Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 Review • (Updated 2024 Analysis)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Hello everyone and welcome to AWMS, your #1 resource for alkaline water filter reviews and information about the growing alkaline lifestyle that’s helping people around the world stay hydrated. You are about to read our updated Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 review, aka Air Water Life model AWL-5000.

We previously reviewed the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 and Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0. Check either of those reviews if you wish first by following the preceding links. If not, feel free to dive right into our Aqua Deluxe 5.0 review.

The Aqua 5.0 ionizer is the most affordable Air Water Life model, and it packs a punch. Air Water Life manufactures some of the best water ionizers for home, and there’s a lot of positive feedback for their products. That’s why we recommend their products to all serious buyers, especially first-time water ionizer owners.

Let’s start our review by going over the key features offered by this machine.


When purchasing a water ionizer, always consider the number of titanium plates, number of filters, filter life, number of alkaline settings, and whether the unit can be installed under the sink.

Below, you’ll find all those features and more to give you a clear idea of what you get when you buy the Aqua Deluxe 5.0.:

  • Air Water Life has updated its warranty program. All units produced by Air Water Life now have a limited lifetime warranty. To make a long story short, if anything goes wrong in the first five years, Air Water Life will replace or repair the unit free of charge. After five years, the owner pays for the labor & parts for all repairs.
  • The Aqua 5.0’s LCD display is the least attractive of the bunch. The Aqua 7.0 and 9.0 both have more elegant LCD panels, but the 5.0 does have all the same main settings.
  • Each of Air Water Life’s ionizers is named after the number of Vanguard platinum-coated titanium plates inside the unit. The plates are where the true value of all ionizers lies. The Aqua Deluxe 5.0 unit has five plates while the 7.0 has 7, and the 9.0 has 9. The plates in the 5.0 have a total surface area of 81.8 square inches.
  • All Air Water Life’s ionizers have one built-in activated carbon filter that needs to be changed annually. The unit comes with the first filter.
  • The pH range is narrower than the 7.0 and 9.0 models, but you most likely won’t need to make water with a pH higher than 11.
  • All Air Water Life ionizers can be installed on the countertop or below the sink. Installation only takes about ten minutes with the included universal sink adapter. Most people prefer a countertop installation to be able to view the LCD panel.
  • Air Water Life advises people on well water to avoid this ionizer
  • FDA approved and BPA-free plastic parts
  • Manufactured in an ISO-certified facility
  • A self-cleaning system that turns on when you turn the unit on and when you turn it off. Also, it switches polarity every fifteen minutes during continuous use to extend the life of the titanium plates.
  • RoHS certified to be 100% lead-free
  • International users must know that the Aqua Deluxe 5.0 is 110v only. This does not affect anyone living in the U.S.
  • 7 Water Settings: 4 alkaline levels, 2 acidic water levels, and 1 pH neutral purified drinking water
  • Filter Life: 1050 gallons
  • pH Range: 4.5 to 11
  • ORP Range: +600 to -600 mV
  • Flow Rate: 1 GPM
  • Dimensions: 8.3″ x 4.3″ x 13″ (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 8 lb (lighter than the 7.0 and 9.0 models)

Installing the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0

The Aqua Deluxe 5.0 installation process is the same as the 7.0 and 9.0 models, and most folks have a painless installation experience.

It only takes about ten minutes to get the unit up and running. Once installed, you’re ready to begin using the Aqua Deluxe 5.0 without a lengthy flushing period.

To get a better idea, the following installation video provided by Air Water Life shows you exactly how to install the machine in your home:

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 Replacement Filters

All Air Water Life ionizers have an extra-long filter life because they use the same filter. You won’t need to worry about buying filters every couple of months. Each activated carbon filter is affordable compared to competing brands and will last you a full year.

At 1,050 gallons per filter, each gallon of ionized water from your machine costs about five cents, which is significantly more affordable than purchasing bottled ionized water.

1st Stage Filter
Price $
Avg. life Over 1,050 gallons
Filter Media Type Activated Carbon

What to expect?

Let’s go over the pros & cons of the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 to make your final decision even easier:

  • Air Water Life customer service marks are some of the best we’ve seen
  • The machine is easy to use and stands up to ionizers that cost thousands more
  • If this is your first ionizer, the Aqua Deluxe 5.0 gets the job done
  • Air Water Life reps Mason and David are very helpful and patient when answering questions related to the machine
  • Quiet operation
  • Be sure your incoming water pressure is ample for the machine to run properly
  • Folks with high TDS well water should consult Air Water Life before purchasing this machine or installing a pre-filtration system

Bottom Line

Overall, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 is the most affordable water ionizer in our Top 10. Other companies offering ionizers in this price range aren’t as trustworthy or experienced as Air Water Life.

If you want to keep the cost as low as possible for your first water ionizer or had a budget unit fail on you, look here first.