Life Ionizer MXL-7 Review • (Expert 2024 Analysis)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to today’s installment in my Life Ionizers review series. Today, I share with you my in-depth Life Ionizer MXL-7 Alkaline Water Ionizer review. I’ll cover both the countertop and under-counter versions of the MXL-7.

The MXL-7 is part of Life Ionizers’ latest lineup of alkaline water machines, and it’s the third machine I’ve reviewed in the collection. You may have also seen my reviews for the MXL-15 and MXL-5.

The MXL-15 is the most premium of the bunch while the MXL-5 is the most affordable water ionizer in the series. Today, we’ll see how the MXL-7 stacks up against Tyent, Enagic’s Kangen Water brand, and other ionizers in its class.

For those of you who are new to the MXL series, here’s how to know what makes each MXL model different. The number after MXL signifies the number of platinum-coated titanium electrode plates inside the machine. Since the plates are the most expensive part of any water ionizer, the cost goes up as the number in the MXL series goes up.

Now, let’s check out all the features included in the MXL-7.


  • 7 extra-large platinum-coated Matrix GRID™ titanium electrode plates (Life updated the design of its plates for the new MXL series to add more surface area, which equals more antioxidants and a faster flow rate)
  • Automatic molecular hydrogen boost is the new standard for premium water ionizers
  • Comes in both countertop and under-counter models
  • pH Range: 2.5 – 11.0
  • Max Negative ORP (antioxidant potential): -307 mV at pH 9.5
  • 8 water levels (4 alkaline settings, 3 acidic, 1 purified)
  • Dimensions: 12.5″ Width x 6.25″ Depth x 15″ Height
  • Warranty: 10-year on labor and a lifetime on parts
  • Life’s customized dual filtration system ensures you get the correct filters for your area (they do this by pulling the EPA water report for your local water provider)
  • Filter life indicators
  • Life’s new Top Loading One-Click Filters™ make changing your filters easy, no need to take anything complicated apart
  • Self-cleaning function with built-in UV light to kill any harmful bacteria or cysts that could be lurking in your municipal water supply
  • SMPS power ensures your ionizer uses the optimum amount of power to ionize your water and save money on your electric bill
  • Life’s new extra-large ionization chambers increase the contact time between your water and the titanium plates to increase antioxidant potential (negative ORP) and pH
  • Available in both 110V and 220V
  • Voice confirmations
  • Designed in California and manufactured in South Korea as a certified medical device

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Life Ionizer MXL Series Faucet

When you purchase the under-counter MXL-7 model, it comes with the new MXL series faucet. You can choose between a Brushed Nickel, Oil Rub Bronze or Chrome finish to match your kitchen.

The faucet allows you to choose your water settings right from your sink without having to reach down to adjust the settings on your machine.


  • The top spout dispenses alkaline water while the bottom spout dispenses acidic water that has cosmetic and household uses
  • Fits standard 1 3/8″ sink fitting
  • One-touch operation
  • LED display
  • pH level indicator
  • Stainless steel
  • Swivel to your desired position

Replacement Filters

When you order your MXL-7 water ionizer, it comes with a set of 2 filters. Life will pull your local municipal water report to ensure you receive the best filters for your area.

Each year, your local water provider must submit a water report to the EPA. Life Ionizers accesses this annual report to choose the best filter for you.

MXL filters contain activated carbon, Vitamin C Ceramic Block®, USA-made KDF for VOC (volatile organic compounds) and heavy metal removal, and Life CleanTech™ filtration to prevent hard water buildup inside your machine.

Life had its filters independently tested, and all water contaminants were reduced to undetectable levels. Click here to view the full report.

The filter life of the MXL series filters is approximately 6 months, depending on your daily water intake.

You’ll be able to see exactly how much life your filters have left on the digital display located on your machine.

You may want to install an inexpensive whole-house pre-filter to extend the life of your ionizer filters and avoid any hard water buildup inside your machine.

Important note:

Don’t use a reverse osmosis water system with your MXL ionizer because the ionizer won’t function properly. You need minerals in your water for the ionization process to take place.

If you already own a reverse osmosis water system, simply add an inline mineral filter cartridge to your RO system to make it compatible with your ionizer.


Depending on which model you purchase, installation can be very easy or standard easy.

Everyone should be able to install the countertop model in under an hour without much effort. The hardest part is cutting the included hoses to the correct lengths to suit your kitchen.

Before purchasing your countertop ionizer, you should account for the footprint of the machine to make sure you have enough counter space. The footprint measures (12.5″ Width x 6.25″ Depth).

You’ll connect your ionizer to the diverter valve that comes with your purchase.

The video below for the previous Life Ionizers M series is helpful to show you exactly how to install your MXL countertop ionizer:

The under-counter installation is a bit more complicated. Some of you may prefer to hire a local plumber to avoid the hassle of installing it yourself.

Although, if you’re handy and confident you can install it yourself, you should have no problem at all. Life provides you with detailed instructions and installation videos to make the process as painless as possible.

The under-counter package comes with all the necessary parts for the installation. You’ll only need basic tools including a wrench to get the job done.

Life Ionizers Reviews

You may be wondering if Life Ionizers is a company you can trust? I’ve done a lot of research on water ionizer companies, and in my opinion, Life is one of the three most trustworthy companies selling ionizers in the United States.

Tyent, Life Ionizers, and AlkaViva are the three companies I trust the most, and you’ll find reviews of all their products here on my site.

These three companies manufacture their parts and machines in Japan and South Korea. Japan and South Korea are the only two countries that certify alkaline water machines as medical devices. Even the much more expensive Kangen Water brand manufactures its machines in Japan under the same standard.

Life manufactures its ionizers in an ISO-certified facility in South Korea. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, and it’s a plus to see that a company manufactures its products in an ISO-certified facility.

Outside of its certifications, Life has reviews on Trustpilot and ResellerRatings.

The one grade they don’t have that AlkaViva and Tyent have is an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

What to expect?

I always like to read the current info on a product before I make a purchase:

  • Life Ionizers stand the test of time, providing years and years of reliable use before needing to be replaced
  • Also, Life accepts trade-ins to upgrade to newer units at a reduced cost
  • Alkaline ionized water from Life Ionizer models is much better tasting than normal filtered water.
  • Using alkaline water to cook makes food taste “better

My Life Ionizer MXL-7 Review

Overall, I give the MXL-7 a big thumbs up.

I like Life Ionizers as a company, and the new MXL series is impressive.

The best place to put your money for a new ionizer is in a Tyent, Life Ionizer, or AlkaViva.

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The Tyent UCE-11 and ACE-11 are currently more expensive than the MXL-7 because they have four more platinum-coated titanium plates.

A similar unit you may be interested in that also comes with seven plates is the AlkaViva Athena H2.

The best budget ionizers available right now are the MXL-5 and AlkaViva Melody II.

A big reason I recommend Life Ionizers as a first choice is the built-in molecular hydrogen infusion technology. I’ve done my research on molecular hydrogen benefits, and I’m on board with the science I see proving that molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant.

In my opinion, a molecular hydrogen boost function is a must-have feature in any ionizer, and you get it in all MXL series ionizers.