The Truth Behind the “Benefits” of Drinking High Alkaline Water

Are the purported benefits of drinking high alkaline water real or just another health fairy tale? Before I deliver my thorough answer to this question, I want you to know that this article means a lot to me.

It’s part of the reason I know this site is one of the most reputable alkaline water sites on the internet. I built this site on the pillars of truth, scientific evidence, honest research, and personal experience.

These are the necessary ingredients for a successful website that will stand the test of time.

In under one year, I’ve transformed my site into an authority. I poured, and continue to pour, all my energy into each and every article I write.

Now that you know what AWMS is about, let’s answer the key question.

Are the benefits of drinking high alkaline water real?

This question fosters the misconception that the higher pH the more health benefits.

This is the exact misconception that fuels skeptics and gives alkaline water a bad rap in the United States.

There are people all over the world who are drinking ionized water right now and reaping the health benefits, including myself.

Then there are people who are considering it.

Third are the skeptics, who will take any bit of misinformation they can get their hands on to discredit alkaline water benefits.

These skeptics only thwart the second party’s healing journey because they fill their heads with doubt.

Are the benefits of drinking high alkaline water real? No, they aren’t.

Are alkaline ionized water benefits real? Yes, very real.

What’s the difference between ionized water and high alkaline water?

Ionized water has undergone electrolysis which creates water that’s full of antioxidants, healthy alkaline minerals, and molecular hydrogen.

The best water ionizers use extremely powerful water filters that reduce water contaminants to undetectable levels.

Now, high alkaline water. I can make it by dumping some baking soda into a glass of water or any other strong base that’s water-soluble.

Do you see the difference?

The misconception that irks me is the thought that the higher the pH of the water the healthier it is.

This is 100% untrue. Drinking water outside the best pH level for drinking water is unsafe.

The ionized water I drink has a maximum pH value of 9.5.

I see companies selling water online with a pH of 10, and this is too high for people who are just starting out.

You can easily experience a Herxheimer reaction if you’ve never tried alkaline water and start with pH 10 water.

This reaction is a detox effect that makes you feel slightly sick because your body is releasing toxins faster than it can get rid of them.

Reasons why you should focus on ionized water instead of high pH water

There’s a long list of alkaline water benefits that people across the globe are experiencing right now.

Several of the most common benefits are:

And the list goes on.

The main point I hope you take from this article is the difference between ionized water and high alkaline water. If I can show you that, then I feel successful.

Next time you hear someone say, “Alkaline water is just another health scam.”

You can ask them, “Well, are you talking about alkaline water alone or ionized water? Because there’s a major difference.”

It’s important to know that a lot of people use the terms “alkaline water” and “ionized water” interchangeably, but not everyone is aware of this.

Once you know the two terms are equal, you’ll have a better understanding.

High Alkaline Water Benefits Explained

As I mentioned earlier, when you start drinking ionized water, it’s best to start with a pH between neutral 7 and 8.

This way, you can gradually work your way up the ladder to 9.5 or 10 max.

Listen to your body as you move up because you’ll know when you’re ready.

Starting with a pH that’s above 8 can lead to an unpleasant detox reaction that’ll give you temporary flu-like symptoms.

While these symptoms aren’t serious and go away on their own, there’s no reason to rush the process.

The point is if you’re reading somewhere that high pH water is going to give you the most health benefits, you should be very cautious.

Personally, I don’t trust any source who’s selling that idea.

Even pH 10 feels too high, but I know people are drinking it without any problems. I just don’t see how it’ll benefit their health any more than water with a pH of 9 or 8.

It’s better for people who are battling acid reflux or other acidic conditions that react well to water with a higher pH.

For long-term drinking, it’s best to stay below 10.

Negative ORP

When I look at the best ionizers currently on the market, I look at the maximum negative ORP they can produce before I look at the pH range.

I already know that a premium water ionizer can make water in the ideal pH range.

Even budget ionizers can make water in the best pH range for drinking water.

What is ORP?

ORP stands for oxidation-reduction potential. This is a measure of the antioxidant potential in each glass of ionized water you drink.

The antioxidants in ionized water are where the real health benefits lie.

For example, the Tyent UCE-11 ionizer can make water with a negative ORP of up to -1050 mV (millivolts).

-1050 is the highest of any machine I’ve reviewed, and it’s one of the main reasons I rank the UCE-11 as the best ionizer currently on the market.

AlkaViva and Life Ionizers also manufacture top-notch ionizers that make water with a high negative ORP.

These are the three best ionizer brands in my opinion.

You may have heard of Enagic Kangen. I think they too make a legit ionizer, but I can’t justify paying $1,000s more for their machines.

Molecular Hydrogen Benefits

When I first started reviewing water ionizers, I noticed that the UCE-11 came with a built-in molecular hydrogen boost function.

At the time, I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I do now.

Molecular hydrogen is perhaps the most important factor in a quality water ionizer.

Molecular hydrogen is a proven super antioxidant that has an amazing and unique ability.

It can seek out and neutralize harmful free radicals while leaving beneficial radicals intact.

I always heard that all free radicals were bad until I researched molecular hydrogen and discovered that that idea is just another misconception.

Listen to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Garth Nicolson explain the health benefits of molecular hydrogen below:

Have you ever heard or seen any of the alkaline water skeptics mention molecular hydrogen in their arguments?

I sure haven’t. And I bet close to 100% of the skeptics (if not 100%) aren’t Nobel Prize nominees.

Life Ionizers, Tyent, and AlkaViva all have built-in molecular hydrogen infusion technology in their ionizers.

That’s one of the main reasons I recommend these three companies first.

All three manufacture their ionizers in ISO-certified facilities.

South Korea and Japan also certify water ionizers as medical devices.

How does this relate to drinking high pH water?

All this information is here to show you the difference between high alkaline water and ionized water.

Once you know the difference, you’ll be able to make better buying decisions when you choose which alkaline water products to bring into your home.

You’ll also have a better understanding of what to expect and the best way to drink alkaline water to get the desired health benefits.

A quality ionizer will last you a lifetime and comes backed by a solid warranty.

Don’t fall for the promises of opportunists who are selling you products with lofty claims, especially the ones who say high alkaline pH is most important.

An alkaline pH is only part of the equation.

Final Thoughts

To recap:

Are the benefits of drinking high alkaline water real? No, they aren’t.

Plus, what is the pH of high alkaline water? That’s another question that’s open to debate.

I think the main takeaway is you should be careful when shopping for high pH water products.

Be extra cautious when you read claims that a high pH works miracles for your health.

Alkaline water is nothing new.

The benefits of alkaline water have been known in Asia for many moons now.

I’ve lived in Southeast Asia, and alkaline ionized water is sold in every convenience store for a much more reasonable price than you’ll find in Whole Foods.

The entire time I’ve been in Asia, I’ve never heard anyone say that alkaline water is a miracle cure. To a lot of people in Asia, it’s just another water option in the 7-Eleven that tastes good.

Meanwhile, in the United States, opportunists find a way to twist the benefits to make alkaline water a highly profitable commodity.

AlkaViva, Life Ionizers, and Tyent have been around a long time, and they’ll be around long after the alkaline water craze in America settles down because ionized water benefits are the real deal.

I hope my article helped clear up this topic because it irks when I see the misconception surrounding high pH water.

Cheers and best of luck!

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