10 Amazing Alkaline Herbs & Spices Your Body Will Love

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10 Amazing Alkaline Herbs & Spices to Dramatically Boost Your Health

Welcome to our private page! We’re happy to welcome you with open arms. In this exclusive guide, we provide a list of high alkaline herbs & spices, along with a helpful alkaline herbs chart to make the information easier to consume (no pun intended).

In the chart, we list each herb or spice, the health benefits, most common preparations, and direct links to the products we recommend. Over the past decade, we’ve tested a lot of herbs. The high alkaline herbs in our chart below are there for a reason. They’re the herbs that have treated us the best over the years.

You’ll soon discover that alkaline herbs have a detoxifying effect on the body. You not only balance your pH, but you detoxify your liver, blood, and other major systems of the body. What could be better for your health than that?

If you feel sluggish, tired, unmotivated, and not like yourself, it’s time to detoxify your body to get back to your old self! The alkaline herbs chart below is the perfect resource to get you started on your healing journey today, not tomorrow!

Alkaline Herbs Chart

Herb or Spice Benefits & Preparations

#1 Stinging Nettle

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  • Nettle is a pleasant smelling and tasting herb with a wide variety of health benefits
  • It’s highly affordable and a powerful main ingredient in alkaline herbal teas
  • Nettle possesses anti-inflammatory properties, hence it’s positive effect on prostate health (natural BPH treatment), the urinary tract, and kidneys
  • A lot of people are beginning to get more nettle in their diets to treat/prevent hair loss
  • Common Preparations: Tea, Tincture, Encapsulated Powder

#2 Dandelion Root

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  • Did you know the entire dandelion plant, including the flowers and roots, is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber?
  • Dandelion is packed with anti-aging antioxidants, making it a great companion to alkaline ionized water
  • Many health enthusiasts use dandelion as a liver tonic because there’s evidence showing it both cleanses and protects the liver
  • Dandelion potentially aids natural weight loss
  • Common Preparations: Tea, Capsules

#3 Cayenne Pepper

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  • Cayenne pepper is a superb source of vitamin A, plus other vitamins including E, C, B6, and K
  • It’s a wonderful addition to a healthy weight loss diet because of it’s ability to boost metabolism and curb appetite
  • Potent natural pain relief
  • Naturally boost digestive health and avoid stomach ulcers
  • Common Preparations: Powder taken in a small amount of water, Capsules, Sprinkled on food

#4 Lemon Balm

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  • Lemon balm’s unique ability to calm the mind after a stressful day makes it an excellent natural sleep aid
  • Amazingly enough, it calms the mind yet boosts alertness and mood
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • A superb choice to add to an herbal liver detoxification blend or used on its own
  • An herbal brain tonic
  • Common Preparations: Tea, Capsules

#5 Turmeric Root

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  • There’s evidence showing Turmeric’s unique ability to stabilize mood
  • Turmeric possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for calming stiff joints and irritation throughout the body
  • There are studies suggesting the active compound in Turmeric, curcumin, has a positive effect on Alzheimer’s disease
  • Curcumin may lower the risk of heart disease
  • Common Preparations: Tea, Capsules, Golden Milk, Cooking, Smoothies, Juices

#6 Garlic

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  • Garlic is low-calorie yet it’s packed with vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, selenium, and manganese
  • Garlic’s powerful immune-boosting properties make it great for preventing and reducing the symptoms of common illnesses such as colds
  • Improve cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure
  • Detoxification of heavy metals
  • Common Preparations: Raw or Cooked (we prefer raw), Capsules

#7 Burdock Root

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  • Potential anti-cancer properties through the power of antioxidants quercetin and luteolin
  • Effective decongestive and expectorant properties to make coughs more productive
  • Burdock is most well-known for its ability to detoxify the liver
  • Like most alkaline herbs, burdock has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body
  • Common Preparations: Root Tea, Capsules, Tinctures

#8 Elderberries

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  • A potent source of all-natural vitamin C
  • There’s evidence supporting its ability to shorten the duration of colds and the flu
  • A unique ability to lower uric acid, making it a worthy addition to alkaline water to aid gout sufferers
  • Many people use elderberries for their immune-boosting properties during cold and flu season
  • Common Preparations: Syrup, Tea, Capsules

#9 Sarsaparilla Root

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  • High in iron and predominantly used as a blood purifier
  • Psoriasis sufferers often report positive results after beginning sarsaparilla supplementation
  • One promising study discovered an anti-cancer effect
  • May reverse liver damage and protect the liver
  • Common Preparations: Tea, Tinctures, Infusions

#10 Yellow Dock Root

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  • Yellow dock root is a potent and well-known liver cleanser
  • Many users report positive effects on acne, rosacea, and psoriasis
  • An all-natural source of iron (great for anemia sufferers)
  • Relieves chronic constipation to help sufferers get regular again
  • Common Preparations: Tea, Tinctures, Capsules

What did you think of our alkaline herbs chart? Did you find what you were looking for? We had a blast putting this list together especially for you, and we hope you enjoyed it!

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