Top Water Ionizer Ratings and Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Are you ready for my top water ionizer ratings and tips on what to look for in an ionizer before choosing which one is best for your home? Unlike other sites you may have stumbled upon, I’ve put in many late nights of research to put together my ratings.

You may have seen my popular Alkaline Water Machine Buyer’s Guide. A lot has changed since I first wrote it (though, it’s constantly updated now). Companies have emerged with impressive new water ionizer models.

There are also certain features in ionizers that I feel are now mandatory. In this guide, you’ll learn about all the neat new features. Plus, you’ll get an inside look at the companies selling the ionizers.

It’s important to know exactly who you’re buying from when purchasing an ionizer or you could end up with a dud. By following my guide below, you can avoid the chance of getting stuck with a lemon altogether.

First, let’s start with the most important part: the ratings.

Top Water Ionizer Ratings

Below is a table of my top water ionizer ratings along with the key features of each unit.

 Overall RatingpH RangeMax ORP ValueSelf-Cleaning?# of Filters# of Titanium PlatesCountertop Only?WarrantyMolecular Hydrogen Infusion

Tyent UCE-11
9.5/101.7 - 12.0-1050mVYes211NoLifetimeYes

ACE-11 Above-Counter Extreme Water IonizerTyent ACE-11

9/101.7 - 12.0-1050mVYes211YesLifetimeYes

Life MXL-15 Under Counter
9/101.7 - 12.2-1005 mVYes215NoLifetimeYes

Life MXL-15 Countertop
8.5/101.7 - 12.2-1005 mVYes215YesLifetimeYes

AlkaViva Vesta H2
8/10Max 10+-900 mVYes29NoLifetimeYes

AlkaViva Melody II
7/10Max 10+-700 mVYes25NoLifetimeYes

life mxl-5 thumbnail

Life Ionizer MXL-5
7/103.0 - 9.8-213 mV at pH 9.5Yes25Yes7-Year on Parts & LaborYes

My #1 Pick – Tyent UCE-11 and ACE-11

Tyent UCE-11 and ACE-11 Reviews alkaline water machine source

The Tyent UCE-11 is a work of art and comes with all the most premium features you can find in a water ionizer. It’s available in an under-counter model (UCE-11) and a countertop model (ACE-11).

Both models are extremely powerful and come equipped with 11 medical-grade platinum-coated titanium electrodes. These plates – or electrodes – are what make the real magic happen inside the machine.

Once the water enters the chamber with the electrodes, it undergoes electrolysis. The finished product is alkaline ionized water that does a marvelous job of hydrating your body – much better than chlorinated tap water.

You also get the most powerful ionizer filters on the market with the UCE-11 and ACE-11. The UCE series Ultra PLUS filter set filters down to a .01 micron filtration level. To give you an idea of how powerful that is, .01 micron is the same filtration level used in kidney dialysis machines.

When you buy the UCE-11, it comes with the most attractive faucet display currently on the market. The smartphone-inspired touchscreen allows you to control everything right from your sink. No bending over to change the settings on the machine below your sink.

Last but not least, you get the included molecular hydrogen boost function that adds a healthy dose of anti-aging antioxidants in every glass of alkaline ionized water you drink.

Molecular hydrogen is so important that I dedicated a section to it later in my guide.

Click here to check out the current lowest price for the UCE-11 and ACE-11 models. At the time of this writing, Tyent has a massive sale going on.

You may also be interested in reading my complete UCE-11 and ACE-11 reviews.

My #2 Pick – Life Ionizer MXL-15

life ionizer vs kangen feature comparison

The MXL-15 ionizer by Life Ionizers is a true powerhouse. It comes with the most platinum-coated titanium plates you’ll find in any machine included in my top water ionizer ratings.

The additional plates – a total of 15 – gives the MXL the ability to make alkaline water at a faster rate than other models on the market. If you prefer an ionizer with a faster flow rate, this is the ionizer for you.

It also comes backed by Life’s signature lifetime warranty on both parts and labor.

Like the Tyent Ionizers above, the MXL-15 also has molecular hydrogen infusion technology built into the machine. You’ll automatically get a proven therapeutic dose of molecular hydrogen in every glass of ionized water you drink from the MXL-15.

Life Ionizers uses a custom filtration system to ensure you get the right filters to remove the most common water contaminants in your area. They do this by accessing your local EPA water report.

Each year, your local water provider must send a water quality report to the EPA. Life accesses this report to custom tailor your filters.

Another unique feature in the MXL-15 is the Ultraviolet XL Sterilization System that uses UV light to kill any harmful bacteria or cysts your local water provider may have missed during their water purification process.

