My Story

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Greetings everyone who landed on this magnificent page of magic energy. I’m the creator, host, and writer for Alkaline Water Machine Source (AWMS), Pete.

I started AWMS as a review site for alkaline water machines or ionizers (they’re the same thing), and it’s turned into so much more.

I knew after writing the first post that I had a passion for helping others and sharing the information that I’ve picked up along my journey.

Life started for me all the way back in 1984 in the armpit of America, New Jersey.

I grew up on the beaches of Ocean City and from there, progressed to the green pastures of Clemson for college.

The photo below is of the boardwalk in my hometown:

ocean city new jersey summer

By the time I graduated in 2006, I was locked and loaded to begin the corporate life.

Here’s a rare photo of a snow-covered Clemson I took over a decade ago:

snow at clemson university

For several years afterward, I managed casino construction until I landed in my own office on the Las Vegas strip.

Then the economic collapse occurred and so did big construction.

Even before then, I knew I wanted to hit the exit door and pursue my lifelong dream of adventure and travel.

It all began in Hawaii, where I visited my aunt and uncle.

Here’s a photo of me playing in the lava:

hiking in the lava of hawaii

After Hawaii, I took what I had and moved to the Philippines.

My Battle with Chronic Fatigue

Let’s rewind first.

Right after I finished college, my father suddenly passed away.

Shortly after that, I came down with a case of mononucleosis that knocked me on my tuchus.

For years and years, I accepted the fact that I’d be tired for the rest of my life – I just had to deal with it.

Who was I to complain?

I’m an American guy, and even the poorest Americans have more than most other people in the world.

I remember one morning that was particularly challenging.

After returning home following a music festival with my friends in Florida, my fatigue hit its highest point ever.

I literally couldn’t walk, so I crawled to the kitchen and reached my hand up to grab an orange to eat.

While eating the orange, I sat there huffing and puffing for air.

I’m not the type of person who runs to the doctor, and they had already chalked my problem up as mono.

Back to Asia

By the time I made it to Asia, I was still tired, but not near as tired as the day I had to crawl to eat an orange.

The sunrise on the day of my arrival in Manila to new beginnings:

sunrise in Manila

I began testing herbs and different natural remedies.

They all provided temporary relief, however, nothing ever seemed to work for more than a couple of weeks before I needed to try something new.

Even before I left for Asia, I experimented with snake oil and probably did more harm to my body than good.

Fatigue is a nasty ailment; it makes you feel like you’re an alien in your own body.

I constantly wanted to feel whole again and get my old energy back.

Working was always a struggle because I became burned out very quickly, yet my burning desire to succeed at all costs remained intact.

Then I landed in Taiwan

By this time, I began working online as a writer to support myself and my travels.

Here’s a photo of the Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world:

taipei 101

It wasn’t the most glorious position, political writer, but it did put food on the table.

For the record, I’m not a political guy in the least.

alkaline ion water taiwanSo one of my first days in Taiwan, I walk into the 7-11, and there was this beautiful green bottle of water staring back at me.

The bottle said “Alkaline Ion Water” and claimed to be the best-tasting water in Taiwan.

I was super thirsty at the time.

I broke up the bottle and began chugging the cold contents.

The refreshing quality of the water immediately amazed me.

That’s when my research began

Once I felt the rejuvenating effects of the water after drinking it for a couple of weeks, I began looking deeper into what this alkaline water actually is.

My research led me to Japanese studies as well as a bunch of hocus-pocus.

I even found a place that sold alkaline water machines in Taiwan:

alkaline water machine store taiwan

I summoned my research skills from college that had been locked away in a chest with cotton-thick cobwebs.

After hours and hours of research, I came to realize that alkaline ionized water is no joke.

The longer I drank it, the better I felt each and every day.

The water brought me healing that herbs and other natural supplements never did.

My desire to take vitamins and herbs dwindled, but my desire to drink alkaline water around the clock skyrocketed.

After about a month of drinking the water every day, especially immediately after waking up, I felt like my old self.

The feeling brought me intense happiness after battling fatigue each and every day for nearly a decade.

A huge weight had been lifted off my mind and shoulders.

I was given a new lease on life through the healing powers of alkaline ionized water.

Life After Alkaline Water

I haven’t stopped drinking alkaline ionized water since that fateful day in Taiwan, and I’ve been working like a machine ever since.

My goals are starting to materialize as I’ve had the energy to bring my dreams to life, one at a time.

It’s a beautiful feeling to have finally figured out what was ailing me, and to think it was just water.

Current and strange self:

palawan puerta princesa

The problem with most bottled water is that it’s acidic.

We’re tricked into drinking water that we think is healthy by leading beverage companies.

In my opinion, one day everyone will drink alkaline ionized water, and even those beverage companies will begin to produce it.

The popularity of alkaline water has already reached new highs in America and will continue to rise.

In Asia, almost every convenience store carries it.

There are a lot of naysayers out there who attack the merits of alkaline water, but I ask: Would convenience stores carry it in First World countries if it was dangerous?

The Goal of AWMS

The goal of my site is to share accurate, scientifically-backed information with the public to help you, the reader, make the best possible choices in your healing journey.

I know from experience how painful it can be to heal and find yourself after being stricken with a debilitating illness.

Cancer and diabetes sufferers have embraced the healing effects of alkaline water and are experiencing positive changes in their healing journeys.

I spent countless hours putting together my list of alkaline water benefits here on my site to ensure that I only share accurate information.

The problem with today’s internet is that sly marketers can pass off websites as legit without any science to back up their claims all to make a buck.

That’s not the modus operandi here.

I’ve been in the trenches, and I’m here to share with you how I regained my health with the help of alkaline water.

I know if I can heal after a decade of relentless fatigue, then you can heal too.

It only makes sense – since most of the human body is made of water – that the healthiest water brings us balance.

Without health, life never feels right, and with all the medications out there these days, it’s mighty difficult to find that balance.

My Wish

My greatest wish is to see everyone in the world reach his or her fullest potential.

If my website can help even just one person heal or feel better overall, then I feel like I’ve done my job as a human being.

It excites me to share with you how I healed and hear all about your alkaline water journeys.

I think there’s a little bit of Pete in all of us.

If I can find the power to heal, then so can you!

With that, I will leave you.

Cheers to good health and best of luck on your journey!

– Pete