5 Amazing Benefits of Alkaline Water for Your Aging Skin

The benefits of alkaline water on the skin are some of my favorites.

I’m your host, Hercules, and today I’m diving into all the wonderful skin benefits you can experience by downing a few cups of alkaline ionized water every day.

When using alkaline water to benefit the skin, there is a two-pronged approach you can take.

During my research, I’ve seen reports written by people who have experienced relief of skin conditions by drinking alkaline water alone.

Then there are the people who have used acidic water from their alkaline water machines externally to clear acne, including adult acne.

During my Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 review, I read an inspiring alkaline water testimonial written by a devoted wife. Her diabetic husband saved his toe by soaking it in acidic water after doctors wanted to amputate it!

First, let’s focus on how alkaline water can make your skin brighter, smoother, and more illustrious.

1. Better hydration = More Radiant Skin

We all know that babies have the softest skin.

That’s why we often call beautiful skin “baby-soft.”

Well, get this, babies are made of 78% water at the time of birth.

Benefits of Alkaline Water on Skin baby soft

By the time a baby turns one, the body is down to 65%.

Adult men have an average water composition of 60% while women have an average of 55%.

The reason we all get more wrinkly as we age (let’s not focus on that though) is that the skin becomes drier and loses elasticity.

Now, let’s get back to how alkaline water can help the skin stay hydrated.

Alkaline ionized water is more easily absorbed by the body, which means us alkaline water drinkers are better hydrated around the clock.

As the title suggests, better hydration = more radiant skin

2. Lots of Powerful Antioxidants in Alkaline Ionized Water

We get most of the health benefits from alkaline ionized water via the “ionized” part.

After our water goes through our ionizers, it becomes ionized and charged with a negative ORP.

For those of you who are new to alkaline water, the ORP measures the antioxidant potential in the alkaline water we drink.

In this case, we are looking for bigger negative numbers.

For example, water with an ORP of -850mV has more antioxidant potential than water with an ORP of -450mV.

And in case you’re wondering, the mV stands for millivolts.

Don’t worry, you won’t get shocked by your water!

Read more about negative ORP to get a better understanding of its place in alkaline ionized water.

There are numerous documented benefits of drinking negative ORP water.

Leading researchers in Asia believe that the ORP value is more than the pH value.

How do antioxidants give you beautiful skin?

Antioxidants are found in healthy fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants work in our bodies to seek out free radicals and shut them down before they can harm our healthy cells.

When we block free radical damage, we significantly slow down the aging process.

Your skin benefits when these pesky free radicals are stopped by antioxidants.

Benefits of Alkaline Water on Skin radiant skin

The beauty of alkaline ionized water is that you are getting antioxidants in every glass of water you drink.

This doesn’t happen when you drink tap water.

Most tap water has a positive ORP value, which means it doesn’t neutralize free radical damage as alkaline ionized water does.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are both critical antioxidants we get from our food that protect us from cardiovascular disease.

Alkaline ionized water floods our body with health and rejuvenates our cells.

When you begin your alkaline water journey, you will notice that the health benefits are progressive.

You may even feel a little worse at first as your body begins eliminating toxins from your body.

This is called a healing crisis.

You may experience what is known as Herxheimer reaction symptoms, but it’s nothing to be overly concerned about.

I’ve been through my fair share of minor healing crises, and I’ve always felt better than I did before once the symptoms had passed.

As I’ve mentioned several times before on my site, start slowly when you first begin drinking alkaline water with a slightly alkaline pH of 8.0.

By doing this, you avoid the Herxheimer reaction.

Eventually, you will work your way up to pH 9.5.

3. Relief of Chronic Skin Conditions including Psoriasis and Eczema

I’ve personally suffered from scalp psoriasis.

It began when I became an adult and slowly worsened for about a decade.

When I started drinking alkaline water, I noticed that my scalp was less itchy and red.

A quick Google search of “alkaline water psoriasis” shows testimonials posted by people who found relief from eczema and psoriasis by drinking alkaline water alone.