All of the ionizers you find here come with self-cleaning functions. There’s no need to take apart any of the machines included in this guide.

Click here to check out the current price for the Life MXL-15 countertop model or here to check out the under-counter edition.

When you choose the under-counter model, you’ll receive the custom Life Ionizers faucet that allows you to control your water settings from your sink.

You may also be interested in my more in-depth Life Ionizer MXL-15 review.

My #3 Pick – AlkaViva Vesta H2

AlkaViva Vesta H2 Water Ionizer Review

The H2 series by AlkaViva is one of my favorite currently on the market. You really can’t go wrong with any ionizers manufactured by Life Ionizers, AlkaViva, and Tyent. They’re the alkaline water machine pioneers in the United States and manufacture the best water ionizers at the most competitive prices.

AlkaViva’s new line of H2 ionizers also includes molecular hydrogen infusion. The Vesta H2 comes with fewer plates than the UCE-11 and MXL-15, with 9, but that doesn’t make it inferior.

It does have a slower flow rate than the MXL-15. If the flow rate isn’t important to you, the Vesta H2 could be the one for you.

What I love about AlkaViva are their UltraWater filters and their company culture. They’re the most transparent water ionizer company I’ve come across during my alkaline water product research.

All three companies here are trustworthy and have the necessary certifications to make their ionizers the best. Of the three, I trust AlkaViva the most.

AlkaViva had its UltraWater filters tested by an EPA-certified lab for 172 known water contaminants. Virtually all of the contaminants were reduced by 99.9%.

Personally, I think Tyent’s and AlkaViva’s filters are the best currently available.

Of my top three picks, the Vesta H2 is the most affordable on the list. Unlike the MXL-15 and UCE-11, the Vesta H2 comes standard as countertop only. Please take this into consideration before choosing which ionizer is best for your home.

One last reason I included the Vesta H2 in my top three ionizer ratings is the platinum-coated titanium plates. AlkaViva’s plates are made in Japan.

Japan is the leader in alkaline water machine technology. Later in the guide, I go over why the country of manufacture is so important when determining ionizer ratings.

You may also be interested in my more in-depth AlkaViva Vesta H2 review.

Note: If the Vesta H2 interests you, but the countertop feature is a dealbreaker, you can purchase the separate under-sink kit to install it as an under-counter ionizer.

Click here to check out my AlkaViva Delphi H2 review.

My #4 Pick – AlkaViva Melody II

Melody II water ionizer review

My number 4 and 5 picks are the best affordable water ionizers currently on the market. The AlkaViva Melody II has all the same features as the Vesta H2, except it’s less powerful and comes with fewer electrodes (plates).

What I like most about the Melody II is it’s the most affordable ionizer I’ve reviewed that comes with molecular hydrogen infusion technology.

It also comes with the same powerful UltraWater filters used in the Vesta H2 unit above. Keep in mind, the Melody II requires a separate purchase of the under-sink kit to install it as an under-counter ionizer

If you want a standard AlkaViva under counter ionizer, check out the Delphi H2.

You may also be interested in my more in-depth Melody II review to get a complete look at all its features.

My #5 Pick – Life Ionizer MXL-5

Life Ionizer MXL-5 Super Review

The MXL-5 is the most affordable ionizer in Life’s new MXL series of ionizers. It comes with the fewest plates (5), which is the reason it costs significantly less than the MXL-15.

The advantage is you get all the great features of the MXL-15 in the MXL-5. The MXL-5 may not be as powerful as the 15, but it does also come with molecular hydrogen infusion.

The MXL-5 and Melody II are the two most affordable premium ionizers with molecular hydrogen infusion technology.

You may also be interested in reading my complete Life Ionizer MXL-5 review for additional information and specs.

Why is the country of manufacture important?

When I calculated my top water ionizer ratings, the country of manufacture was a key factor in determining my final scores.


Because the best water ionizers in the world are manufactured in South Korea and Japan. In these two countries, they have organizations that certify alkaline water machines as medical devices.

These organizations are very similar to the FDA in the United States.

I don’t believe that all ionizers made outside of these two countries are junk, but I do believe that the best ionizers are manufactured in these countries using medical-grade materials.

The most expensive part of a water ionizer is the platinum-coated titanium plates. That’s why ionizers with more plates are usually more expensive.

However, you want to know where these plates are made because you may run into units with more plates that are lower quality than what you’ll find in all of the units listed above.

