QURE Water pH10 Review: Fact or Fiction? The Real Answer

Last updated Nov 29, 2021

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Are you ready to learn everything worth knowing about QURE pH 10 alkaline water? In today’s review, I go over where to buy QURE water in bulk for the best price, a pH test video, the potential health benefits, and extra goodies to help you better understand how QURE makes its unique water.

The past few weeks have been stellar here at Alkaline Water Machine Source, and the reviews are piling up. I’ve spent many hours reviewing all the best alkaline water brands so you don’t have to.

I’ll tell you upfront that QURE uses a unique process to make its water that I have yet to see another company use.

Let’s start with where to find QURE.

Where to Buy QURE Water in Bulk

If you can’t find QURE locally or want to avoid the hassle of lugging cases of bottled water home, a good place to buy QURE is online at Amazon.

A lot of people are taking advantage of the convenience of ordering online straight to their doors.

Use the links below to check the current prices for cases of QURE at Amazon:

Now that you know where to buy QURE Water, let’s check out the pH test to see if QURE is indeed delivering on its pH promise of 10.

QURE Water pH Test

It’s important to verify that alkaline water brands are indeed alkaline by running a pH test. The scientist in the making below does a great job of testing QURE’s pH and TDS using the correct tools for the job:

What did you think? It looked like a nice purple result to me, which is indicative of a pH of 10.

I also like that he tested the TDS (total dissolved solids). The low reading of 32 is a good one. Oftentimes, alkaline water filters add too many minerals to boost the pH of the water, resulting in a TDS that is too high for everyday drinking.

A TDS of 32 is low, and the fact that QURE raises the pH of its water to 10 while keeping the TDS low is a good thing.

Health Benefits of QURE Water

Are QURE water benefits legit? Well, as you probably already know, there’s a ton of controversy surrounding alkaline water benefits.

I personally drink alkaline ionized water every day (and have been for the past year), and I feel better overall than I have in a long time.

There are also more than enough promising scientific studies showing that alkaline water does a better job of hydrating the human body, calms gout by helping the body unload excess uric acid through the urine, and ends even the most stubborn cases of heartburn.

A nasty case of heartburn is what led me to alkaline ionized water, and I haven’t looked back since.

However, it’s important to remember that alkaline water is only water. The problem I see online is that opportunists claim it can “cure” everything, which is untrue. Those same opportunists fuel alkaline water skeptics and give alkaline water a bad rap.

One of the primary reasons I’m so passionate about this site is that I want to help you understand alkaline water and ionized water better.

That’s enough about me, though.

How does QURE make its water?

Did you know there are several types of alkaline water? Here’s a list of the types of alkaline water offered by most bottled water brands:

  • Ionized Water
  • Artesian Water
  • Spring Water
  • Remineralized Water

I prefer ionized water.

What type of Alkaline water is QURE?

As I mentioned at the beginning of my review, QURE uses a unique process to make its alkaline water that mimics Mother Nature.

Here are the steps of QURE’s filtration process:

  1. QURE starts with a 9-stage reverse osmosis purification system that purifies and strips the water of all its minerals.
  2. The water then runs through QURE’s special blend of ionic alkaline minerals to boost the pH of the water and add electrolytes.
  3. After the water finishes remineralizing, QURE passes the remineralized water through coconut and mesh filters to enhance the flavor.
  4. Finally, the water passes through ultraviolet sterilization (the same filtration used in Life Ionizers’ new MXL series).

You can also check out the video below:

My QURE Water Review

I always like to add my two cents at the end of my water reviews since I’ve researched a long – and growing – list of alkaline water brands.


  • The first thing I noticed that I like about QURE as a company is they advertise “balance” as the main benefit of drinking their water. They don’t make any wild health claims or offer bogus science. Instead, they encourage people to drink QURE to balance out the acidity found in our food and other beverages.
  • The water is sodium and fluoride-free.
  • The bottles are BPA-free
  • The low TDS impresses me the most. I thought QURE would have a higher TDS since they add minerals to their water to boost the pH. A TDS reading of 32 is low, and I can drink this water exclusively without worrying about overdoing my daily mineral intake.
  • The filtration process is solid. QURE is undoubtedly making purified water, free of contaminants with an exceptional taste.
  • I like that QURE filters its own water instead of bottling the alkaline water found in domestic aquifers. I’m still unsure about the impact other brands that sell domestic artesian water are having on the environment and domestic water supply.


I had trouble finding dislikes for QURE because I like what they have going on and the company’s culture. QURE is only the second brand I’ve found where my dislikes come down to preference.

  • I prefer alkaline ionized water made by electrolysis over alkaline mineralization. Premium alkaline water machines that use electrolysis also boost the molecular hydrogen content and antioxidant potential of the water.
  • The pH of 10 is a bit high for my taste. I like to keep the pH of my alkaline water between 8 and 9.5. You may find that just one bottle of QURE per day helps you find balance. However, it’s easy for the body to neutralize higher alkaline water since water is not a strong base. This is especially true since QURE has a low TDS.

Final Thoughts

What did you think of my QURE water review? Did I leave anything out?

I think I covered almost everything that’s important to know about this brand before you purchase, or if you just wanted to know more about it.

Overall, I like QURE’s unique process, even though they don’t use electrolysis. In my opinion, their filtration is similar to what alkaline water filter pitchers use, just better.