Cosan Pure Hydration Water Filter Review • (2024 Update)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Good morning, I’m Pete, your host here at AWMS. I’m about two cups of green tea deep, and I’ve already had three glasses of pH 9.0 alkaline water. Feeling tip-top on a sunny day! Today, I’m sharing our Cosan Pure Hydration water filter review. The Pure Hydration system is a unique type of alkaline water machine that takes a different approach to water ionization.

The manufacturer of the Pure Hydration (model PH127) Alkaline Antioxidant Water Ionizer is Cosan/USA.

First, I can tell you without a doubt that the Pure Hydration unit is a lot different than the other machines featured on our site. There are important pros & cons to consider before buying the Cosan Pure Hydration machine.

The company calls the water its unit produces “ES-4 Life Water,” and it’s creating a buzz. According to Cosan/USA, they’ve already sold over 120,000 units worldwide.

In the following review, we share exactly what you get with the Cosan water ionizer, a brief overview of the technology, warranty terms, and other important information to consider before purchasing your first or perhaps second alkaline water machine.


While researching the Pure Hydration system, we quickly noticed some pros & cons when compared to traditional water ionizers. First, most people are glad they chose it over a pricey Kangen Water machine.

Now, let’s go over the key features of the Cosan Pure Hydration system to see how it stacks up against ionizers in the same price range:

  • 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • On top of the money-back guarantee, Cosan offers a lifetime warranty without expiration. We have yet to see a better guarantee & warranty combo.
  • The Pure Hydration water filter is unlike most ionizers that feature attractive LCD panels with lots of options. Instead, Cosan’s system offers a single alkaline water level.
  • This ionizer has an Abundant Molecular Hydrogen (H2) rating. There’s an Asian foundation known as the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation that has conducted studies on the positive effects of molecular hydrogen in the human body. They’ve discovered profound anti-aging effects. Molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant that could help people live longer lives. The Pure Hydration unit produces water with molecular hydrogen concentrations between 1,400 ppb to 1,700ppb.
  • Here’s what might be a turnoff for some people. Cosan uses four filters that need to be changed every six months. However, there’s no need to install a prefilter, even if you have hard water. The replacement filters are costlier than filters for budget water ionizers, though, they cost roughly the same as Tyent and AlkaViva replacements.
  • Cosan provides all the necessary parts to do an easy countertop or under-sink installation. Most manufacturers do not provide the necessary parts for an under-counter installation.
  • The unit features a retractable spout that can be tucked away if you choose to travel with it.
  • Patented Filters: Cosan stands by the belief that comprehensive pre-filtration is absolutely necessary to make great alkaline ionized water at home.
  • A huge pro of the Pure Hydration ionizer is it makes zero wastewater, and it’s non-electric. Once you install it, you’re always ready to go.
  • The filters use 100% natural Earth elements.
  • .02 Micron Filtration: 99.9% removal of 215 common tap water contaminants
  • Flow Rate: 2.1 liters per minute
  • pH Range: 9.0 to 9.5 (no acidic ionized water)
  • ORP Range: -400 mV to -700mV (the range is narrower than traditional water ionizers)
  • Dimensions: 13″ x 5.5″ x 11″ (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 7 lbs

Pure Hydration Water Filter Installation

No one should have a problem with the basic countertop installation. One neat feature is the way the Pure Hydration spout operates. When you pull the spout out, the filtered water won’t pour until the spout reaches a certain point to prevent spills. The following videos demonstrate how the spout works.

Below is Cosan’s instructional video for the countertop installation:

Below is the instructional video for the under-counter installation. Keep in mind, Cosan/USA provides all the necessary parts for this installation:

Pure Hydration Replacement Filters

Filtration is the biggest pro & con wrapped into one for the Pure Hydration system. Unlike other alkaline water machines, you’ll need to replace the filter cartridges twice per year rather than once, which is about standard for water ionizer filters.

However, the good news is that there’s no need to buy a prefiltration system. The Pure Hydration comprehensive filtration system ensures you get purified ionized water without additional filtration.

The table below shows you the average replacement filter cost and filter life:

4-Filter System
Price $$$
Avg. life 600 gallons or 6 months
Filter Media Type 4 total stages with assorted media

One point to be aware of is that filter #3 should be replaced every 3 months. The full set of replacements comes with two #3 filters to ensure you get a full six months from each set.

Here’s a summary of the unique Pure Hydration filtration process:

  1. Your feedwater flows through the Cation Resin Cartridge to soften it and improve the taste
  2. Then, it enters the Carbon & Silver Block Cartridge that’s made of high-compressed activated carbon and silver. This filter removes microbes, micro-contaminants, and rust particles.
  3. Next, the alkalizing and ionizing occurs in the Alkaline/Hydrogen infusing cartridge. This filter not only increases the negative ORP and PH levels but removes harmful bacteria and viruses as well.
  4. Finally, filter #4 contains activated carbon, coral, tourmaline, KDF, and barley stone. This filter neutralizes mercury and removes any residual heavy metals.

The filtration process is what makes the Pure Hydration water filter one of the most unique systems on the market. Yes, the filters cost more, but there’s no need to worry about buying a prefilter with this system.

With the Pure Hydration unit, you get mineral-rich, high pH water with molecular hydrogen that doesn’t need electricity to be made. Comparatively, this system costs thousands less than hydrogen water ionizers that make hydrogen-rich ionized water.

What to expect?

In this section, we put together the most important points to consider before choosing this machine:

  • A reliable customer service team that’s happy to help
  • You’ll most likely love the convenience of the Pure Hydration water filter compared to traditional water ionizers
  • Excellent water taste, comparable to mountain spring water
  • You’ll more than likely begin drinking more water daily with this system in your home
  • Folks who are trying to quit soda may find salvation in the Pure Hydration system
  • Alkaline pH after filtration fall within the advertised range

Bottom Line

If you can get past the higher cost of the replacement filters and the need to replace the filters twice annually, the Cosan/USA Pure Hydration water ionizer is worthy of your attention.

Cosan Life Water reviewOur favorite part is that it doesn’t require electricity to produce alkaline ionized water on tap. Everything you need to get the ball rolling is in the base package.

Additionally, the price of the system is significantly lower than the cost of a premium water ionizer. The positive feedback is great, and the Cosan team definitely stands behind its product.

And last but not least, the molecular hydrogen provided by ES-4 Life Water is the ultimate choice for people who want molecular-hydrogen-rich water for a fraction of the cost of an H2 ionizer.

Remember, this system comes backed by a 15-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.