What’s the Best Alkaline Water to Buy Online? (2020 Guide)

Now that people around the world are becoming aware of alkaline water benefits, new alkaline water brands are popping up left and right. Amazon is now packed with a long list of brands doing their best to get your attention.

In today’s article, I answer the question: What’s the best alkaline water to buy?

Before I jump into explaining why these are the best alkaline water brands, here’s a table of my top picks:


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Essentia Water
9.5 or higherYes

Qure Water

9 or higherYes

Triumph Water

Eternal Water
7.8 - 8.2Yes

Waiakea Volcanic Water

Evamor Alkaline Water
8.8 to 9.1Yes

Alkaline 88 Water

Bai Antioxidant Water
7.5 or higherYes

Why Are These Alkaline Water Brands the Best?

Alkaline water is more than just water with a high pH.

The best bottled alkaline water brands source water from completely natural sources or they ionize purified water.

A lot of people who are new to alkaline water think the higher the pH the better. This is a dangerous thought process.

The reason people around the world drink alkaline water for its health benefits is that it’s not only alkaline but ionized as well.

When water is ionized, it’s full of anti-aging antioxidants and healthy alkaline minerals.

The reason Essentia Water is my top pick is that it checks all the items off my list:

  • A pH of between 8 and 10
  • BPA-free bottles
  • A reputable company with a long history of producing ionized water
  • The water is both alkaline and ionized

Alkaline Water Benefits

Why do people drink alkaline water? Since alkaline ionized water is still relatively new to the world, scientific evidence is in the process of being built, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.

In Japan, scientists and physicians have been testing and using alkaline water to treat patients for quite some time now.

Diabetes sufferers, cancer sufferers, athletes, acid reflux sufferers, and people with digestive issues all swear by alkaline water.

It helped me clear up a nasty case of heartburn that ailed me for a couple of months following a round of antibiotics.

Read more about the health benefits of alkaline water

Qure Water Vs Essentia

Let’s look at the difference between Qure Water and Essentia Alkaline Water.

As you can see in the chart at the beginning of the article, Essentia guarantees a pH of 9.5 or higher while Qure Water has a steady pH of 10.

If you’re new to alkaline water, it’s best to start with a brand in the 7.5 to 8.5 range, or you may experience a Herxheimer reaction.

A Herxherimer reaction occurs when toxins are flushed from your body faster than your body can get rid of them. You may feel sick a few days until your body catches up.

Once you’ve been drinking alkaline water for a few weeks, you can shift up to Qure and Essentia without looking back.

Essentia Water produces its water using an ionization process similar to what you could do at home with an alkaline water machine.

Qure Water adds ionic alkaline minerals and electrolytes to its purified water to maintain a steady pH of 10. They guarantee a stable pH of 10 for two years after the water’s been bottled.

Qure also produces its water in several different flavors including Lemon Ginger and Cucumber Mint.

Personally, I choose Essentia because when I drink alkaline water, I also choose a brand that features true ionization.

Natural Sources of Alkaline Water

Several of the brands included in my list of top picks are completely unaltered. The companies bottle the water at the source.

Mother Nature does a great job of producing alkaline water full of energy and healthy trace minerals.

If I were to choose a natural brand of alkaline water, I would reach for Waiakea first because I’m partial to everything Hawaii.

Evamor and Eternal alkaline water brands are also great choices for 100% natural alkaline water.

Essentia Water Benefits

Essentia Water features a study on their site showing how their water does a better job of rehydrating the body than leading bottled water brands.

The study tested people who had undergone aerobic exercise and become mildly dehydrated.

The study concluded that Essentia Water did a better job of rehydrating the test subjects than a leading brand of bottled water.

This study has magnetized athletes everywhere to the Essentia brand. Alkaline water is currently a hot topic in the NBA after Lebron James advocated it.

After reading through the reviews on Amazon, I found:

  • One user cleared a case of “severe acid reflux” by drinking Essentia
  • One person undergoing cancer treatment began drinking it to help with stomach problems and heartburn after a doctor recommended it
  • It helped one parent’s daughter stop a chronic vomiting problem
  • Another user reported a decrease in Fibromyalgia “side effects”
  • It helped one parent’s son who’s undergoing chemotherapy
  • Essentia eased the painful symptoms of interstitial cystitis for one user

Where to Buy Alkaline Water?

More and more supermarkets across the country are beginning to carry alkaline water. If you want to buy it in bulk, you may find that Amazon offers a better price than your local market.

If you can’t find your favorite brand locally, I provided links in the table above to each of the brands on Amazon. There you can buy them in bulk and have them delivered straight to your door.

You can also choose to sign up for a subscription and receive the water on autopilot without having to stress your back carrying cases from the market back home.

Final Thoughts

Each of the brands in the table I provided offers its own unique benefits. It’s up to you to test and see which brand makes you feel the best after drinking it.

You may find that drinking alkaline water straight from the Earth treats you better than water that has gone through the ionization process.

Personally, I like all the water brands on the list above. I prefer to mix it up between pure alkaline spring water and ionized water.

If you want to save money in the long run, your best bet is to buy a premium alkaline water machine for your home.

You can check out my list of top 10 best water ionizers. You will also find tons of helpful information that explains why alkaline ionized water is so healthy for you.


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