Life Ionizer vs Tyent Water Ionizer • (Complete 2021 Analysis)

Last updated Jan 12, 2021

In today’s article, I put Life Ionizer MXL-15 up against the Tyent UCE-11 to see which comes out the victor. I’ll tell you right now that these are two of the best home water ionizers money can buy, and in the end, it’ll be up to you to decide which ionizer gives you the most bang for your buck.

While performing my Life MXL-15 review, I was amazed by some of its features. It’s certainly one of the most powerful alkaline water machines in the world.

In 2019, I ranked the Tyent UCE-11 as my #1 best water ionizer. Let’s see if it deserves the crown once again in 2020 or has Life produced a superior unit?

Where are TyentUSA Water Ionizers made?

Tyent produces and assembles their ionizers in an ISO-approved factory in Korea. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an internationally recognized authority for best manufacturing practices and quality assurance. In fact, I once I had to take an ISO course way back when during my days working as a construction manager in the curtain wall industry.

Tyent stresses that people should not trust brands that produce ionizers in China and Taiwan.

Tyent also guarantees that each of its units is tested by hand before being shipped from Korea to the United States.

Overall, I appreciate the transparency on their website. They’ve been in business for over 15 years.

They also provide a page dedicated to their certifications including certs from the GMP, BBB, and KFDA.

Where are Life Ionizers made?

Similar to Tyent, Life Ionizers designs its alkaline water machines in the USA and manufactures them in South Korea.

According to their website, they import several components from Japan and USA.

Life writes the reason consumers should only trust ionizers manufactured in Korea or Japan is that both countries have certification programs that ensure the ionizers are medical grade.

Life has been in business for 21 years, slightly longer than Tyent.

Life lists several quality certifications including ISO, CE (European union certification), WQA (Water Quality Association), KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration certifies ionizers as medical devices), and People Against Cancer (certifies treatment systems for cancer treatment).

Overall, I think both Tyent and Life are producing superior quality ionizers in top-notch facilities.

I like to see the long list of certifications both companies offer with the medical-grade tag from the KFDA. That tells me I’m buying a top of the line product from either company.

Tyent UCE-11 vs Life MXL-15 Feature Comparison

Below, you’ll find a feature comparison table:

Model pH Range Max Negative ORP Self Cleaning? # of Filters # of Titanium Plates # of Water Settings Warranty
UCE-11 1.7 to 12 -1050 mV Yes 2 11 55 Presets Lifetime
MXL-15 1.7 to 12.2 -1005 mV Yes 2 15 8 Levels Lifetime

As you can see, these two machines tie in most categories, and in my opinion, it’s no coincidence.

These two companies are fighting head to head for that top spot in the water ionizer industry.

The MXL-15 does have more platinum-coated titanium plates than the UCE-11, yet the UCE-11 produces water with a slightly higher negative ORP, which is the measure of antioxidant potential.

Flow Rate

The one area that the MXL-15 does outshine the Tyent UCE-11 is flow rate. Because of the MXL-15’s larger ionization chamber and additional plates, it has a flow rate of 6 liters per minute while the Tyent UCE-11 can produce roughly 4 liters every 2 minutes.

In my opinion, a faster flow rate doesn’t necessarily make the MXL-15 a superior machine, but if you need to fill a large water jug in a hurry, the MXL-15 is the winner.

Digital Displays

Both the MXL-15 and UCE-11 come in under counter versions with attractive digital displays above your sink.

Check out the Life Ionizer display vs the Tyent UCE-11 display below (Life left side vs Tyent right side):

life ionizer vs tyent

Personally, I like the cell-phone inspired display of the Tyent more.

Molecular Hydrogen

There is a growing demand for added molecular hydrogen in alkaline water for its additional health benefits.

Both the MXL-15 and Tyent UCE-11 boost molecular hydrogen, however, the MXL-15 does it automatically while the UCE-11 gives you a “Hydrogen Boost” option.

It’s up to whether you want the option to boost the hydrogen or if it’s not important to you.

Life Ionizer MXL-15 Pros and Cons

  • More titanium plates
  • Faster flow rate
  • Larger ionization chamber
  • Lifetime warranty
  • More expensive
  • Slightly larger footprint
  • Less attractive digital display on faucet

Tyent UCE-11 Pros and Cons

  • Smaller footprint
  • Lower price for near identical features
  • More attractive digital faucet display
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fewer titanium plates
  • Slower flow rate

Life vs Tyent Price Comparison

At the time of this writing, the MXL-15 costs more than the UCE-11. Do you think it’s worth the extra money?

Demonstration Videos

Now, let’s take a look at a visual representation of each machine to give you an idea of what each would like in your kitchen.

First, the MXL-15:

Second, the Tyent UCE-11:

Which do you like more?

Life Ionizers and TyentUSA Reviews

Life Ionizers currently has a solid score at Trust Pilot with 86% excellent rating out of 300 reviews. Here’s a screenshot below:

Life ionizers on trust pilot

TyentUSA currently has an entire page devoted to customer reviews mostly posted via Facebook. Here’s a screenshot from their page:

tyent USA reviews

There’s no doubt in my mind that both companies produce a superior product with the certifications to back up the quality of their ionizers.

I like that they both manufacture their ionizers in Korea, where they’re able to get a medical-grade certification for their water machines.

When purchasing a water ionizer, it’s critical to be sure you’re buying legit platinum-coated titanium plates that will last you a lifetime.

Both companies back up their water ionizers with a lifetime warranty, and they both have excellent customer service track records.

Bottom Line

In the battle of Tyent UCE-11 vs Life Ionizer MXL-15, I give the slight nod to Tyent.

However, I do think the MXL-15 is the more powerful machine. It’s the most powerful home water ionizer I’ve seen on the market today.

I prefer the smartphone-inspired display on the Tyent UCE-11, and I think Life will eventually update theirs to match Tyent’s.

The question you must ask yourself: Is the MXL-15 worth the extra $1000?

Do you own one of these machines? What made you decide on one over the other?

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