5 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Lead • (2024 Reviews)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our guide to choosing the best water filter pitcher for lead removal. The Flint water crisis that started back in 2014 – and has yet to resolve – opened up a lot of people’s eyes to the fact that there’s lead contamination affecting municipalities throughout the country. Currently, there’s a new lead crisis in Newark.

How does lead contaminate your tap water? Lead leaches from old pipes into the public water supply. If your tap water smells or tastes bad, it’s best to invest in a lead water filter pitcher to err on the side of caution. There are several affordable water filter pitchers for lead, and they do an awesome job of removing it.

In this article, we share our top 5 best water filter pitchers for lead removal, explain why we chose them in a brief buyer’s guide, and share additional water filtration tips to help you guarantee you and your family are drinking clean, safe water.

Top 5 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Lead Removal

Model Specs
#1 Aquagear

aquagear best water pitcher filter for lead Check Price at Amazon #ad

Removes 99.9% of Lead to Undetectable Levels
  • Aquagear is currently the best water filter pitcher for lead removal on the market
  • The Aquagear filter reduced lead in Flint, MI to undetectable levels
  • Aquagear’s filters are made in the USA and remove additional substances at an impressive rate including chromium 6, chloramines, mercury, and more!
  • Tested to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for contamination reduction
  • Filter Life: 150 gallons
  • Lead Reduction Test Results
#2 Brita Longlast Filter

brita pitcher Check Price at Amazon #ad

Removes 99.6% of Lead
  • Brita’s Longlast filter is a powerful lead water filter and also the most affordable option in our top 5
  • The Brita Longlast filter is compatible with all Brita pitcher models (except Stream & Infinity) and can replace your current Standard filter
  • Brita’s Longlast filter is WQA (Water Quality Association) certified for lead removal
  • BPA-Free and super easy to install with the new pull-top cap design
  • Filter Life: 120 gallons or 6 months
  • Lead Reduction Test Results
#3 Clearly Filtered

clearly filtered lead-reducing pitcher filter Check Price at Amazon #ad

Removes 99.5% of Lead
  • Clearly Filtered is a premium water filter pitcher that removes over 230 known water contaminants from your tap water!
  • Independently tested to be in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 244, 401 & 473
  • BPA-Free and 100% food-grade materials
  • Filter Life: 100 gallons or 4 months
  • Lead Reduction Test Results
#4 PUR Lead Reduction Filter

pur lead reduction pitcher Check Price at Amazon #ad

Removes 99% of Lead
  • PUR’s special lead reduction filter removes an impressive 99% of lead
  • WQA-certified to reduce lead and 22 more common water contaminants
  • BPA-Free
  • CleanSensor Monitor in lid tracks filter life so you don’t have to
  • Easy-fill lid design and upgraded comfort-grip handle
  • Filter Life: 40 gallons or 2 months
#5 Seychelle

seychelle water filter pitcher Check Price at Amazon #ad

Removes 97.5% of Lead
  • Filters made in the USA for over 20 years in an ISO-certified facility
  • Special alkalizing filters add minerals to your drinking water for a better-tasting healthier water
  • Easy-grip handle and a secure lid that won’t slip off during pouring (a common problem with other water pitchers)
  • BPA-Free
  • Filter Life: 100 gallons per filter
  • Lead Reduction Test Results

What did you think of our top 5 best lead water filter pitchers? Have you chosen one already? We dug deep to find the pitchers with the highest proven lead reduction rates.

What we like most about all of these pitchers is that they’re either WQA-certified or the company posted real lab test results on its website. We provided the links to the water quality reports in the chart above. The one exception is PUR, however, their filters are indeed WQA-certified for lead removal.

In the world of loosely-regulated water filtration products, we prefer seeing real results instead of taking a company’s word for it. It reminds me of that scene from Tommy Boy, but that’s for another article.

Let’s move on to the buyer’s guide.

Lead Water Filter Pitcher Buyer’s Guide

We know everyone has a different budget and needs. In this section, we’ll break down the most important factors to consider before you make your final decision.

Price Comparison

We already know that all of these pitchers do a fantastic job of removing lead, but what’s the upfront cost and how much do the replacement filters cost? Those are the questions we’re about to answer.

The list below goes in order from highest cost to cheapest price:

  • Clearly Filtered
  • Aquagear
  • Seychelle
  • PUR
  • Brita
We factored in the price of replacement filters when we calculated the cost for each pitcher

Filter Comparison

Aquagear (Single Pack)

Aquagear water pitcher replacement filter for lead removal

Clearly Filtered (1, 3, 6 Packs)

clearly filtered replacement filters

PUR Lead Reduction (1, 3, 6 Packs)

pur lead reduction replacement filters

Seychelle (1 & 2 Packs)

seychelle replacement filters

Brita Longlast (1 & 2 Packs)

Brita longlast filter

Our Top Picks

In this section, I’ll share our personal favorites and why we chose them.

The Seychelle pH2O pitcher is currently our favorite pitcher of all the water filter pitchers currently on the market. It checks all the boxes for us. It ranks #1 on our list of best alkaline water pitchers, and it continues to impress us in each filtration category.

seychelle lead water filter pitcherIf you’re looking for the best-tasting alkaline water that’s ultra-purified, we recommend the Seychelle pitcher.

Our #2 pick is Aquagear. Aquagear is certainly the best lead filter water pitcher currently on the market with its impressive Flint water tests results. Since Flint is the place where it all began, it’s amazing to see that the Aquagear filter reduced lead in Flint water to undetectable levels.

aquagear best lead filter water pitcherOur #3 pick and the top budget option is Brita. When we compared Brita vs PUR faucet filters, we found negative feedback for both brands, yet there was more for PUR. Both companies provide about the same level of water purification, and Brita costs less.

brita longlast pitcher filter for lead removalThe Brita Longlast filter also lasts longer than the PUR lead reduction filter and will cost you less over the life of the pitcher. Plus, the Longlast has an impressive lead reduction rate.

The only drawback is the notoriously slow Brita Longlast filter. Brita has yet to completely solve this problem, which means you may end up with a dud and need to contact Brita for replacements.

Bottom Line

That’s it! We’re confident that by now you’ve already chosen the best water filter pitcher for lead removal for your home. If you’re living in an area with lead contamination, lead is not something you want to fool around with when it comes to your drinking water. This is a contaminant that needs to be removed for the sake of your family’s health.

The Flint water crisis is what prompted Brita and PUR to manufacture a filter specially designed for lead removal. Other companies including Aquagear and Clearly Filtered have taken water purification to a whole new level with their filters. The beauty of Aquagear and Clearly Filtered is their filters remove an impressive amount of contaminants while leaving essential minerals intact.

One of the biggest drawbacks to Zero Water and reverse osmosis water is that it’s been stripped of all minerals, including healthy essential ones. Aquagear and Clearly Filtered figured out a better way to do it, and we like that.

The bottom line is you can’t go wrong with any of our Top 5 lead water filter pitchers.

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