The Only Five pH 10 Bottled Water Brands That Are Worth It

The highest alkaline water brands currently available for purchase all have a pH of 10. The only way to go higher is to invest in a home water ionizer.

I know there are many brands to choose from since there’s an alkaline water craze sweeping through the country, and new brands are popping up left and right.

Over the past several months, I’ve reviewed and researched a boatload of bottled alkaline water brands. Along the way, I’ve discovered the highest alkaline water brands, and all of them have a pH of 10.

In this article, I’ll share the top 5 as well as some bonus tips for you to consider.

Are you ready to check out the top 5 highest? Let’s dive in.

#1 TEN Alkaline Spring Water

As the name suggests, this alkaline water brand has a pH of 10. The company even calls itself the highest alkaline water brand with a “perfect TEN pH.” Amazingly enough, this water is 100% natural, according to TEN.


  • TEN filters its way through at least 100 feet of fractured quartzite.
  • The water makes zero human contact until you crack open a bottle.
  • TEN promises a stable pH of 10 for at least 2 years.
  • The water comes from natural springs in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Naturally rich in minerals and electrolytes
  • 6mg of sodium per 8oz
  • The largest case is a 24 pack on Amazon with the Subscribe & Save option

Overall, TEN has the highest pH I’ve come across of any natural alkaline water. I guess it’s kind of hard for the skeptics to say that alkaline water is bad for you when Mother Nature made it.

Note: If you want to test the pH of this water, these are the most accurate pH test strips. TEN recommends using a digital meter, and so do I.

One person reported a pH reading of 10.26. Most people say they love the taste of TEN while a smaller percentage of people disapprove. Click here to check out the current reviews at Amazon.

#2 QURE Alkaline Water

QURE is another one of the highest alkaline water brands with a pH of 10. Like TEN, QURE also guarantees a stable pH of 10 for 2 years when stored in the sealed bottle. Unlike TEN, QURE purifies its own water and adds its own blend of alkaline minerals to boost the pH and give QURE its signature smooth taste.


  • The QURE filtration process starts with reverse osmosis and ends with coconut carbon to enhance the flavor.
  • Qure uses its own blend of alkaline minerals to boost pH.
  • The bottles are BPA-free.
  • There are several flavors available including cucumber mint, watermelon kiwi, and lemon ginger.
  • The largest case currently available is a 24 pack of 16.9 oz bottles with the option to Subscribe & Save.

QURE is one of the only brands I’ve seen that uses minerals without electrolysis to boost the pH. Other brands typically use electrolysis, which is the same process electric home ionizers use.

In my opinion, you can make similar water to QURE at home with an alkaline water filter pitcher that adds minerals. Although, you may not be able to achieve the same high pH or consistent results.

#3 Essence Alkaline Water

Essence alkaline water is the most unique water of the brands on this list. The company infuses its water with organic hibiscus to help cleanse your body while you quench your thirst. Could Essence be a hippy’s water dream come true?


  • One of the only three bottled alkaline water brands with a pH of 10
  • The only alkaline water brand with organic hibiscus added to flush acidic toxins from the body.
  • This water is so high-tech that Essence has a patent-pending technology platform called “MIST” or “Minerals in Solution Technology.”
  • The “MIST” technology uses alkaline minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.
  • Essence says you may experience an energy boost and enhanced performance while drinking their water.
  • Click here to check out the current price for a 6 pack of 1-liter bottles along with a BPA-free 1-gallon jug

I must say that I’ve never seen anything else like Essence water. It’s definitely on its own planet. Are you intrigued enough to buy a case?

#4 Perfect Hydration 9.5+ Alkaline Water

I recently reviewed this brand and found a video (I’ll post below) that shows the pH of this brand is indeed higher than 9.5. It’s the first of the two brands I included here that has a pH below 10 on the label. After all, this list is for the highest alkaline water brands, not the second highest.

Here’s the Perfect Hydration pH test video below that shows a pH higher than 9.5, closer to 10:

What did you think? Higher than 9.5? To me, it looked like a healthy purple. And guess what? Perfect Hydration guarantees its water is gluten-free. They’re the first and only company I’ve seen do that. Okay, I’ll stop being sarcastic now.

Instead of going over the features since there’s nothing overly special about this brand, I’ll advise you to click here to read more about Perfect Hydration.

#5 Essentia Water

The final entry on my list of highest alkaline water brands is none other than Essentia Water. Essentia is my favorite brand of bottled alkaline ionized water. I do love spring water, but this past year has made me partial to ionized water since it’s what helped me get past a nasty case of heartburn.

Essentia, like Perfect Hydration, also advertises a pH of 9.5 on the label. The video below led me to believe that the pH is indeed higher than 9.5:

What did you think? His pH chart looks off to me. That purple color is more indicative of a pH of 10 than 9.

One woman who wrote a review on Amazon brought a bottle to the lab where she works. She tested Essentia using a clinical-grade pH meter, and the meter shows 9.65 in her photo.

Bonus Tips

I know there’s a lot of hype around alkaline water right now, and companies seem to be climbing up the pH ladder as the hype grows. Is this a good thing? That’s open to debate.

There’s no concrete scientific evidence showing that water with a pH of 10 is healthier than water with a pH of 9. I found relief for my heartburn with 9.5 pH water. I’ve read numerous reviews written by people who found relief for acid reflux by drinking 9.0 pH water.

I think the question you must ask yourself is: Do I really need to drink water with a pH of 10?

Through my research, I’ve concluded that drinking water with a pH of 10 is not the best idea for long-term consumption. The EPA recommends an upper pH limit of 8.5, although, that guideline is secondary and non-enforceable.

I think there’s an alkaline water misconception that’s feeding the skeptics and giving alkaline water a bad rap.

A lot of people think the higher the pH of the water the healthier it is. This thought process is dangerous and 100% untrue. Drinking water with too high of a pH can be just as dangerous as drinking acidic water.

Everyone should be careful when embarking on his or her alkaline water journey. I encourage you to read more articles on this site because I’ve put in the research and back up the information with scientific research.

Sites that claim alkaline water is a “miracle” and “cures” every ailment under the sun are dangerous. You won’t find that here.

The reason I started this site is that alkaline ionized water helped me heal, and it continues to help me feel my best every day.

I enjoyed writing this article, and I love sharing helpful information with you, but I want you to know that a higher pH of 10 doesn’t equal more health benefits.

As long as you know that going in, I think you’ll enjoy these top 5 highest alkaline water brands a lot more.

Final Thoughts

What are my top picks of the highest alkaline bottled water brands?

Here’s a Breakdown

  • Essentia is my favorite alkaline ionized water brand.
  • The fact that TEN is natural spring water from the Appalachian Mountains intrigues me the most of the brands on the list.
  • The Essence brand is definitely the most unique brand I’ve come across.

What do you think? Which one intrigues you the most? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section below.

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