For example, AlkaViva uses premium platinum and titanium sourced in Japan. These superior grade metals are one of the main reasons why Life, Tyent, and AlkaViva can offer lifetime warranties.

You won’t find the same level of insurance with other companies, including Enagic’s Kangen brand.

Why No Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers?

You may be wondering why I didn’t include Enagic in my top picks.

Here’s why. While I do think Enagic makes a premium water ionizer, I can’t justify paying $1,000s more for their units.

Enagic manufactures its machines in Japan, which I do like.

However, South Korea and Japan both certify water ionizers as medical devices. The best ionizers are made in these two countries.

Life, Tyent, and AlkaViva ionizers all have sleeker appearances than Kangen machines. All four companies manufacture ionizers that include molecular hydrogen boost technology.

All ionizers use the same process – electrolysis – to make alkaline ionized water. There’s nothing more special about Kangen Water. It’s the same stuff that the rest of the ionizers listed above make.

If Enagic decides to lower its prices to be more competitive with Life, Tyent, and AlkaViva, I’ll give their ionizers more consideration.

Until then, I give Life, Tyent, and AlkaViva my top ionizer ratings across the board.

Water Ionizer Company Reviews

AlkaViva and Tyent both have A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings.

I’ve done my homework on Life Ionizers, and while they don’t have a BBB rating, they do have hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot and other similar review sites.

I dug deep and found a lot of reviews for Life written by verified buyers.

Like all companies, there are a handful of negative reviews since no company is perfect.

However, the ratio of positive to negative weighs heavily in a positive direction.

As I mentioned earlier, these three companies are the most trustworthy companies currently selling ionizers in the United States.

They also manufacture their ionizers in ISO-certified facilities, which is a must-have certification you should always look for when buying a product that’s manufactured overseas.

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO has been around since 1947. You can be sure you’re buying a product that meets strict quality standards when it’s backed by ISO certifications.

Between the customer reviews, necessary certifications, and company culture of these three companies, I’m impressed by all of them.

Aside from the quality of their products, trust is the #1 reason I recommend them first to anyone who’s interested in buying a water ionizer.

Molecular Hydrogen Benefits

When I first started reviewing alkaline water machines, I wasn’t quite sure what molecular hydrogen infusion was.

The first water ionizer I reviewed that included molecular hydrogen infusion was the Tyent UCE-11.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of molecular hydrogen research and found that molecular hydrogen benefits are the real deal.

Molecular hydrogen is a super antioxidant that actually is a super antioxidant.

I know that term gets thrown around, and you’ve probably seen it get slapped on all types of new “health” products.

What makes molecular hydrogen different? Molecular hydrogen has a unique ability to neutralize harmful free radicals while leaving beneficial radicals alone.

There are oxidants and radicals in the human body that we don’t want to neutralize because they’re beneficial. Molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant that benefits the entire human body.

To hear more about the benefits of molecular hydrogen, it’s best to listen to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Garth Nicolson describe them below:

Here’s a list of several molecular hydrogen benefits with links to scientific studies:

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed studies showing that molecular hydrogen benefits the entire human body.

For this reason, all the machines I award my top ratings include molecular hydrogen infusion technology. This is a must-have feature in any water ionizer in 2019 and beyond.

You may also be interested in my list of best portable hydrogen water bottles along with a buyer’s guide to see additional ways to include more H2 in your life.

Water Ionizer Side-by-Side Comparisons

For additional information on why I chose Life Ionizers, Tyent, and AlkaViva, you can check out my side-by-side comparisons with Kangen Water machines below.

I plan to write articles for Tyent vs Kangen, Tyent vs Life Ionizers, and AlkaViva vs Kangen in the near future, so stay tuned and be sure to check back!

Final Thoughts

Now you have a complete understanding of my top water ionizer ratings and how I arrived at them.

My main considerations were:

  • Maximum negative ORP (antioxidant potential)
  • Country of manufacture
  • Company Certifications
  • Number of platinum-coated titanium plates
  • Filter technology
  • Molecular hydrogen infusion
  • Appearance
  • Custom faucets
  • Price
  • Warranties

After taking all these factors into consideration, I chose my top 5 ionizers.

To get the most alkaline water health benefits, these are the ionizers you want to bring into your home.

One Final Tip

You could save money in the short term by investing in a Chinese-made ionizer, but you’ll miss out on molecular hydrogen infusion, lifetime warranties, and overall quality offered in the machines manufactured in South Korea and Japan.

Use any of the links above to check the current prices for each unit to see which one suits you best.

I hope you learned a lot about what makes an ionizer the best and all the factors to consider before deciding which one is perfect for your family.


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