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Welcome to our Aquabliss shower filter review and Aquabliss SF100 vs SF220 comparison. In this article, you’ll learn the key differences between the SF100 and SF220 models, the benefits of using an Aquabliss shower filter, replacement filter info, explore current customer reviews, and get our two cents.

A lot of people are finding relief for skin problems such as eczema and dandruff by getting to the root of the problem. A quality shower filter does a great job of removing chlorine that can wreak havoc on skin health. No matter how many expensive moisturizers or skincare products people throw at the problem, it never seems to go away. Well, if that’s you, a shower filter could be the answer to your problem.

Our job is to help you decide if the Aquabliss shower filter is the one for you. Let’s start with the key features of the Aquabliss SF models. I’ll tell you upfront that both models are essentially the same. After the features section, we’ll go over the handful of key differences between the SF100 and SF220.

Aquabliss Shower Filter Key Features

  • The Aquabliss SF100 12-stage shower filter utilizes a wide range of filtration media including calcium sulfite, redox media, activated carbon, far-infrared ceramic balls, zeolite, vitamin C, tourmaline, and magnetic energy balls (the combination is similar to alkaline water pitcher filters)
  • Which water contaminants do Aquabliss filters remove? The calcium sulfite, redox media, and activated carbon due to the heavy lifting to remove chlorine, trihalomethane (THMs), scale, and pesticides
  • Filter Life: 10,000 – 12,000 gallons or 6 months
  • 1st filter included with purchase
  • Plastic housing with chrome finish only
  • No-tools-required easy installation fits all types of shower fixtures including fixed, rain, and handheld showers
  • One-year manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship

aquabliss sf100

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Aquabliss SF100 vs SF220 Comparison

What’s the difference between the two models? We had to do some digging, but now we know the exact differences between the two models.

Key Points & Differences

  • The housing is the same size for both models because the filters are interchangeable.
  • The focus of the SF220 filter is to remove chemicals from your source water, particularly chlorine.  According to Aquabliss, the SF220 filter removes more chlorine than the SF100 water.  If you live in an area with high amounts of chlorine such as Chicago, Aquabliss recommends its SF220 filter.
  • Aquabliss’ SF220 filter contains activated carbon, redox media, and calcium sulfite only.
  • The 12-Stage SF100 filter contains those three types of media plus minerals, Vitamin C, and far-infrared ceramic balls to improve the pH balance of your water.
  • Aquabliss recommends the SF100 filter for people who desire softer shinier hair, stronger nails, and who suffer from itchy skin conditions such as dandruff and eczema.
  • According to Aquabliss, the SF220 is the older version of the Aquabliss SF300.

Aquabliss Replacement Shower Filters

At the time of this writing, the SF100 and SF220 replacements filters are the same price. Click the images or buttons below to view the current price for each:

Aquabliss SF100 Replacement Filter

aquabliss replacement 12 stage filter cartridge sf100

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Aquabliss SF220 Replacement Filter

aquabliss replacement 3 stage filter cartridge sf220

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Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s see what current owners have to say about the quality of their shower experience since installing an Aquabliss shower filter.

Current Aquabliss Shower Filter Reviews

In this section, we summarize the positive and negative trends we found among the current owner reviews for both the SF100 and SF200 models.

  • Most owners said the installation is easy-peasy.
  • There are a handful of leak reports, however, Aquabliss includes Teflon tape in case of minor leaks.
  • There are numerous reports written by happy users about how their hair feels softer after showering. One dandruff sufferer said the Aquabliss filter finally got rid of their dandruff after nothing else worked.
  • One parent said that after installing the Aquabliss filter, her children’s eczema and itching finally stopped. She also noted that her skin isn’t as dry or ashy as it was before.
  • Several owners reported that the filter slowed their water flow to a trickle.
  • There are many reports written by psoriasis sufferers who are finding relief with the Aquabliss filter. They reported a reduction in redness, inflammation, less flaking, and an overall healthier scalp.
  • We found positive reports written by acne sufferers. People have been clearing up back & shoulder acne as well as facial acne. They also noted how much money they’ve been saving by eliminating the need for expensive skincare products. These were the most encouraging positive reviews we came across.
  • People suffering from rapid hair fall noticed a significant decrease after installing an Aquabliss shower filter.
  • One happy camper said the filter performs quite well with hard well water.

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In this section, we address the two most frequently asked questions and concerns of potential buyers to give you a better idea of what to expect before you buy.

Does Aquabliss remove fluoride?

All Aquabliss shower filters (SF100, SF220, SF300) do not remove fluoride. Fluoride removal is tricky, and there’s likely no shower filter on the market that removes a significant amount of fluoride, especially at this price point.

The best way to remove fluoride from your shower water is to install a whole-house filter to do the heavy lifting before the filtered water enters the Aquabliss shower filter. We recommend being careful with shower filters that claim to remove fluoride because fluoride removal usually requires activated alumina filtration or a reverse osmosis system for a significant reduction.

There are high-flow reverse osmosis systems available that require fairly complicated installations to use for a shower. You would need a tank, pump, and most likely a professional plumber to ensure the installation is in working order. There are also activated alumina whole house filters with mixed reviews. Click Here for one of the more reliable options currently available at Amazon.

Do Aquabliss shower filters remove chloramine?

This is the most important question to ask before you buy because Aquabliss shower filters don’t remove chloramine. A lot of negative reviews were written by people who didn’t realize their local utility uses chloramine water treatment.

Each year, your local water provider must provide an annual drinking water quality report or Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to the EPA. The best way to find your report is to navigate to the EPA CCR page and follow the instructions to locate your provider’s report. The EPA makes it easy by providing a clickable map.

The bottom line is if you’re dealing with chloramine, the Aquabliss filter is not a good fit without chloramine pre-filtration. Click Here for a two-stage whole house water filtration system by Home Master that’s an excellent and affordable option for removing up to 95% of chloramine.

Our Final Score

Overall, we’re impressed by Aquabliss shower filters, especially for the price. The long-life replacement filters are also affordable, so you don’t have to worry about getting duped into buying an affordable filter only to find out later that the replacement filters cost more than your initial purchase.

The biggest factor to consider before you buy is whether your local water provider uses chloramine to treat your water. If you need to filter chloramine, we recommend addressing that issue first before you buy a shower filter.

The second biggest factor is the chlorine level. If you have high chlorine content in your area, it’s best to stick with the SF220 filter. If the chlorine level is normal and you desire the additional benefits of the minerals in the Aquabliss SF100 filter, then the SF100 is certainly the one for you.

aquabliss sf100

Our Overall Score: 8/10

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What did you think of our Aquabliss shower filter review and SF100 vs SF220 comparison? If there’s anything you’d like us to add or we missed, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Until next time, cheers!

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