Manna Water Bottles Review • Moda, Vogue, Ranger (vs Swell)

Welcome to our Manna water bottles review. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Manna water bottles including the Vogue, Moda, Ranger, and Ring Growler models. Along with our review, we included a Manna vs Swell (S’well) water bottle comparison to help make your buying decision even easier.

Over the past year, we’ve reviewed and inspected a long list of water-related products. We’re big fans of vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottles. They not only significantly cut down on plastic waste, but they’re also the best way to store our alkaline ionized water for the day, or any type of filtered water for that matter.

In this review, we’ll go over the most popular Manna models, features/highlights of Manna water bottles, compare them to S’well, explore current owner reviews, and share our review.

Let’s start with the available models.

Manna Water Bottle Models

Manna Vogue 17 oz.

manna water bottle review

Manna Moda 18 oz.

manna moda water bottle review

Manna Ranger (18, 26, 64 oz.)

manna ranger water bottle review

Manna Ring Growler 64 oz.

manna water bottle 64 oz growler review

These are the four main types of Manna water bottles that we’ll focus on throughout our review.

Key Features & Highlights

  • All Manna water bottles are made with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel
  • The bottles are both BPA-Free and free of lead
  • Manna vacuum-insulated bottles keep hot drinks up to 12 hours and cold drinks up to 24 hours
  • The Ranger and Ring Growler models have swing-top lids that make it easier to avoid losing the lid
  • Replacement lids are easy to find (unlike other bottles we’ve reviewed)
  • All Manna bottles are leak-proof and sweat-proof (no condensation to worry about on the outside of the bottle)
  • The Ranger and Ring Growler models have wider mouths, making them easier to clean and add ice to
  • The Vogue and Moda models may require a silicone bottle brush or the Manna bottle brush to clean
  • There are non-slip matte, metallic, and powder coating (Ranger) finishes available

Overall, Manna water bottles have mostly the same features as competing brands, including S’well and YETI. The most important considerations are execution and performance.

Are current owners happy with their Manna bottles, and is Manna delivering on its promises?

Manna Water Bottle Reviews

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at what current owners are saying about their Manna water bottles. When we created this section, we identified trends in the reviews to help save you time. Here’s what we found:

  • Most happy owners reported that the Manna Vogue does a fantastic job keeping cold liquids cold even on the hottest summer days. One person said the bottle can get hot to the touch yet remain cold on the inside.
  • Owners love the design and visual appeal of the bottles
  • There are several negative reports written by people who experienced rust spots on various parts of the bottle including around the mouth and on the inside
  • Several others have experienced broken seals around the lid after months of use, which cancels out the important leak-proof feature (however, it’s easy to pick up universal silicone seals)
  • Other reviewers applauded the durability of Manna bottles after accidental drops
  • A coffee and tea drinker confirmed that the Manna Vogue keeps hot drinks hot for the advertised time
  • If you intend to use larger ice cubes, it’s best to stick with the Ranger or Growler models because several owners said they can’t fit ice cubes in the narrow-mouth Moda
  • Some owners experienced chipping of the metallic finish and easy scratching on other finishes
  • One person finishes drinking the water before the ice has a chance to melt (several owners reported ice remaining frozen for days)
  • A handful of owners reported a shattered Ranger bottle lid after accidental drops or bumps
  • One downside of the Growler is no replacement lids, and several owners who dropped theirs broke the lid
  • Growler owners love the design of the lid, one woman said the Manna Growler is on par with the more expensive YETI Growler

Our Manna Water Bottles Review

After researching all the available models and reading all the owner reviews, we’re confident that our review will help you make the best buying decision. To make our review easier to read, I broke it into two parts: our likes and our dislikes.


  • Kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel is currently the gold standard in the vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle department.
  • Manna certainly delivers on its promise of keeping cold drinks for up to 24 hours and hot beverages for up to 12 hours. The reports of ice saving for days impressed us as well as the reports of beverages remaining cold after sitting for hours in a hot car.
  • We like the price. Manna bottles are more affordable than other competing brands.
  • The designs are sleek, and we especially enjoy the design of the Growler for holding beer and other alcoholic beverages.
  • The durability reviews for the Vogue and Moda bottles impressed us. We think out of the four models, the Vogue bottle is the best for people who want a stainless steel water bottle.
  • Replacement lids and gaskets are easy to find for the Vogue bottle.


  • The reports of rust spots forming around the mouth and inside the bottle (photo evidence to prove it) turned us off, although, we do think this problem is rare.
  • Accidental drops can lead to broken Growler lids, which equals money down the drain since there are no replacements available.
  • Large ice cubes won’t fit in the Moda bottle.
  • Reports of paint chipping off the metallic finish makes us wary about recommending the Moda bottle.

Our Rankings

  1. Vogue
  2. Growler
  3. Ranger
  4. Moda

Overall Score: 7/10

Manna vs S’well Water Bottle

Now, let’s compare Manna to S’well. We put the popular S’well 17 oz. stainless steel bottle up against the Manna Vogue 17 oz.

S’well 17 oz. Bottle

swell vs manna water bottle

Manna Vogue 17 oz. Bottle

manna vs swell water bottle

Key Considerations

  • S’well bottles cost a good chunk more than Manna bottles
  • S’well offers triple-walled vacuum insulation while Manna uses a double wall
  • Both companies use 18/8 stainless steel
  • S’well offers a wider range of accessories including straws, cleaning brushes, a sports cap, and a swing cap
  • There are more color and size options offered by S’well
  • Manna offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects while S’well offers a one-year limited warranty
  • S’well is a more established company with a focus on reducing plastic waste through the sale of its bottles
  • Strangely enough, both companies are based in New York City
  • There are significantly fewer rust reports for the S’well bottle (only 2 reports out of roughly 500 total reviews)
  • There are significantly fewer reports of paint chipping off the S’well bottle

Who wins?

Overall, the winner is S’well. S’well more than makes up for the difference in price with quality. The triple-wall vacuum seal alone makes it worth the extra money.

Aside from the triple-wall feature, there are significantly fewer reports of rust and paint chipping off the bottle. That’s an important factor to consider before you purchase.

The longer warranty period for Manna bottles is a solid selling point, but we’d rather not worry about replacing a water bottle by starting with a higher-quality product.

Bottom Line

While we do think Manna makes a reliable stainless steel water bottle, we prefer spending a little more to avoid several of the problems reported by current owners. If you plan to use your water bottle every day, you may agree with us.

If you plan to use the bottle occasionally, Manna is a solid option. We recommend sticking with the Vogue or Growler models to get the best quality. The Manna bottle will undoubtedly keep your drink cold even after sitting for hours in a hot car, which makes it perfect for people who intend to use it while running errands on a hot day.

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