Cuzn UC 200 Review 2024 • Everything You Need to Know

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Welcome to our comprehensive Cuzn UC 200 review. This week has been under-sink water filtration system week, and thus far, it’s been a fun ride. Cuzn, Woder, and Frizzlite are the companies we’ve reviewed up until this point, and we’re happy to be sharing our thoughts on Cuzn water filters today.

Why choose an under-sink water filter instead of a water filter pitcher or faucet filter? The main advantages of an under-sink system are the convenience, around-the-clock filtered water on tap, and superior-tasting highly purified water.

In this guide and review, we’ll explore the core features of the Cuzn UC-200 50K system, compare Cuzn UC 200 vs Woder 10K Gen3, Cuzn UC 200 installation, and of course our review.

I’m confident that by the end, you’ll know for sure whether the Cuzn system is the best choice for your kitchen and municipal water.

Cuzn UC-200 Key Features & Overview

  • Specifically designed to be compatible with chlorine-treated municipal water, not private well water
  • The Cuzn UC-200 system connects directly to the existing cold water supply line beneath your sink (no need to install a separate faucet)
  • Filter Life: A whopping 5 years or 50,000 gallons!
  • 3-Stage Filtration: Micro Sediment, KDF-55, Acid-Washed Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Flow Rate: 2 GPM
  • Similar to Frizzlife and Woder filters, the Cuzn UC-200 filter removes water contaminants while leaving essential minerals intact
  • What does the filter remove? Chlorine, lead, mercury, VOCs, other heavy metals, chromium 6, pesticides, herbicides, and other common water contaminants (it does not significantly reduce fluoride or remove chloramines)
  • BPA-Free (the filter also employs the WQA’s recommended method for removing BPA from drinking water)
  • The filter contains a bacteriostatic element to inhibit bacteria and mold growth for the lifetime of the filter
  • Tested to comply with NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 61 for chlorine removal and safe materials
  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 5-Year Pro-Rated Warranty
  • Dimensions: 15″ Height x 4″ Diameter
  • Made in the USA
  •  Note:  This filter does not reduce PPM or TDS since it leaves essential minerals intact. Low TDS or 0 TDS water is a health myth, and TDS/PPM does not accurately measure water quality. Cuzn recommends measuring chlorine levels with DPD-1 test strips #ad after filtering, which is a more accurate way of measuring filter effectiveness than TDS or PPM meters.

cuzn uc 200 50k

What to expect?

As part of our analysis for each product we review, we take a close look at current info to identify positive and negative trends to pass along to you before you buy. Here’s what we found during our deep dive into Cuzn:

  • Cuzn customer service is undoubtedly eager and happy to help. Between Woder, Frizzlife, and Cuzn, Cuzn has the highest customer service marks.
  • Installation is easy-peasy and does not require a plumber or any drilling.
  • You’ll most likely be impressed by the materials used to construct the filter housing and quality of the metal hoses & connectors.
  • The taste of Cuzn filtered water is comparable to bottled water (no chlorine taste or smell).
  • Do note that Cuzn does not mention complying with NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for lead removal, although according to Cuzn, the filter removes up to 98% of lead. We recommend the notoriously slow Brita Longlast Filter or one of our top-rated lead water filter pitchers for optimal lead removal if you live in an area affected by lead contamination.
  • The UC-200 does not decrease water pressure (this is a key factor since the filter connects directly to the cold water supply line that feeds your primary sink faucet).

Cuzn UC 200 vs Woder 10k Gen3

cuzn uc 200 50k
Cuzn UC 200 vs Woder 10k Gen3

Yesterday, we compared Woder vs Cuzn in our Woder water filter review. While we were impressed by Woder and believe Woder’s filter is slightly better than the Frizzlife MP99 filter, the Cuzn UC-200 outshines Woder for several key reasons:

  • Cuzn customer service eclipse Woder’s
  • Cuzn manufactures its filtration products in the USA
  • Taste for Cuzn is better
  • The Cuzn UC-200 is more solidly constructed than the Woder 10K-Gen3
  • Filter life is longer for the UC-200
  • The metal tubing that comes with the Cuzn system is better than the 10K-Gen3 plastic tubing
  • Overall, the Cuzn UC-200 is worth the slightly higher upfront price because it’s the superior filter

Who Wins?

cuzn uc 200 50k

Cuzn wins!

Cuzn UC 200 Installation

Are you curious to know how to install the Cuzn UC-200 under-sink water filtration system? The video below demonstrates exactly how it’s done:

Do note that Cuzn recommends installing the filter vertically. Make sure the filter will fit vertically below your sink before you buy (15″ Height x 4″ Diameter)

Our Cuzn UC-200 50K Review

We’ve reviewed and inspected well over a hundred different water filters, and out of all of them, Cuzn is one of the more impressive companies we’ve come across.

From the glowing Cuzn feedback to the made-in-the-USA element, Cuzn checks mostly all of the boxes for us.

The dedicated customer service team shows that Cuzn cares about the customer and takes pride in its filtration products. They have more of a mom-and-pop feel than a corporate feel, and we like that when choosing the best company to buy a water filter from.

Here’s what we like:

  • The combination of coconut shell activated carbon and KDF-55 is a proven effective blend that removes/reduces a wide range of water contaminants.
  • The bacteriostatic element keeps the filter mold-free and bacteria-free during the long life of the filter.
  • We like that the filter leaves essential minerals intact. This makes for a better-tasting, more pH-balanced water that’s healthier to drink.
  • The long life of the filter is a major selling point. Imagine not having to worry about changing a pitcher filter every month or a PUR faucet filter that’ll most likely leak anyway.
  • Installing the Cuzn UC-200 is a lot easier than a reverse osmosis system. It’s even a great option for renters since it requires no alterations to the existing plumbing or sink components.
  • The excellent taste
  • As mentioned several times already, the customer service team is doing a superb job.
  • Made in the USA, no suspect Chinese parts
  • Metal tubing and connectors rather than plastic
  • BPA-free parts

What we don’t like:

  • We would like to see Cuzn list NSF/ANSI Standard 53 in its list of NSF/ANSI Standards and provide a public lab test results report for its UC-200 filter. Other than that slight blip, there are no real disadvantages to buying the Cuzn UC-200.

Overall Score: 9/10

cuzn uc 200 50k

Bottom Line

After reading through the Cuzn water filter info and inspecting the guts of this under sink water filtration system, we highly recommend the UC-200 as one of the best under-sink water filters currently on the market.

Outside of its products, Cuzn as a company impresses us, and we trust their knowledge. Considering the UC-200 has the longest filter life of the three, we feel as though it gives you more bang for your buck than comparable Frizzlife and Woder systems.