
  • Self-cleaning function with built-in UV light ensures your water contains no harmful cysts or bacteria that your local water provider may have missed
  • Available in both 110v and 220v for international customers
  • Designed in California and manufactured in South Korea in an ISO-certified facility as a certified medical device

Below is a photo of the Life Ionizer Next Generation MXL-13 Countertop model:

Also, the MXL series faucet comes with the under-counter model. The faucet allows you to control your water settings right from your sink without having to reach down below your sink to push any buttons on your machine. When you order, you’ll choose between Brushed Nickel, Oil Rub Bronze, and Chrome to match your kitchen.

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Replacement Filters

When you order your new MXL-13 Ionizer, Life will use your home address to pull your local EPA water report. Each year, your local water provider must send its annual water report to the EPA.

Life uses this report to customize your filters. They do this to ensure you’re getting the best filter to remove the contaminants that are most common in your area.

Life also provides third-party lab test results to show just how powerful their filters truly are. The results show that all contaminants were reduced to undetectable levels. Click here to view the online report.

The average filter life of your dual-filter set is 6 months.

Do you have hard water?

For those of you with hard water, Life recommends installing a pre-filter to extend the filter life of the ionizer filters and avoid mineral buildup on your electrode plates. This is a common practice for all ionizers, and I also recommend it.

By taking this extra step, you guarantee a better-tasting and healthier end product.

Do you have an existing reverse osmosis filtration system?

Reverse osmosis water filtration does such a thorough job of filtering that it strips away all minerals. The problem is your water needs to have some minerals in it to undergo the ionization process aka electrolysis.

If you have an existing RO system, the best way to use it in conjunction with your water ionizer is to add an inline remineralization cartridge as the final stage in your RO system. This way, once the purified water reaches your ionizer, it contains minerals.

Another option is the combination of an RO system with remineralization inline before your ionizer.


When you order your new MXL-13, you have a choice between the countertop and under-counter versions of the ionizer. The under-counter model comes with the Life MXL faucet and gives you the ability to house your machine below your sink to save counter space.

Either way, you need to account for the footprint of the machine to ensure you have enough space on your counter or in the cupboard below your sink.

The footprint of the machine measures 12.5″ Width x 6.25″ Depth.

Both installations require only basic tools unless you need to cut a hole to pass your faucet through for the under-counter version.

First, here’s a video of what the countertop installation looks like with a previous Life Ionizer model:

After doing some digging, I also found an under-counter installation video for one of Life Ionizers’ older models:

If you don’t feel comfortable installing the under-counter model, you can always hire a local plumber to get the job done, or you might want to trade in your husband for a new one.

Is Life Ionizers a trustworthy company?

I bet a lot of you have been reviewing different ionizers to decide which company makes the best ionizers. A lot of you may have been influenced by Kangen water marketing and led to believe that only they make quality ionizers.

While I do think Enagic Kangen makes a legit ionizer, it’s untrue that they’re the only company that makes a quality one.

I’ve researched ionizers for a long time, and the top three companies selling ionizers for a competitive price are AlkaViva, Tyent USA, and Life Ionizers. These three companies are all selling quality ionizers for $1000s less than a Kangen machine.

Here’s what I’ve found through my research. The best ionizers in the world are manufactured in South Korea and Japan. Only in these two countries do they certify water ionizers as medical devices. Life Ionizers manufactures its machines in an ISO-certified facility in South Korea. This is good news.

Life Ionizers has been in business since 1996 and is one of the alkaline water pioneers in the United States.

In my opinion, yes, Life Ionizer is a legit company. Are they perfect? No, but no company is.

Click here to read Life Ionizers’ page at Trustpilot.

What to expect?

I’ve personally been drinking alkaline ionized water for years, and it helped me overcome chronic fatigue and a nasty case of heartburn. I love reading how it’s helped others heal because it reinforces the reason why I created this site in the first place.

Now, before I get too longwinded, here are a handful of points to consider:

  • Improved energy can be expected
  • No more water that tastes or smells of chlorine
  • Pets are fans of water from this ionizer
  • You may notice improved sleep quality
  • Less brain fog is a common positive effect that ionized water drinkers experience

My Life Ionizer MXL-13 Review

Well, it’s been one heck of a run reviewing the entire MXL series from the MXL-5 all the way up through the MXL-15. Overall, I’m impressed by the Next Generation 2019 MXL series and Life Ionizers as a company.

After reviewing the MXL-15 first, I was so impressed that I decided to review each of Life’s new ionizers to provide you with all the information you need about Life as a company and its ionizers before buying one.

Overall, I give the MXL-13 a big thumbs up. Buy this ionizer with the confidence that you’re putting your money into a top-notch water ionizer and a trustworthy company with reliable customer service.

I also recommend viewing the Tyent UCE-11 and AlkaViva Vesta ionizers.

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