Where to Buy Ionized Water: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Are you shopping for ionized water and wondering where to buy it? Today, I’m sharing my quick guide with you because I noticed there’s a shortage of accurate answers to this question.

First, let’s make one thing clear: ionized water is the same as alkaline ionized water.

There are several ways to buy ionized water: online, locally at the supermarket, make your own at home with an alkaline water machine, or search for a local supplier.

Depending on where you live, buying in bulk online could be your best option. The #1 option is to make it at home using a water ionizer because you’ll have an unlimited supply. The only disadvantage is the upfront investment.

However, many alkaline water machine owners report recouping their money through the reduction in medical bills alone.

In this guide, I share with you where to buy alkaline water in bulk, the best high pH bottled water brands, and the best-rated water ionizers, along with a couple of budget-friendly ionizers.

Where to buy ionized water? Answered.

The #1 seller of bottled alkaline ionized water online is Amazon. Click here to view all the brands available to you online.

The advantages of buying online at Amazon are the water gets shipped straight to your door instead of you having to lug cases of water around, and you pay a discounted bulk price.

Here are my top 3 picks for best ionized bottled water brands:

Shopping Tip: When shopping for ionized water online or locally, be sure to buy water that is both alkaline and ionized. Try to avoid brands that are only alkaline because you can make alkaline water at home with Himalayan pink salt.

Ionized water has undergone electrolysis, which is the same process water ionizers and alkaline water machines use to make alkaline ionized water.

Alkaline ionized water has a lower negative ORP, which means the water has more oxidation-reduction potential (antioxidants).

Where a lot of people get confused is when they hear the words “alkaline water” and forget about the “ionized” part.

Since you’re shopping for ionized water, you already know that ionized water is healthier than alkaline water alone.

The Pros and Cons of Bottled Ionized Water

  • Convenience
  • Great to drink on the go, especially at the gym
  • Order online in bulk to your front door
  • Reliable brands including Essentia are available
  • Much better tasting than leading bottled water brands
  • Much healthier than Brita water
  • Better than drinking reverse osmosis water
  • Bottles are BPA-free plastic
  • Fewer antioxidants than fresh ionized water from an ionizer
  • Plastic is not the best material for storing ionized water
  • Expensive in the long term
  • Can be hard to find quality brands locally
  • Expensive to buy locally
  • Cases are heavy
  • Plastic waste
  • Need extra space to store bottles in the refrigerator

Buying in Bulk from a Local Supplier

Depending on where you live, there may be local water suppliers that carry ionized water.

Be sure to look for reviews or ask your friends if they’ve tried the water to confirm the quality.

I also recommend testing the water yourself to be sure the water delivers the numbers the company claims.

The two readings you want are ORP and pH.

The optimum pH for drinking water is between 8.0 and 9.5

You want to aim for a minimum negative ORP of -200mV. I’ve seen water ionizers that can produce negative ORP values up to -1050mV. The lower the negative number the higher the oxidation-reduction potential (antioxidants).

You can pick up a cheap accurate digital pH meter and a reliable ORP meter here at Amazon.

Since ORP meters can be pricey, you may want to ask the supplier to show you an ORP reading. After all, if you’re signing up for a subscription to their water service, they should be 100% transparent.

Overall, I prefer buying from a local dealer over buying cases online, but I know everyone has his or her own preferences.

I think as alkaline ionized water demand continues to grow, you’ll find that more and more reliable local ionized water sources pop up.

Good Water Ionizers

Since most of my alkaline ionized water knowledge lies in water ionizers, I can recommend several alkaline water machines that fit into anyone’s budget.

In case you’re wondering, the terms “water ionizer” and “alkaline water machine” mean the same thing. I know that can be confusing.

Companies that manufacture reliable ionizers for the most competitive prices are Tyent, AlkaViva, and Life Ionizers. You may have heard of Enagic Kangen brand as well.

I do believe Enagic makes a legit ionizer, but through my research, I concluded that I can’t justify paying $1,000s more for their machines compared to the other brands I listed above.

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 by Air Water Life is the most budget-friendly ionizer on my site. The machine has many positive reviews on Amazon. Click here to check out the product page.

The reason I recommend AlkaViva, Life Ionizers, and Tyent first is they’re the most transparent. I know all these companies manufacture their machines/parts in South Korea and Japan in ISO-certified factories.

South Korea and Japan have health organizations that certify alkaline water machines as medical devices.

Personally, I trust the AlkaViva brand the most. Below is the new version of their Melody ionizer with molecular hydrogen infusion technology:

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Water Ionizer

  • Save money in the long run
  • Lifetime warranties on premium water ionizers
  • Unlimited supply of fresh ionized water (fresh ionized water is better since antioxidants aren’t lost during storage)
  • Better/Stronger water filters
  • pH control
  • Water ionizers also produce acidic water for household cleaning and cosmetic uses (acne)
  • Pets love alkaline ionized water too
  • No plastic waste
  • Filters only need to be replaced semi-annually or annually
  • Lower negative ORP
  • Molecular hydrogen infusion in premium models
  • No lugging around heavy cases of bottled water
  • Larger upfront investment
  • Require counter space or cupboard space below the sink
  • Higher filter costs

I did my best to think of cons. Outside of the initial investment, there aren’t many cons to owning an alkaline water machine.

The hardest part is choosing a company you can trust. I’ve put in many hours and late nights studying and researching water ionizer companies.

You’ll see in my reviews of Life Ionizers, Tyent, and AlkaViva that there are links to certified lab results, A+ BBB ratings, hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot, and necessary certifications for their products.

Those are the three companies I trust most. Navigate to the menu at the top of this page and click the “Ionizer Reviews” tab to view my reviews for each of those companies.

Also, be sure to check back soon for my updated 2019 water ionizer buyer’s guide and comparison table.

Final Word

Now you know exactly where to buy ionized water and all your best options. It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

A good idea is to start with bottled ionized water to see how it makes you feel. The problem with reading too many reviews is you’ll start going in circles instead of beginning your ionized water journey.

It’s all about how ionized water makes you feel first, not how it makes someone else feel.

Once you know for sure whether you’re experiencing the benefits of alkaline water, then decide which machine is best for you and your family.

I’ve already done the research for you and found the most trustworthy companies to buy water ionizers from in the United States.

Also, my water ionizer buyer’s guide has additional, more affordable options that may interest you. You’ll also find more information there on the importance of negative ORP and how alkaline ionized water is made to gain a deeper understanding of what ionized water is.

I drink alkaline ionized water every morning on an empty stomach, and I believe there’s no better way to start the day. It helped me reverse a nasty case of heartburn when nothing else worked.

Read my full story to see how ionized water helped me regain my energy.

One last reminder: Always be sure to look for bottled water that is both alkaline and ionized. Alkaline ionized water will say “ionized” or “electrolysis” somewhere on the label.

Cheers and best of luck on your ionized water journey!

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