The Only Refrigerator Water Filters That Remove Fluoride (2024)

Last updated Feb 15, 2024

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Do refrigerator water filters remove fluoride? The answer to this question is “yes,” and refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride are difficult to find. Options are extremely limited, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available for your home.

In this article, I share our top inline refrigerator water filter replacement picks (that remove fluoride), a brief installation guide, and alternative fluoride removal solutions for your home.

Let’s start with your available options

Refrigerator Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

Filter Specs

#1 AQUACREST Inline Fridge Filter

AQUACREST GXRTQR Inline refrigerator Water Filter w/ fluoride removal Check Price at Amazon #ad

Compatible with GE GXRTQR

  • Compatible with GE GXRTQR only
  • Special filter media mix with granular activated carbon (GAC) reduces fluoride and limescale to protect your appliances against mineral buildup
  • No-tools-required installation and leak-free with the GE GXRTQR refrigerator
  • Filter Life: 2000 gallons or 6 months

#2 Propur Promax

Propur Propur Promax Inline Connect Refrigerator Filter w/ fluoride removal Check Price at Amazon #ad

Universal Inline Refrigerator Filter

  • Compatible with any refrigerator with a water line
  • BPA-Free
  • Powerful filtration technology removes over 200 known water contaminants including lead, fluoride, chlorine, chloramines
  • Filter Life: 750 gallons or 9 months

As of now, these are the only two inline refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride from your drinking water. Unfortunately, there are no built-in filters such as drop-down, grille, slide-out, and canister available quite yet.

However, there are alternative fluoride removal solutions for your home that will remove fluoride from your refrigerator drinking water. The trick is to use a whole-house water filter that removes fluoride. This way, the water feeding your fridge filter has already undergone fluoride removal.

This type of filtration is point-of-entry, and it removes fluoride from all the water that enters your home. Before we go over the alternative methods for fluoride removal, let’s go over several installation tips for the inline filters from the chart above.

Inline Refrigerator Water Filter Installation Guide

The inline refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride in the chart above must be installed properly to avoid the risk of flooding and leaking. The AQUACREST filter is a lot easier to install than the Propur filter since it’s compatible with the GE GXRTQR refrigerator only.

Here are several tips to follow to enjoy a leak-free experience:

  • When you replace your GE GXRTQR filter, be sure to pay close attention to how the existing filter is positioned to ensure you install the AQUACREST filter in the same exact final position
  • Always check the connections on both sides of the filter for leaks after the installation
  • If you’re unsure about the installation steps for the AQUACREST or Propur filter, it’s best to hire a plumber or someone with plumbing experience to verify there are no leaks and that the connections are properly secured
  • After installing the filter, flush the filter with at least one gallon of water before drinking

Now, let’s move on to several alternative methods.

Alternative Fluoride Removal Solutions

Since refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride are mighty limited at this time, you may prefer other fluoride removal methods. In this section, I offer you three options, and I’m confident that at least one of them will suit your needs.

I ordered the three options from lowest to highest cost.

#1 Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

If you want to avoid installing a whole-house filter, especially if you’re a renter, then a fluoride water filter pitcher may be your best bet for removing fluoride from your tap water.

Yes, you won’t have the convenience of fluoride-free water from your refrigerator, but the best fluoride water filter pitchers do a fantastic job of removing fluoride.

The #1 option currently available is the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher that removes an impressive 98.2% of fluoride.

Click the image below to view the Clearly Filtered pitcher at Amazon #ad:

clearly filtered pitcher for fluoride removal

#2 Countertop Water Filter w/ Activated Alumina

Another convenient option is a countertop water filter with activated alumina. Activated alumina filtration is safe and does an amazing job of removing up to 99% of fluoride from your tap water.

Our current top pick in this category is the Home Master JR F2 Elite:

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System


  • Effectively removes up to 93% of fluoride
  • Super easy to install at any sink with a standard faucet
  • Space-saving design won’t eat up valuable counter space
  • Removes chlorine, VOCs, arsenic, pesticides, herbicides and more while leaving essential minerals intact
  • More powerful than a standard refrigerator filter
  • Filter Life: 500 gallons or 3 months

#3 Activated Alumina Whole-House Water Filter

The final option we recommend is a whole-house activated alumina filter. This point-of-entry system removes fluoride from all the water entering your home.

What we love about this system is that it’s great to use in conjunction with your existing refrigerator water filter for ultra-pure drinking water.

The drawbacks to a whole-house system are a more complicated installation, higher cost, and it’s difficult to find a reliable whole-house activated alumina filter for a reasonable price.

Below are two available options:

WECO Whole-House Filter

WECO Whole House Filter with Activated Alumina for Fluoride and Arsenic Removal (AAL-1665)

Big Blue Whole-House Filter

Bottom Line

Refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride are quite limited at this time, and the biggest drawback to the filters that do remove fluoride is the lack of lab test results showing the fluoride reduction rate.

The alternative solutions we provided above are all superior options for effective and reliable fluoride removal.

Have you already checked if your tap water is fluoridated? In case you haven’t, it’s free and easy to do. Click Here to use the CDC’s free fluoride checker tool. Once you land on the CDC page, the instructions are easy to follow.

After you confirm whether the water in your area is fluoridated, we recommend investing in one of the filters above if you’re concerned about fluoride in your drinking water.

Most municipalities have a fluoride level of .7ppm, which is below the EPA’s Secondary Standard recommendation of 2ppm.