I know in my case, whenever I ate too much sugar or certain acidic foods, it made my scalp much worse.

Nowadays, I use all-natural soap and dandruff shampoo to keep my scalp happy.

Interestingly enough, every food on this list of foods that can cause psoriasis flare-ups is acidic.

You won’t see anyone complaining about a kale salad causing a psoriasis flare-up unless the person used rocket fuel as the dressing.

Several of the foods that appear on the list of psoriasis triggers are red meat, junk food, certain citrus fruits, and nightshade vegetables.

Unhealthy condiments also made the list of culprits.

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that there is a connection between an overindulgence in acidic foods and psoriasis.

Considering alkaline ionized water neutralizes harmful acidity in the body, it only makes sense that it can help relieve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

4. Rinse Harmful Pesticide Residues off Your Produce

Benefits of Alkaline Water on Skin clean fruits and vegetables

Chanson Water recommends using its ionizers at an alkaline 10.0 pH or higher to rinse pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.

I read one report written by a person who started saving money by opting not to buy organic produce.

Instead, the person used alkaline water from the ionizer to rinse all the harmful residues from conventional produce.

When we consume any foreign, harmful chemicals, it wreaks havoc on our bodies.

We all know that raging hormones during puberty lead to acne.

Waking up to go to high school with a big zit is something we’ve all done unless we won the skin lottery.

Well, chemicals can affect our hormones, which can lead to adult acne.

By using high alkaline water to rinse our produce, we avoid ingesting any of those chemicals that could throw our hormones out of whack.

Avoiding harmful pesticide residues equals happier, more radiant skin.

5. Your Skin Can Replace Dead Tissue Faster

When you are better hydrated, you make it easier for your body to carry out its daily tasks.

One of the key benefits you’ll find on my list of alkaline water benefits is alkaline ionized water’s ability to boost oxygen levels in the body.

When the cells can breathe, they can reproduce faster.

Click here to see research on how oxygen can help speed up wound healing in the lower extremities.

It also all goes back to the fact that we are made mostly of water.

The Added Bonus of Acidic Water on the Skin

If you decide to purchase an alkaline water machine, you will have the option to make acidic water.

Acidic water has several great uses, including cosmetic and household cleaning.

Acidic water is naturally antiseptic and can be used to wash surfaces in your home.

Certain houseplants prefer slightly acidic water as well.

I know from my gardening experience that pH is super-critical for plants.

When I apply my plant knowledge to alkaline water for humans, it makes sense to me how important a role pH truly does play in the human body.

There are tons of naysayers out there working overtime to convince people that alkaline water is a myth, but they are losing the battle.

I discovered alkaline water while living in Southeast Asia in the 7-Eleven in Taiwan.

Japan is the leading authority on alkaline water.

Would First World countries sell snake oil in every convenience store? Nope.

Good try, naysayers.

Acidic Water for Adult Acne

As I mentioned earlier, I read water ionizer testimonials written by adults who were able to clear adult acne by applying acidic water to the face several times throughout the day.

In addition to being antiseptic, acidic water also has an astringent quality that helps unclog pores.

I remember using astringents many moons ago when I was a teenager fighting the war against acne.

The skin on our face has a protective layer at the surface known as the “acid mantle” that has a pH of 5.5.

For this reason, our facial skin jibes with acidic water.

By this point, you should see what I meant when I said the approach is two-pronged.

The alkaline ionized water goes to work inside our bodies to protect us from premature aging while the acidic water can work wonders externally on our skin.

With an alkaline water machine in your home, you not only save money on drinking water, but you also can save money on cleaning supplies, cosmetic products, gardening supplies, and other household items while reducing waste.

That’s superhero status right there.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of alkaline water on the skin are the real deal.

Healthier skin is just one of the many amazing benefits you experience when you own a premium alkaline water machine.

I know from personal experience that looking in the mirror is a lot more fun since I began drinking alkaline water years ago.

Are you ready to join the glowing skin club?

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